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Nasal swine flu vaccine recalled over potency

I have never heard of a homeopathic remedy recall or side-effect or scare of any kind. Why does this keep happening so often? Why do they allow drugs to be put on the market before they are completely tested as safe and effective? Why do they Push these drugs on humans when there is the possibility of life changing effects? Now they tell people to get a second dose of the vaccine because the first one was ineffective.

They report it is not a safety concern. Why not? The swine flu and regular flu season has been mild this year and it is not due to the vaccination program.

WASHINGTON — Drugmaker MedImmune is recalling nearly 5 million doses of swine flu vaccine because the nasal spray appears to lose strength over time.

How can they call this a "Recall" [4.6 million doses] when most of these drugs have already been distributed and used?

I would like to know how they found out how these nasal mist vaccines were not effective and had a loss of 'potency'? Interesting how now they are using Homeopathic Terminology of "Potency". This may get me worried because I don't want they taking over our vernacular and limiting our use of the word.

The difference is that there SHELF LIFE for a drug is very limited. Whereas, homeopathic remedies found from Hahnemann's own stock is still effective and 'potent' today, 200 years later!

MedImmune's vaccine has a recommended shelf life of about four months.

Sanofi Pasteur also recalled hundreds of thousands of swine flu shots for children because tests indicated those doses lost some strength.

Maryland-based MedImmune, a subsidiary of London-based AstraZeneca PLC, voluntarily recalled 13 lots of its vaccine

Can you believe they've distributed over 111 million doses for distribution in the U.S. alone? Dr. Anne Schuchat of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 60 million Americans have received swine flu vaccine.

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