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Eczema is one of the hardest disorders to cure. May 2009 world news in Australia highlights the severity of this problem.

A homeopathic doctor tried and failed to treat his own infant daughter from weeping, scratching eczema. It went so far as malnutrition and death.

Here is the question. At what point do you seek allopathy and give steroids to give relief while continuing homeopathic treatment?

Our highest aim is to relieve suffering and lead to good health and cure.

What is your opinion and how will the entire homeopathic community recover from this incident?

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I, personally, never tell any client to stop taking their traditional medication. I ask them to observe and go for a check up and discuss the possibility of reducing medications with their physician. I also ask them to get clinical lab tests.

A well selected remedy will work through most obstacles.

Day 10 | 30-Day Challenge - LINK

Allopathy has limited treatment options for life-limiting eczema, while homeopathy uses an individualized approach with potentially hundreds of remedies to target this disease

Atopic dermatitis, a common problem, is often an inherited autosomal trait, often in association with other related atopic diseases such as asthma and hayfever.
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... and Lycopodium is also for those with gluten intolerance. All sorts of maldigestion with skin complaints like psoriasis, eczema. I would try it even without so many characteristics, such a "big" remedy.
Sounds good, Anne.
As you might expect, there appears to be more to this case than initially meets the eye (especially of all those sceptical 'vultures' circling to take another piece out of homeopathy). And as is happening more and more in our increasingly polarised society, the truth is never simple and is always the first casualty. Have a look at the link below:-,25197,25437641-12377,0...

It clearly states that a paediatrician was involved who admits to having made a mistake and badly let the parents down by not giving the correct nutritional advice. While arguably this does not absolve anyone, including whatever homeopaths were advising the parents (see Paul Dixon's comment on another discussion that there is no bad homeopathy; only bad homeopaths), this is by no means a simple case (is there ever one...??!!) of 'homeopathy is deadly'. Only some diseases, certain wild animals.... and human beings are.
Thank you for following this story. I'm sure this is not the end of the court case. We do not know exactly what the pediatrician acknowledges was incorrect in the child's diet. Was she lacking something? Was it an allergic reaction? We don't know.

Full details yet to come. It is also important to hear the father was not directly treating his daughter, but was taking advise from many other professionals.

A point of interest in the article stating that homeopathy and allopathy are on equal footing in India. We should emphasize this fact. We should hear more stories of cured cases in the news from homeopathic professionals and facilities.

Media uses scare tactics and plays off of mistakes and fear.
"Our highest aim is to relieve suffering and lead to good health and cure"

I agree totally with the above and if this means allopathic treatment then so be it.

I, personally have no problem with my clients taking medicine prescribed by their G.P. I would never suggest they stop taking it but may discuss any possible side effects.

To date I have enjoyed a high level of success in treating eczema, I find a holistic approach works best.

It has not been my experience that steroid creams etc interfere with the remedies; they do at times bring relief.
1-The skin is an organ of ellimination so we must not apply topicals to suppress anything that is on the skin.
By the time it appears on the skin it has made its way from deep inside. The internal imbalance has manifested itself as some sort of skin ailment,this is "HERINGS LAW OF CURE",
steriods,and allopathic meds cause a disruption of this process.

