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Recently, a couple of Federal Budget Analysts from Washington, DC wondered about the profits in pharmaceutical drugs and came up with some interesting figures.

Turns out that to purchase the active ingredients for many drugs is often pennies, while a hundred dollar plus price tag is passed on to consumers.

They found a 100 tablets of 20 mg Prozac runs the consumer about $247.47, while the active ingredients only cost $0.11.

Yes, that's right. Eleven cents for all one hundred tablets.

It's a 224,973 percent mark-up, a profit margin most business owners dream of - but could never get away with.

Even more profitable, Xanax customers regularly pay $136.79 for a hundred 1 mg tablets, while the active ingredients cost just under three cents.

The mark-up is an unbelievable 569,958 percent.

1-Does the consumer REALLY think big Pharma cares about their health?
2-Does Homeopathy have these statistics?
3-What are the ethical differences between prescribing:
allopathic prescription drugs and Homeopathic remedies?
4-Better yet Ask if these expensive prescription drugs cure anything?
(of course we all know the answer).................Its NO.


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