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Eczema is one of the hardest disorders to cure. May 2009 world news in Australia highlights the severity of this problem.

A homeopathic doctor tried and failed to treat his own infant daughter from weeping, scratching eczema. It went so far as malnutrition and death.

Here is the question. At what point do you seek allopathy and give steroids to give relief while continuing homeopathic treatment?

Our highest aim is to relieve suffering and lead to good health and cure.

What is your opinion and how will the entire homeopathic community recover from this incident?

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I, personally, never tell any client to stop taking their traditional medication. I ask them to observe and go for a check up and discuss the possibility of reducing medications with their physician. I also ask them to get clinical lab tests.

A well selected remedy will work through most obstacles.

Day 10 | 30-Day Challenge - LINK

Allopathy has limited treatment options for life-limiting eczema, while homeopathy uses an individualized approach with potentially hundreds of remedies to target this disease

Atopic dermatitis, a common problem, is often an inherited autosomal trait, often in association with other related atopic diseases such as asthma and hayfever.
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Hi Karla,

Have you tried Carcinosinum? If it is indicated miasmatically, it makes sense to try carcinnosinum. But you should realize that there are a long list of remedies that also fit the cancer miasm profile (see below).

I can't understand why a homeopath would be scared of nosodes. That's the reaction of traditional medicine that does not understand that we are using the energy of the substance, not the material. So you have trouble buying the nosodes you need. Not because homeopaths are stopping you, but because phamaceutical interests don't want you to have access.

This is just a rough summary of reading notes. Not a recommendation for your specific case.
Cancerous affections, tumors
Can’t run long distances. Children sensitive and small. Loves dancing.
Children have adult disease. Insomnia
Childhood diseases suppresses or early in life. Rbx measles, rubella Family history of strong reactions to or lack of reaction to vaccination for mumps, chicken pox. Family history of pneumonia. Rash suppressed
Absence of childhood disease
Family history of tuberculosis, diabetes, pernicious anemia, mononucleosis [later becomes chronic fatigue syndrome, weak and low fever swollen glands], tumors, ulcerative colitis. Evidence of other 4 miasms.
Blue sclerotic, café au lait complexion, numerous moles
Vaccination reaction lacking, weakness, malaise after (Psora)
Loves nature, lightening, thunderstorms. Loves travel. Perfectionist. Dark bitter chocolate (nat-m, sepia {sulpher sweet ch, calc-c creamy ch}). Small ups and downs of energy. Better at sea,
Disturbances (emotional too) have no way out. Stress goes inward toward physical disease. The person is not aggressive and destructive, rather the disease is. Easily hurt and abused. Careful not to hurt other’s feeling by suppressing own feelings. Caring, self-sacrificing. Suffers w/out reacting. Love classic music and cries sentimentally. Fastidious – especially about beauty of surroundings.
Rb: All bromiums. cancer tumor types atheroma, cheloid, erectile, fibroid, neuroma, sarcoma, steatoma, cyst reappearing every 4 weeks.

Carcinosin has been life-saving for me.

I dont have the documented appearance, & I wonder how many, or few of those who benefit from it fit the physical characteristics? That probably put me off trying it, until I finally got the RADAR program, & fed in chronic sinus/hay fever, love of thunderstorms & reading, & yes the domineering mother, & most importantly - the "history of glandular fever/mononeucleosis/epstein barr". No family history of cancer, diabetes etc. Personal history - look at the 6 months/1 year before onset of the problem.. I realised my suffocating swelling did actually go back to age 14 & glandular fever.. didnt get the remedy til late thirties! But all is well that ends well :)
Nosodes are remedies used to break down walls. In many of my own cases I use them in between the well indicated miasmatic constitutional remedies.If the case comes to a standstill. Once the wall has been removed (or obstical) you see more results.(const. remedies must normally be resumed after using a nosode)

