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Kailie Parrish, student of fine arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, has published the results from a study about her dreams. The collected data is summarized in a lovely designed data visualization.

I kept a log of my dreams for 2.5 months, then categorized them by type, mood, cause, etc. through color and lines. The image created by the intersecting lines and circular calendar is representational of a dream catcher.”...........Kailie Parrish.

A larger version of the image can be downloaded by clicking following link -


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Dear Arindam - you find the most fascinating articles and topics. This is a beautiful piece of art that reminds me of the works we made as children with a board, pins and string. And, then again, we would make drawings with the spirograph set and came up with the most lovely graphics.

How can we use this information or this process for recording dreams. In homeopathy, dreams are very important cues to the inner working and subconscious mind. We get an image of fears, anxieties, and emotions. Would you ever ask a patient to record their dreams for a number of months in such detail?
Dear Debby,

Have you ever been in India... specially in our Calcutta?

My post reminds you about your childhood days. But here, we still do this kind of artworks during “Durga pooja” (worship of Hindu Goddess- Durga) season to decorate "pandals" ( man made decorative architectural structures where we worship idols of Gods or Goddesses). I can show you a few glimpses of it. But you can not even feel the festive moods of the people by seeing these mere snaps. I have taken these snaps with my Nicon Coolpix L16, October, 2009.

If you "zoom in" these images you will see the decorative artworks of coloured threads and pins.


Dear Debby, you have asked “...Would you ever ask a patient to record their dreams for a number of months in such detail?”

- No, actually the concept of this recording of dreams is completely new to me. A very innovative idea indeed!

Let's think of the fact that whether this kind of recordings can help us in practice.

Take care.................ARINDAM.


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