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Dr Prafull Borkar The Beginning: IIHP Mumbai Hahnemannian Day Celebration


" There comes a time in every individuals life that he has to take the first step"

It is said the truth is always hidden,but a genuine diamond will always be identified , greatness will come with humbleness and truth true greatness lies in simplicity and indeed to be simple is to be great.

   The above statements are just mere facts about Dr Prafull Borkar, genuine disciple of the masters and staunch proponent of Homeopathy.

April 7 looked like a ordinary Sunday to everyone, but it was special to a budding homeopath. it was the day when Dr Hahnemanns birthday was celebrated in advance.
It was again IIHP that took the initiative this time inviting young prolific Dr Prafull Borkar to take the center stage on this day when the great Master is venerated.

Also gracing the occassion were Dr Parinaz Humranwala the exponent of the tempraments and Dr Narendra Mehta a senior well established Homoeopath who has written books like understanding the follow up and miracles of belladona.

the event started with reverence of the grand master himself as in Indian tradition a lamp was lit and blessings taken.

Dr Prafull borkar started his lecture on a topic which Dr Hahnemann was discovering in the later part of his life. it was like the summerizing what grand master had said.

the origin of this topic and the slides were from basic chronic diseases of dr Hahnemann.
it was without any prejudice or additions of the later . it was just pure noting unbiased chronic diseases.

Dr Prafull Borkar also spoke of the grand master and quoted what other masters like Dr Herring and Dr Boger had said.
throughout his lecture he made continuous references to work of Dr Allen who has written about Chronic miasm.

This was the first time Dr Borkar spoke about miasms after years of homeopathic practice and lectures.He did so  with strong authority and conviction. .
Not because he didn't understand what miasms were all about but it was because he knew , experienced what he spoke . Not just some talk with intention of engaging the listeners but with a hope that the listener will take something with him , a treasure of experience and knowledge home to his own practice which even he will
realise through a diligent application. He made the complex topic of miasms appear very simple and straight.

He answered a basic question which has preplexed many not through bias but through understanding of master Allen

what are miasms??

all prevading predisposition which predetermines the nature of the pace of , and the depth of and the kind of damage at the functional or structural level ( T F Allen)

dr borkar further added

miasms differ from totality of symptoms though remedy covers totality of sypmtoms but not the miasm  it will not work at the same level.. if symptoms match with belladona but pace ,remedy depth/ kind of disturbance doesn't match belladona will not be the simmilimum.... MIasm and Totality should match then only we have the right remedy.

further slides were displayed withe excerpts from the masters and his own practice. it is no where he diviated from the masters
what was interesting that Dr Borkar spoke of exsistance of miasms in latent manifestations. Something Dr Hahnemann had thought off and spoke.
What was also more interesting he explained the concepts of secondary and tertiary sycosis something which is given in Allen chronic miasms  but rarely explained or used.

Finally 2 cases were shown, in one case as usual as is practice of Dr Borkar He showed a case of his failure and how a failure taught him a valuable
lesson something which he shared with the audiance how ignoring a simple crack disregarding the bigger miasm and just seeing symptoms led to failure.
and a second a case s case of phimosis where he shown how only and only through miasms he could accuretly
come to the drug in this case cannabis sattiva only through basic rubrics and miasm and finally distinguished with the help of source books.
no interepretation no prejudiced drug pictures but pure observation inference symptoms miasm and source book comparision.

finally the lecture ended with a question answer session with Dr Borkar where he answered the most simple queries of the audience with most diligent manner

truly this lecture was a beginning a start for every homeopath who has but a simple aim to cure diseased individual. it was beginning of understanding what Dr Hahnemann realized after years of practice. A beginning of path which would take a simple homoepath through tresoire of knowledge and it was Also a beginning for Dr Prafull
Borkar yes A beginning where he has taken what he has learnt taught applied in the most diligent manner in his clinic to the audienceA beginning for him to remove darkness about miasms to put forth in simple manner to every homeopath what he understood after dealing with tons of complex cases. A beginning  to more deeper sincere exhaustive work.

aude sapere

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