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Some weird Doctors want to add Lithium
to the drinking water to protect our health !?

Drug Our Drinking Water (August 2)

When the government added fluoride to our drinking water in the 1940s,
it was hailed as a great public health success. Why shouldn't the
government add a trace amount of lithium--which has been shown to
limit suicide -- to our water as well? It may save 12,000 lives a

Adding trace amounts of lithium to the drinking water could limit suicides. Two studies, a recent one in Japan and an older one in Texas, have shown that this naturally occurring substance, used as a psychotropic drug to combat bipolar disorder, could have beneficial effects for society: Communities with higher than average amounts of lithium in their drinking water had significantly lower suicide rates than communities with lower levels. Regions of Texas with lower lithium concentrations had an average suicide rate of 14.2 per 100,000 people, whereas those areas with naturally higher lithium levels had a dramatically lower suicide rate of 8.7 per 100,000.

The highest levels in Texas (150 micrograms of lithium per liter of water) are only a thousandth of the minimum pharmaceutical dose, and have no known deleterious effects.  If further studies continue to uncover no harmful side effects, bioethicist Jacob Appel believes that Washington should fortify all of our drinking water with lithium.


hy We Should Reject This

Lithium is a much more powerful substance than fluoride, with far greater potential side effects.  Critics say that drugging the water is a massive infringement and equate this use of pharmaceuticals to something out of Aldous Huxley’s dystopic classic “Brave New World.”

Robert Carton, a former senior scientist for the EPA, argues that the government's fortifying drinking water with any substance, even fluoride, violates people's fundamental right—codified in the Nuremburg Code—to give informed consent to any medical intervention. “All ethical codes for the protection of individuals who are subject to medical procedures," Carton wrote in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, "whether research or routine medical treatment, endorse the basic requirement for voluntary informed consent.”

More Resources

—2009 Japanese study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

—1990 Texas study, published in Biological Trace Elements Research Journal.

—2003 article [PDF] from the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, co-authored by Robert Carton, arguing against fluoridation.

Part II of out discussion about drugging the drinking water can be found at Death by Cruise Ship, Lithium, and Suicide.




Source: BigThink


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They didn't ask me. I prefer not to take any more chemicals. These dumb people make too many assumptions. Nobody asked them to save everyone from anything, especially not mess around with people's minds, hormones or any other bodily functions. For another thing, they make the assumption that everyone is the same. We are not the same. We all have different sensitivities, weights, sizes, abilities, reactions. They forget that the water is already pumped full of chemicals and toxins. What are the interactions of pumping more and more mixtures, compounds, chemicals, etc into the water? How do these chemicals react with the pipes and metals etc before coming out of the faucet? We all already have water purification filters if we can afford them to take out all the impurities, carcinogens, etc. Maybe we are all crazy. La di da.
This is just absurd! Now they are realising how hazardous to our health fluoride really is and then they plan to add something else. Why not just add aluminum salts straight to our drinking water and then some ethyl mercury to our food-just to take the pressure off those people working at the FDA? Then they don't have to worry about anything anymore? This is just starting to be seriously weird and horrid. Talking about taking the disgust to a new level!

Well, they do that with aluminium! Aluminium in very dust form is the main ingredient of Chemtrails sprayed from the hundreds of commercially masked airplanes worldwide (aluminium, stroncium, barium and the newest substance are the vaccine strains as well because less and less people take shots). Unbelievable, right? I can assure that it's true. This way they can contaminate nearly everything on the surface of the Earth and below the soil.




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