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Dear homeopaths,

I would like to bring to light a right process of aggravation.

I have a 3 month old daughter with very bad eczema which we somewhat expected given my partner and I both had the same condition as children.

She began having skin problems at two months. If first appeared on her calfs as dry skin, then her head was covered by seborrheic dermatitis, and later she had a little spot of dry, red eczema on her cheeks.

I first gave her Pulsatilla because of her "personality". After that, she behaved differently for a few days but exibited no general changes. I reveiwed the case again, trying to remain as objective as possible, and on the 25th of October I gave her Calc carb 30C. Her feet and head were sweaty, she is quite big with a lot of baby fat, she likes to be carried, she had a cold from two weeks old, and the eczema seemed similar to that of Calcarea c. I do not have s lot of experience with homeopathy for infants.

Two days later her eczema got a lot worse, especially on her cheeks, which are now red, hot with white vesicules covered with flaked skin and yellow scabs because she scratches it. Today I discovered her eczema in new places such as her other knee, her shoulder, elbow, and the cheeks which are really bad. It itches. The spreading of the eczema and itching cause me to wonder if the remedy is correct.  I know that some people say an incorrect remedy doesn't do anything but my experience is different.

I know that eczema, as usual, gets worse  during the healing process but from what I have learned about treatment of eczema, first the itch should disappear. What i am not really sure about is the condition moving around her body to new locations! Is this a normal reaction or is it proving??

In this case, it is difficult to evaluate the mental state. She seems to be happy as always [except for the itching].

What does a healing aggravation look like? Are there any rules?

I will be happy to hear from the expereince and expertise of others.

Thank you in advance.

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I do not think it is the aggravation. The selection of the medicine is perhaps wrong. If we are treating patients of skin diseases and others in a hospital where people comes for relief and we are aggravating their sufferings then believe you me that homeopathic hospitals will be closed.

I suggest you to retake the case of your child repertorizing the present condition of skin eruption ignoring the personality. I hope the result will be satisfactory.


An aggravation is a worsening of the current symptoms. It happens because the curative remedy works by creating a similar disease to the one the patient already has. Because the similarity may not be exact, you can see some minor new symptoms or new variation of the symptoms at first.

Whether an aggravation turns into healing or not depends on a number of factors, the foremost one being whether it was similar enough (matches the totality of the case - the largest and most important part of the case). It may also depend on whether there are obstacles to cure in the case that have not been removed, how appropriate the potency was, and if there is any significant pathology (tissue change). Also, patients with very low vitality can be overwhelmed by too high a potency and experience an aggravation that can send them into a decline rather than improvement.

It is difficult to know at this stage if it is an aggravation that will lead to healing or not - it does appear to be an aggravation at least. The real problem with these situations, especially for a parent prescribing for their child and especially when someone doesn't have a lot of experience or training with homoeopathy, is that the person will not usually have enough confidence in the remedy they choose, nor do they feel comfortable allowing the patient to suffer through an aggravation.

My advice would be to wait a little longer before jumping in and represcribing. As Kuram says, eczema cases, indeed many skin conditions, can be difficult to treat and manage because of the homoeopathic aggravation. If it is a healing crisis, interfering now could cause confusion and make it much more difficult to see what truly going on.

Patience is one of the greatest assets in homoeopathy.


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