2-Another point is many homeopaths dont connect the possibility that its the after effect of vaccines. Not addressing this important issue complicates the healing.(never mind the ignorance of the allopathic community).
To add,I agree with many who posted so far that the deep acting Anti -miasmatic constitutional remedy needs to be prescribed . There are no short cut prescriptions,Acutes wont work either.
Hear, hear!!! As a mother of a child with severe excema "atopic dermatitis" which shortly graduated into asthma after suppression with steroids and other immunosuppressive drugs (all used with great dismay and distaste and as little as absolutely possible) I feel like I speak with some authority on this. The allopathic drugs are by no means safe (Tacrolimus, a popular new cream manufactured in Japan, and much prescribed to young children and infants, even though there has been no testing trials of this drug on children under 2, has recently become a FDA "Black label" drug due to the number of incidences of cancer and leukemia that has been linked to its use!!!) and of course it will interfere with treatment because it will mask the full array of symptoms. Tacrolimus caused my daughter to have a seizure-like episode in which her tongue was protruding, she was gasping for breath, and her core temperature had dropped to 92 F . If I hadn't happened to walk into the room when I did and notice her actions and yank her up vigorously, we might have lost her. One of the side effects of Tacrolimus in its own literature is heart arrythmias, bradycardia and convulsions. Does that sound like a safe medicine to give to a 6-month old baby?!!
My children are not vaccinated at all, and in this country that is akin to child abuse! My daughter received a large dose of antibiotics shortly after her birth "because you were in labor so long and she might have acquired an infection" and for no other reason except for "You dirty woman, trying to have your baby at home instead of in a hospital where you could have had GOOD care!" Two days after birth, she began developing spots of redness all over her face which developed into full-blown itching and oozing sores by the time she was 3 months. Do you really think after that type of reaction to an antibiotic I was going to let some know-it-all allopath inject my daughter with upwards of 20 organisms in a toxic soup of aluminum, mercury and foreign proteins or tissue cultures from different animal species that are infected with who knows what kind of viruses, some haven't even been identified yet?!! Anyone heard of SV-40 contamination of the first polio vaccines? Think it's not applicable now? Well, think again, because the virus is still showing up in brain tumors of little kids, it causes mesothelial cell cancer, and is probably related to more deaths from lung cancer than asbestos, especially in the age groups that received the original vaccines. And all of these "life-savers" are hammered in in the first 2 years of life, when growth and brain development are at their greatest and therefore most vulnerable.
I'm not trying to make this a personal soapbox for why we shouldn't be vaccinating for every bug that comes along, my point is, many of the interventions that allopathy provides do us more harm than good in the long run. The suffering of atopic individuals is real, and what is most stark is that there is nothing as a parent you can do to help them. I have watched my daughter itch herself until she bleeds, she just cannot help it, it is such a strong itch. We have tried countless remedies with very little or no effect or with tremendous aggravation. This is truth: it is a very deep, severe imbalance in the body that is resulting in the bigger eliminative organs (like the bowel, liver and kidneys) becoming overwhelmed and unable to adequately clear the blood, so it is pushed out through the skin, where it is safer. I think it is primarily a sycotic expression which is fueled or triggered by allopathic drugs or vaccines into a great fire which can easily consume the individual unfortunate enough to have inherited a "sensitive" trait. The root must be met with the appropriate miasm nosode, but slowly, as not to overwhelm the Vital Force. It MUST be dug out or you will never cure it, only hack at the weeds for a lifetime. That's not to say you can't run a low potency "skin or rash" remedy at the same time to take some of the edge off of the misery. That is still good homeopathy, not allopathy at all, several of the old masters employed it, see "Gouty Excema" by J. Compton Burnett, an often overlooked master who cured nearly everyone who came to him! Just not as blustery and windy as others like Kent and even Hahnemann himself, but a fabulous clinician. It has been my experience that excema, asthma and attending symptoms are products of fungal overgrowth, a disrupted ecology in the bowel caused by excessive toxicity and acidity which is usually due to poisoning, allopathic medications and heavy metals (all of which can be found in vaccines), the bowel being the "seat of disease" while the other organs become affected by relationship and the body attempting to rid itself of the imbalance, correct itself, so to speak. It is not easy to restore this balance, and there is a definite genetic or hereditary propensity (miasm) that must be addressed, or it will be impossible to restore balance. It also seems to gain strength through every generation. For instance, my daughter and all of her cousins on my husband's side suffer from "atopic syndrome" meaning they have allergies, all of them have developed asthma; my husband and his siblings only experience seasonal-type allergies, as does his mother. It has gained considerable strength in only one generation! How many individuals in our modern world are plagued by this "yeast syndrome"? A ton, if you look at all the websites that are dedicated to it, all the consumption of probiotics, the "Candida diets" and such. In doing my research, I found that almost all children diagnosed with autism have profound ecological disturbances in their bowels. That's why all the crazy diets and supplements are somewhat helpful, all of these kids have food sensitivities or outright food allergies (like my daughter, who has not been labelled autistic...yet!) because their bowels are a wreck, they are leaking material all over the place, into the bloodstream, everywhere! None of these attempts can get deep enough to root out the terrain for good, though, it's just more weed control.

