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Another discussion. I am curious about this.
In my practice each patient gets an overhaul of dietary foods. What they can't eat and can eat according to their condition.

Anyone care to comment? Let's throw the idea's around.

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Well i usually never advice any of my patients about diet. Anyway the very same cravings or aversion that they might have during their illness(that is when they come to us na) is nothing but which tells their remedy. Also during an illness (or health), nature will guide the dietary intake that which will suit the person, ie. bring about cravings to certain food which is required for the person and aversion or intolerance to foods which is not advisable. Also in practice of my own as well from some of my seniors, i have noted that this dietary advice has nothing to do with well being if the patient. Let nature guide them towards health. Few exceptional might be there, but again that very same is what is their constitution.
A few incidences where we as Homeopaths need to address our patients Dietary intake:
Diabetes,RA,Candida,liver imbalances,kidney imbalance,vaccine immune damage.
1-lets start with diabetes
besides the well indicated constitutional remedy a dietary overhaul must be included in my oppinion.
no sugars,no salts,no coffee,no butters,no dairy,no alcohol

2-RA-these type of patients need their well indicated homeopathics and an avoidance of certain foods such as the (nightshade family)tomatoe/eggplant family- these have a high uric acid count and cause extreme aggr when ingested.

3-candida-again the well indicated homeopathics need to be addressed and an overhaul of foods that are toxic to their system.
all sugars,all dairy,all alcohols,all allopathics,breads,pastries,carbs-these all feed the candida yeast.

This is an interesting topic. I will start from myself. When I take some remedy, my diet changes mostly to positive. If the remedy is right, my whole system changes as well as my needs. I don´t have so much need for coffee or anything else "unhealthy" what I normally take.

Some years ago when I had my first homeopathic session and a homeopath told to me what to avoid I didn't listen to her and I think many people don't listen really. They don't like to be told what to do, so also what to eat and what not. I think the change has to come from within and comes in the process of healing. To people who are not ready to change, their eating habits will remain (or will come back) and it is not of big use to tell what to avoid. Of course it is advisable to propose some alternatives but in a way they don't feel like something is forbidden. People are like children, if you tell them to do something they will do the opposite.

How to awake an interest for alternative diet solutions in the cases where it is really not good to take certain food? A homeopath should think how to propose something in a proper way so that a patient doesn´t get it dogmatic. It is an art to awake the interest in the patient or change in his mind, the same art as the healing. All goes together. 

So I´ll end with joke: perhaps if you tell them eat sugar, drink coffe and alcohol as much as you can, then they will start to think what is this homeopath telling, he must be crazy.... and will not take all that.... homeo principle ;)

All good points Thanks for your imput Tihana.

What it comes down to is this:
"remove the maintaining causefactors"

Yes the dietary do'and don'ts are some of the hardest things to follow,most people dont want to change their habits.I agree!
They are used to these eating habits,I cant blame them.

But in the long run it is a "maintaining causefactor" that needs to be addressed.
I see changes in people that apply long term in their life,a healthy diet cannot do them more harm,I have seen avid coffee/sugar junkies stop cold turkey. When their system detoxes of these unhealthy things they themself notice a change for the better,the "cravings" dissapear.
I was a sugar junky in my teens read a book called "Sugar blues" from that point onwards I never had sugar again,I find the taste awfull as my body lost its craving.
The same with Salt,stoped eating salt totally for decades due to poor kidney function. I dislike the taste of salt now,no need for it.
I dont have sugar or salt anywhere in the house.
We are here to help/heal/teach our patients to live a holistic healthy life,dietary overhaul is a big part of living healthy.
Much of what causes diseases are based on our wrongfull dietary habits,its not always what pill you swallow that makes you well,most often its what we DONT swallow (or put into our body) that will make us well.

Many of these likes and dislikes are aquired by habits.
No one NEEDS coffee,
no one needs sugar,
no one needs salt,
no one needs alcohol,
infact many dont need animal products (these are 100% veggans).Half of our planet are veggans and are some of the healtiest people around.
The need for animals products is a habit,passed on in culture/family upbringing-but there are other ways to get good solid protein from nuts/seeds/veggies that are better for us.

Another subject is Alkaline/Acid PH levels of all foods/drinks-
Too much Acid PH in our system causes illness,immune imbalance,inflamation,pain.
Good post. I feel there are two or maybe more types of clients that come for homeopathic assistance along their journey.

1.) Already has done tons of alternative spiritual soul searching. These people already have done many types of dietary changes. Have become in tune with their body likes, dislikes and needs. So, many have become vegetarian, or removed dairy products, wheat and the like = often because they are allergic and get digestive upset, rash or other reaction. These people are willing to change diet or try new things.

2.) Another type is starting their journey toward health and have no idea about many nutritional approaches to healing. They do not know about fermented vegetables, candida diets, flaxseed, omega 3 fish oil, primrose oil, negative effects of hydrogenated oils, processed grains, etc. In this case, it is my duty to educate these folks slowly one thing at a time. I know it is much too much to do this all at once.

3.) If it is someone's daily habit ritual to have one cup of coffee a day, I feel that is fine. Then after their remedy begins working they may extend their journey to work on habits. This goes for smoking, as well. They know it is not good for them, but are addicted. It must be a desire and intention to quit for it to happen.
yes, of course.We must narrate our patients regarding dietary intake and precautions as these play an important role in selection of medicine and cure of the patients.I used to narrate sometimes my patients the kind of diet they must underwent for the rest of their treatment and after tthe treatment even , to prolong their health periods.
Homoeopathic precautions and disease precautions are mendatory for the patients as in diabetes calorie intake has to be monitored alongside homeopathic precautions like beware of
stimulants like coffee,tea,alcohol and other beverages
night watching
over eating or drinking
pornography etc many others
One must develop the habbit for the intake of
Healthy whole some food
salad with washed raw vegetables
curd/yoghurt with black pepper
Fruits etc etc so many others............

Case specifics advises are given and must be given and i think yes all the physicians allover the world are giving it with good meritorious basis

dr meakin mittu


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