The well indicated "Nosode" HAs to be indicated,its NEVER the same nosode for any two individuals.
Another factor is the correct potency choices of the remedies that are indicated. NOT ALL POTENCIES touch the patients vital force imbalance. (wrong potency-correct remedy=no results)
I see it often that many homeopaths are afraid to use high potencies,This is harming the patient-will help no one.
All potencies need to be used,As a homeopath should use all the tools avail.
Its like a carpenter only using a hammer for building cabinets,thats ridiculous-he only gets so far,he must use ALL his tools.
Same with a homeopath.
I am grateful for your experience in this. After dealing successfully with all the internal problems in myself, i am now left with just the rash.. psoriais, eczema, psoriatic eczema, whatever. I know that if it is supressed, it can go back into inflammation within the neck, perhaps the meniere's type syndrome which I am thankfully rid of (theridion), joint trouble, & further in the past, the terrible swelling of nasopharynx (carcinosinum) & asthma (calc fluor). The last thing I had was Sulphur 1m, which to some would sound strange for skin, but experience teaches the danger of low potencies, & of repetition... especially when someone else gives your mother calc fluor 6c weekly! That was truly evil.. so much for our homeopathy having "nothing in it".. I suggest the disbelievers take lots of calc fluor 6c & see what happens!
I wonder if anyone would like to comment on possible connection between low thyroid function and psoriasis? I notice that they coexist in may remedies. As I have the puffy eyelids with the psoriatic eczema now on mainly external throat (cowl distribution) and blotchy on the face, and I know it disappears with the first hot and humid day of summer, I find Im back to "aggravation winter" cold dry & sluggish rems.

Ive taken a dose of Arsenicum 200c which Ive had before, & really tempted now to have Thyroidinum 200c again, which i took in the distant past once. Going to have it later in the day, kill or cure!

Having had so many beautiful results in the past in deeper conditions, with spectacular amelioration within 24 hrs, or daily inprovement until resoved in a week, Im now left with this, have had pretty bad rash for a month now, & started in July, as usual. Last July I had the sudden vertigo with noise & vibration sensitivity, cured 98% several months later when I took Theridion, & I see that Graphites is to antidote Theridion, so I definitely dont want to take that, as I feel it I could go backward with that.

I welcome any comments from the group
Death of infant due to eczema is very tragic but this is not general picture of homeopathic treatment of eczema. in my view it was personal failure of that particular physician and not ,the homeopathy. such type of things are treated by homeopath with great successes , in India. and same has been my experience from 16 years of homeopathic practice . there has been cases of homeopathic aggravation in few cases but too is not so severe .I would like to make one note of caution to all that higher potencies should be used cautiously especially GRAPHITES and Mezerium. Failure also happens in Allopathy but unfotunatly nobody blames Allopathy. rules should be same for judging such episodes for Homeopathy also and it should be regarded failure of physician not homeopathy
The photo shown above is infection with herpes virus of the underlying eczema. Eczema/psoriasis can look similar with itching vesicles (as in pompholyx), but there is no virus, so it does not spread & is not contagious. Unfortunately I have first hand experience of this one (non-infected). Determined to finish the job with homeopathy now, have a long experience of suppressed rash going into worse conditions.
Previous comment refers to the photo at top of this forum, I saw the original photo online with description

The parents mentioned above have now received a jail sentence for manslaughter.

This is a single case of apparent mismanagement, the father was "treating" his own daughter which is not advisable in such a dangerous case. Having said this, people die in hospital from such conditions under allopathic treatment, including many years ago a friend (age 22), and nothing is said about that.

The reason why our professional malpractice insurance is dirt cheap in Australia, is that we rarely have cases against our practitioners brought to the courts. I dont know of any other case against a homeopath. I think they have been only to do with inappropriate massage, not ingestive modalities such as homeopathy and herbalism. Correct me?
i think if no remedy is working then we could try isopathy.make a potentised remedy from secretions of eczema ( korsakaff's potency will be better because making a remedy will be lot easier .we wlll be using only one bottle ). after eczema improves we could continue constitutional medicines.
Dear Debby, members:

I think that in any case before us, we must use common sense, no matter if we are medical doctors, or if we are homeopaths, or both. The point is that if something is going out of control we must refer our patients to other more skilled colleagues (as Dr Rafeeque recommends in my article), or in the absence of colleagues, we have to establish the best treatment that we know develop in order to ensure the safety of our patient.

The problem of superinfection in the skin should not be taken lightly, much less in other organs or systems, especially when it comes from microorganisms producing lethal exotoxins. Anyway, once controlled the infection, homeopathic treatment can be given for the underlying cause that led to the infection due to autoinoculation during scratching.

The following article can illustrate more clearly my concern by establishing new standards in homeopathy (According to the new times):

I hope, this helps.


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