I feel terrible for the couple who lost their child. They were doing everything they could to protect their child, to keep it from escalating. I have been in their shoes, I have had my back up against the wall from "do-gooders" who are trying to keep me from "harming" my child with the freaky sugar pill medicines. I come from an allopathic background, have seen its failures firsthand as a medical technologist, which led me to homeopathy initially, and then again as a parent, which strengthened my resolve to study this method of healing and apply it to our lives as fully as possible. My husband is a surgical nurse, and with the exception of first aid and trauma, finds little use for allopathic medicine in "medicine" ie something more chronic that develops over time. But you can imagine some of the battles we have had in our home and the soul-searching and "reeducation" we have had to go through in order to navigate this course. We have a niece that is severely handicapped due to vaccine injury and one bad allopathic intervention after another. She is much like my daughter physiologically (inheritance and such) and I have no doubts that if we had chosen the "normal" or allopathic approach to raising our children, my daughter would be in the same condition as her cousin is now (will never be a functional adult, if she lives that long, which is not looking to be the case) or worse, perhaps we might have lost her, if the Tacrolimus experience was any indication. Fortunately, she has parents who won't give up on her; many of the children born with this disorder are born to parents with that quality, so maybe the "miasms" have a very positive side as well. Maybe that is why the syndrome develops: these children are very pure, spiritual beings entering into a world that has become incredibly antagonistic towards them, towards life in general. Otherwise, why are innocent people trying to do the best for their children being persecuted daily?!! I thought the Inquisition ended a few hundred years ago!
Oh yeah!!! After my rant I remembered that I wanted to post a question to all you professional homeopaths out there who are actively practicing: Has anyone had any experience with the Candida albicans nosode, particularly in relationship to excema, asthma or allergies in general? All responses will be greatly appreciated.
Dear Karla
Regards using that nosode (or any nosode)
Its often used to remove verry stubborn blocks in complex cases that are just not budging.
The constitutional deep acting remedy does need to be addressed used before applying a nosode.
I normally dont start with a nosode to open a case.
Personally I only resort to nosodes after the well indicated const. remedy is not moving forward.(verry stubborn cases)
This use of a nosode must be followed by a cont. prescription of the patients const. remedy.
Of course never in the same potency,never repeat unless the symptoms indicate so.
Hope this helps

Thanks for your post by the way,Sounds like you have been on both sides of the fence!
HI Karla, thanks for your excellent post.

You show an excellent understanding of the miasmatic basis of homeopathic cure, and of the cautious use of appropriate intercurrent for skin Sx (often it is better to begin local skin treatment with palliative herbs & such, but there is plenty of precedent for intercurrents!)

While reading your "rant" =;-) I kept thinking of bowel nosode.

I think "not" of candida nosode in general, as candida overgrowth may generally be returned to normal balance by a combination of dietary restrictions and (if needed) some form of intestinal cleanse.
Hi David,
Thank you for your encouraging post. After I had done some reading on skin disease by Burnett and let the information "set" for a few days, I came to the realization that yeast directly was not the root of the problem, but that the bowel may very well be the seat of the disease, and restoring harmony there is of utmost importance. The homeopath I am consulting with now is prescribing Bacillinum, and has sent me info about the different bowel nosodes, so I know it is in her (my daughter's) future. It is my impression, after reading material about the bowel nosodes, that they can be very powerful, provoking intense healing reactions as things lift off and leave the terrain. She seems to be strengthening fairly quickly on the Bacillinum, so I am optimistic we are moving in a good direction without overwhelming her, which is easy to do it seems. RE the dietary restrictions: she already has too many restrictions of her diet based on pure survival and necessity! I have often wanted to administer an intestinal cleanse to her, but none of the readily available formulas are recommended for children, and some of the herbs can be pretty strong so I don't want to overdose. The study of the bowel nosodes was fascinating, I wonder if they are used much in practice or if they are somewhat of a mystery to many practitioners; it definitely deserves some more exploration, esp in these "special needs" children. Heck, how many people in our culture have NOT taken antibiotics at least once, and think of how many HAVE taken multiple courses over a lifetime? Annihilation of the terrain does not come without consequences. The bacteria have become quite able to exchange information with each other regarding resistance to certain antibiotics; they are constantly mutating. Nature is amazing, so tenacious down to the very smallest life forms! What are higher organisms if not infinite systems of symbiotic microorganisms all cooperating simultaneously to support a structure that is greater and infinitely more powerful than what any of the smaller organisms can aspire to alone? The bowel should be given very high regard in terms of restoring harmony to the body, I daresay it is the "Modern-Day" Seat of Disease, creating as many possible disorders as the number of unique physiologies it is expressed through.


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