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Dr Coldwell Talks About The Root Cause and Cure of Cancer

Dr Coldwell poses the question, "What is the most effective and safe method that cures cancer?" He gives the definition of cancer. 


He explains what doctors know today. Unfortunately, the cure rate of cancer is measured in survival years of 5 years after your cancer diagnosis. If you are alive in 5 years since that time, you have been tallied in the statistics as cured, even if the next hour you die; no matter your quality of life during those 5 years. 


The maximum cure rate is 2% in the medical community as defined above. He says 27% of cancer patients who do absolutely nothing get healthier. However, when these types of people will fall into the 2%


What about the claim of early detection? Will mammogram prevent cancer? Take a guess. Doesn't radiation cause cancer? The pressure of mammograms is 50 pounds of pressure on the most sensitive organ in the female body. Now if a toxic lymph node bursts or leaks from this pressure, the cancer spreads. Every mammogram increases cancer risk. When they find cancer, do they have a method to cure? 


His highly controversial lectures raise eyebrows. He has written a book about his thoughts and findings. 


Dr Coldwell recorded audio from Monday September 19, 2011: Host George Noory with Dr. Leonard Coldwell on Coast to Coast AM

One of the leading authorities of self-help education for cancer patients and considered by many authorities to be the world's leading expert on cancer, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, discussed the nature of the disease and why he believes chemotherapy, radiation, and mammograms cause cancer. In looking at the primary driver behind the illness, Coldwell contended that 90% of all cancers, as well as other sicknesses, are caused by stress. He pointed to "constant worries, doubts, and fears" as well as lack of self love and hope for the future as key factors in reducing energy levels, weakening the immune system, and leading to diseases like cancer.

He warned that patients who undergo traditional cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, are "as good as dead." As such, Coldwell shared some natural methods for fighting the disease. One tactic, he said, involves ingesting the combination of a spoonful of pharmaceutical baking soda and five spoonfuls of organic maple syrup, heated up to form a solid mass. This concoction, he said, acts as a "Trojan horse," since cancer cells will flock to the syrup's high sugar content and then be killed by the baking soda.


Coldwell also advised drinking a gallon of water which contains a teaspoon of sea salt every day and avoiding the use of plastic containers for food and water.


"You can always do the medical treatment," he said to those who may be skeptics, asking rhetorically "so why don't you try the natural first?" Coldwell was highly critical of the mainstream medical industry which, he noted, nets billions of dollars from cancer detection and treatment. He asserted that the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in curing cancer and ultimately wants to turn it into a "manageable disease like diabetes."


He claimed that his work towards eradicating cancer is so dangerous to the pharmaceutical industry that, when his first book was about to be published, he was offered a quarter of a million dollars to suppress it. After rebuffing the offer, Coldwell said, he was shot at two days later and had his car bombed two weeks after that. Citing similar treatment for other alternative treatment advocates, he lamented that "we live with daily death threats.



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Thanks Debby..

You are welcome :-)

These article and news item are an eye opener for all of us. Lust for money kills.


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