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Eczema is one of the hardest disorders to cure. May 2009 world news in Australia highlights the severity of this problem.

A homeopathic doctor tried and failed to treat his own infant daughter from weeping, scratching eczema. It went so far as malnutrition and death.

Here is the question. At what point do you seek allopathy and give steroids to give relief while continuing homeopathic treatment?

Our highest aim is to relieve suffering and lead to good health and cure.

What is your opinion and how will the entire homeopathic community recover from this incident?

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I, personally, never tell any client to stop taking their traditional medication. I ask them to observe and go for a check up and discuss the possibility of reducing medications with their physician. I also ask them to get clinical lab tests.

A well selected remedy will work through most obstacles.

Day 10 | 30-Day Challenge - LINK

Allopathy has limited treatment options for life-limiting eczema, while homeopathy uses an individualized approach with potentially hundreds of remedies to target this disease

Atopic dermatitis, a common problem, is often an inherited autosomal trait, often in association with other related atopic diseases such as asthma and hayfever.
The Eczema Guide

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This may work in "simple" cases, but in more difficult allergy cases, it will not take you far. A true cure should allow an individual to be able to partake of ALL of life's cornucopia. My atopic daughter (from birth) has allergic reactions (itching excema, hives, asthma, etc) to dairy, eggs, soy, nuts and many oils/fats. When we eliminate them, she improves, but the moment she tries to reintroduce any of them, she returns to her former state of reaction. THAT is NOT a cure. We consume very little processed food (if any) and eat organic, biodynamic and local. She was an exclusively breastfed infant and not vaccinated, yet she had one of the most severe cases of excema I had ever seen. This speaks to a true chronic disease of miasmatic nature, and won't be improved by dietary eliminations (although we have had to make many eliminations as her reactions are so strong, and remain so to this day). A healthy body-mind-spirit cannot be corrupted so easily by external influences, especially diet. It is important to eat healthfully for optimal health, esp long-term, but ultimately, that is not what is underlying most of these individuals' problems, it is much deeper than that; the food intolerances are simply a peripheral symptom that is manifested for our observation in order to "see" the deeper problem.
Karla posted:'..............she had one of the most severe cases of excema I had ever seen. This speaks to a true chronic disease of miasmatic nature, and won't be improved by dietary eliminations ................... It is important to eat healthfully for optimal health, esp long-term, but ultimately, that is not what is underlying most of these individuals' problems, it is much deeper than that".................................

My reply;
Yes So true,The dietary overhauls aid in controlling the 'maintaining causefactors' that aggravate these conditions,but they are not cures.
Back to miasmatic cases- I agree these type of complex case need anti miasmatic remedies and need to be handled by a trained classical miasmatic practicioner that can remove one layer after the next. We inherit 7 generations of imbalances from our forefathers (grandparents/greatgrandparents)with each new generation another miasmatic predisposition gets added on.
Thanks for your contribution Karla
Dear Karla ~ These are my feelings, as well. G-d has given us this bountiful earth with many fruits, nuts, vegetables, poultry, meat and fish. These should restore us and not cause weakening of our vital force.
Hi Debby,

