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Every year news of some new vaccines surfaces, and later on, controversies start surfacing. I wrote some time back on a vaccine from tobacco leaves. Not much surfaced on the subject since then.

Many people hope this makes it to the market soon and gives positive results. If it does then it will be a boon for many addicts around the world.

One of the most drug infested parts of the world,  Mexico has to deal with 450,000 hard drug addicts and criminal behavior.

National Institute of Psychiatry’s Director Maria Elena Medina talks about the heroine vaccine that has been tested on mice and will need to undergo clinical trials in humans.  They have retained a patent on this vaccine to reduce addiction to heroin as they have seen reduced consumption in the mice.

Please do your homework and carefully look at all effects of such vaccinations and the rate of effectiveness.

Thursday August 11, 2012 BBC Special Report

Documentary on Karachi's drug epidemic. Pakistan's sprawling port city has an estimated half a million chronic heroin addicts. The drug is cheap and easily available as it comes across the Pakistan/Afghanistan border, before being shipped to Europe and the US. Mobeen Azhar finds out how a charity is trying to help addicts and their families.

An NGO called the Edhi Foundation operates what is thought to be the world's largest drug rehabilitation centre. It's here that Mobeen meets brothers Yusaf and Husein who have checked themselves in. Patients who volunteer for treatment like this can leave whenever they feel ready. But the majority of patients, like 24-year-old Saqandar, are brought in by their desperate relatives, and according to Edhi rules, only the family can decide when they will be released.

The centre offers heroin users food and painkillers to ease the physical symptoms of withdrawal - but conventional treatment like methadone is not available. So does enforced cold turkey really work?

Mobeen follows the stories of three heroin addicts and finds out how the stress of their addiction takes its toll on them and their families.

Going Cold Turkey In Karachi Magazine Story

Presenter: Mobeen Azhar
Producer: Ben Crighton.

Cocaine Vaccine

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The vax for tobacco produces clients for nicotine patches. The smack-vax will produce methadon junkies.

If they bring this in, within 5 years, those kids - who else - will be on the drugs, I predict.

And something about vax ingredients. The list we get, is what they admit to. Who knows, what else they put in there. With all the smack coming from Afghanistan, and the coke from Columbia, I bet many present day junkies could have had those ingredients in the vax.

It serves a quadruple purpose. It creates a market for the drugs, gives the cops something to do, which in turn improves the performance of the Prison-Industry and lastly, a youth contingent hooked on drugs does not rebel. What more would they want?

Problem is, that such a created problem will simply grow out of hand and cause so many more problems, that it will come and bite their butts like you will not believe.

Dear Kavi - I'm trying to understand your logic. People who ask their physicians for a prescription for the nicotine patch have been addicted to smoking tobacco, probably for years since they were young. They probably tried many ways to get off of their smoking addiction. Do the nicotine patches work?

Now the development of a heroin vaccine would be to address this problem of addiction in thousands of people. Will the vaccine reduce the withdrawal symptoms, the great need and desire to take these drugs, so a person can lead a normal life? How will these vaccines work and what will be the side effects and repercussions? 

Kavi - you have brought up other very concerning pieces of information, which we are not privy. What has the industry put into these vaccines? We may never know. Does it matter if people can withdraw from their addictive behavior, which may lead them down the path to self destruction and possibly harming others in order to get their fix?

In my opinion, medical science grabs on to the latest method and tool. The past number of decades, antibiotics the panacea, the be all and end all to cure man's ills. Now, vaccinations, whether one or one hundred injections, what do they care? This shows how blind they are to natural laws of nature. Man cannot win using this thinking process. One day, people will rise up and ask for a new direction and a new directive to empower themselves and rely on the body's own defense system.   Blessings, Debby


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