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Do You Support Soaps, Toothpastes and Talcum Powder Marketed By Homeopathic Companies?

Hi friends,

Many homeopathic companies manufacture soaps, toothpastes, hair oils and talcum powder that contain homeopathic medicines like arnica, calendula, jaborandi, echinacea, etc. Do you support these products. I do support these products to some extend. There are certain reasons for that! Before sharing that, plz share your views.

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I also do support these products to some extend if the base of the products are- organic , non irritant & total absorbed by the skin ( If they use silica insted of stone powder in toothpaste & talcum powder,pure petro.jelly & M.T.for ointments etc.)
thanks for the comments

Hi Rafeeque,

Let them do some business though i do not like.


These toothpastes, Talc powder, soaps etc, may be good or not so good products.These are being used by many, but to call these homoeopathic product is deceptive in nature. I wonder on what basis these products are being claimed as homoeopathic products.
Now let me tell you why I support these products (The list never include patents used for treatment). The reason is, if we do not use these product, naturally we are going to use the same products from other multi national companies. I am very sure that mostly all use soaps, toothpaste, hair oils and talc. So better use the same from the homeopathic pharmacies and support them. They do not get much from the genuine products like dilutions, so help them by supporting a few products, so that they continue the manufacture of genuine medicines as a service!

As you like.



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