I have observed and worked with many modern contemporaries who recommend food exclusions in these types of cases, which in my mind (and would have been in Sammy's, JT's, Burnett's, Liz Hubbard's as well!)is a subtle form of allopathy. And it is widely accepted and promoted nowadays, because we have so much misleading information from our media, other natural healers, and the "generals" about diet being such a prominent factor in health. I'm not saying you should eat McDonald's every day to sustain your health, but a natural, healthy diet based on whole foods which have been grown and prepared in a manner which enervates them should be sufficient to nourish the body, as long as it is in a state of proper order. I didn't remove foods from Rowan's diet for some nebulous factor, I removed those foods WHICH CAUSED SUCH A STRONG ALLERGIC REACTION AS TO GRADUATE INTO ANAPHYLAXSIS, ie if I kept giving them to her, the reaction of her VF over time would be strong enough to end her life! Which is what I was suggesting in the IBS case you presented: only remove the foods that cause a violent enough reaction to potentially kill her, they only serve to further weaken her VF. There is a fine line, I think, that you have to tread here; the food sensitivities themselves can point to a remedy (although I think that in cases like this, there is so much pathology that you can't expect an accurate reading on this, at least until you have brought some of the inflammation under control, so you will have to rely on other guiding symptoms), so purely eliminating foods based on conjecture is not good practice. In a case like this, EVERYTHING is going to cause problems, her bowel is like a sieve at this point! We have to strengthen the terrain, build the body back up, then the pathogens will fall off without "antagonism", in this case trying to deny "them" of the foods they need to survive. The bacteria and yeast are not "creating" this disease process, they are just another reflection of it. I certainly wouldn't deny this woman her occasional glass of sake either!!! Good grief, it's the ONLY thing that makes her feel like a human!!! Makes me want to find the dumbass allopath who screamed at her and threw her file at her for "indulging" occasionally and wring his/her bloody neck! Yes, her liver is a mess, but what did the allopath have for her to restore it? Nothing, only more drugs to weaken it, ultimately. You can't restore an organ BY ELIMINATION, you have to heal it with its simillimum, from the inside out. Otherwise, you have done nothing to touch the CAUSE of the disease, and it will recur again and again until you wise up and address the propensity, why does this individual keep returning to this state? It's not because she likes bread, milk, alcohol and can't keep from eating them, what insanity is that? These are foods our ancestors have consumed for millenia! I have to say, I get really pissed when I read some of these contributions suggesting that she doesn't really want to heal, or that she can't stick to the "right" diet for long enough, or that she should keep some sort of "diary" of her food choices, etc. The woman can't hold on to a single meal and has such poor liver function that she can barely get out of bed, and you are expecting her to keep a DIARY everyday of her life concerning what she is eating?!! Maybe some of these people that are recommending these bizzaro "treatments" should try to strap them on themselves for awhile and see how far it gets them!!! I am not saying this to be inflammatory to this group of professionals, but consider what you are recommending and the PRACTICALITY of it. We have to be constantly on guard to discern whether we are approaching a case homeopathically or straying into the land of allopathy, as this happens quite easily, we are such an antagonistic society. I will never forget a statement I read by JT Kent many years ago, when I first began studying homeopathy. In essence, he says (not verbatim, it is in one of his Lectures on MM, and I don't remember which remedy it is now, in case you wanted to look it up for yourselves): "...a man who is healthy in his mind and body, in full order, can sustain himself on the poorest of diets and thrive in the most absurd environments". Doesn't that pretty much sum it all up?
Dearest Karla. I hear your empathy and compassion. We do what we can in every situation. It is wise to eliminate what is specifically causing harm. And an old saying goes, "Everything in moderation." (HUGS) Debby
Very well said, Karla :)

Im now at the tail-end of a very severe & rapidly spreading eczema.. since August. Many "causes" were suggested, all the usual naturopathic hoohah that boils down to "improper living - poor eating, washing, detergents, environmental poisons" etc.. & who knows how much the death of a close friend immediately before mattered? Fact is, Ive always had some atopic eczema on & off in my life, & my daughter was experiencing it again around the same time after being clear for many years, though not with such severity.

Eating differently seemed to make no difference. In the end, the only thing that made a dramatic difference, as with the (9 years ago "Carcinosin") suffocating nasopharynx/throat problem before, was a homeopathic nosode - Syphilinum.. Not one dose per month or so as I was taught many years ago, but 3 doses in the one day.. & repeated a week later.. and again.. Many thanks to Liz :)

Of course, this is different for everyone, but yet again, Im reminded that I will always find a rapidly efficient, inexpensive & life-changing answer, somewhere within homeopathy.. No need to move house, go poor existing on little else but supplements, & go on stupid "low inflammation" diets that consist mainly of food known to cause aggravations in my family!
Update regarding severe spreading eczema. Since Syphilinum 1m (t.i.d.) weekly, the eczema finally stopped spreading. Had spread over a third of my body, and I feared I would be hospitalised by Christmas 2009.

Early this year I needed to repeat, 3 doses in a day, 1-2 weeks apart, then I waited a while. Arms were still red & flaky and chest/sternum still flaring up. After a few weeks, started to get new patches, spreading rapidly around axilla. Repeated Syph 1m & it stopped developing & was gone overnight.

Before Syph 1m, the rash was confluent, 1/3 of body and spreading every day. Now I had the extra "push" needed to clear the arms completely. Couple more (monthly) doses Syph when little flare ups occurred, & berated myself for not dosing again earlier, as the chest finally cleared. Any little flare ups on neck have cleared in 24 hrs. Still some little spots, couple months later, time for another dose and a probably visit for 2nd opinion before my homeopath leaves for overseas lectures!

I have photos of early stage of this. Eyelids puffed up into a "mono-lid" & dark red patches, most uncomfortable, which later became confluent. Very sore, burning, dry, cracking, flaking like snow, & weeping. Hard to look at the early pics, & I don't feel ready to put them up yet, even though it was by far not the worst stage. I looked as though I'd been in an accident & burned.

Anyway, I refused cortisone, which the dermatologist said "won't thin the skin too much". Huh? I couldn't afford to lose any more skin! He then made a call to get permission from Govt to prescribe this apparently innocuous ointment. Bah! Been there, done that, not going there again!

I'm now 48, looking much like 2006 photo I have on here, except Ive had the "auto-micro-exfoliation" for several months 'til early 2010, a strange blessing in disguise! Let's not forget also, the externalization of the inflammation, which has formerly manifested in lungs and nasopharynx for many years.
Hello Anne
Thank you for telling us of your progress. Sounding like there's been improvement. I hope your spirits have also improved. Nice to see you visiting the community once again.

(HUGS) Debby
Hi Debby

I know how sensitive i am to suppression of eczema via ointments etc, going quickly into asthma, severe nasal obstruction, muscle inflammation etc. so had to go about it the "right" way. Have only a couple little patches back of neck on & off which I dont notice at all, & that's fine. Going well & looking not bad at all for an "old bag". Getting younger still :) Trying to participate more on here in between family "stuff" :) Hugs to you and all my friends in here!
Unfortunately for those with food sensitivities, when they omit foods from their diet, they can become sensitive to the few remaining foods they are allowed. This has happened in the past in my family, having gone to another practitioner, & she became very weak and faint from lack of food! The problem was solved when I finished my studies, and gave her lycopodium, which should always be considered when problems occur with food sensitivities.

Having said this, I recognise that the worst offending foods should be avoided until better, & hopefully a remedy becomes apparent which allows some freedom in diet!

I have also has great success in a patient with severe food intolerances, most of all lactose, & she had China 30c, yes - on lactose pills. She quickly got well & stopped taking the many digestive enzyme capsules she was dependent on daily to digest her food. In this case, she had had some unusual hallucinations to do with colors, which led me to the remedy. Interesting that the lactose pills were not a problem with the correct remedy absorbed onto them.
Dear Anne,

I think you may have inadvertently solved a problem for me that I have been dealing with for almost 6 years now! My daughter was born with severe atopic dermatitis, food allergies, graduating into asthma. I have seen countless healers, including many homeopaths with very disappointing results. NO ONE has ever prescribed Lycopodium for her!!! I am a studying homeopath myself, became very serious after Rowan was born this way, and I have Paul Herscu's book The Homeopathic Treatment of Children. I just reread the chapter on Lycopodium, and it fits my daughter perfectly. The initial hit was the food sensitivities you mentioned, but she has SO many confirmatory symptoms: excema/cracking behind ears, dictatorial yet needy personality, lower respiratory infections, mouth breathing, yellowing of teeth despite avid brushing and regular cleanings, a huge number of intestinal/abdominal issues including great flatulence, anticipatory anxiety, dyslexia (inability to crawl), great importance given to social status and popularity. The list goes on and on.....This is very timely because I have been working with a homeopath who had prescribed her Bacillinum, and it worked very nicely, such that much of her excema has cleared up this summer, she has had few asthmatic attacks, has grown about 2 inches and has gained almost 5 pounds, but the action of that remedy seems to have stopped and she is gaining no more forward ground. I have just wrote her with all my findings and am hoping for a favorable response, ie to switch her now to Lyc and see how she fares. I can't thank you enough for your timely contribution, it was manifested at the perfect time for me!!!
Dearest Karla,

I sincerely hope you get some joy with your choice of Lycopodium!

My first experience of Lycopodium was when I took it I think while still studying..

Much earlier, I had had pneumonia, followed by 10 years of feeling of constriction in the lungs, as if I couldnt take a whole breath. As I also had tiny bits of sticky elastic mucus which i couldnt bring out for days at a time, I somehow took the loss of elasticity together with viscid "elastic" mucus to be an indication for calcarea fluor, 30c. I took my first full breath the next morning, got rid of a few tiny threads of mucus (sorry too much info!) & needed maybe a few doses in the next year or 2. The first dose was just amazing, after 10 years of breathing "through a sponge" much of the time.

I did later however have some air hunger at times which made me yawn - but only halfway & I'd have to start again, & so on, because I couldnt seem to finish the yawn.
Pretty funny when one is sitting on a train going to work & all around were yawning with me..! Well, may have been if not so terribly uncomfortable & annoying & embarrassing. I saw a homeopath interstate whom I'd known for years, & she said I must be a "very deep seated & incurable case". End of story.

I looked into Kent's repertory & found "ineffectual yawning" (from memory) - Lycopodium. It also covers "unresolved pneumonia". Unfortunately I had been prescribed Calc Carb and Sulphur, but not the missing piece of the triad - Lycopodium. Again, rapid improvement. No recurrence

I would be interested to know how you go with it, all the best, Anne

Lycopodium has also been very good to follow Calc Fluor when the skin is aggravated, which it often is by that remedy.


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