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Devine homeoapathic science and alternative medicine science( Unani, reiki, siddha)

All this sciences used for to increase the ENERGY of the human being to heal.
And homeopathy ALSO used for increase VITAL ENERGY.
Q: Can homoeopathic doctors use alternative medicine sciences during the course of homoeopathic treatment?
Or it is antidoting to the effects of homoeopathic medicines.

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my question is
Q: Can homoeopathic doctors use alternative medicine sciences during the course of homoeopathic treatment?
Or it is antidoting to the effects of homoeopathic medicines.
Yes,can be used but homeopathic medicines must be repeated frequently.
We should not forget that we all are professional colleagues. We should respect each other and never pour bad comments upon us. I never join the discussion which I do not like but never try to hurt any body. I think our respected collegues must do the same.
some reference from organon as a mesmerism and mesmeriser
mesmeriser( reiki. sidhha practione)r

§ 288 Sixth Edition
I find it yet necessary to allude here to animal magnetism, as it is termed, or rather Mesmerism (as it should be called in deference to Mesmer, its first founder) which differs so much in its nature from all other therapeutic agents. This curative force, often so stupidly denied and disdained for a century, acts in different ways. It is a marvellous, priceless gift of God to mankind by means of which the strong will of a well intentioned person upon a sick one by contact and even without this and even at some distance, can bring the vital energy of the healthy mesmerizer endowed with this power into another person dynamically (just as one of the poles of a powerful magnetic rod upon a bar of steel).
It acts in part by replacing in the sick whose vital force within the organism is deficient here and there, in part also in other parts where the vital force has accumulated too much and keeps up irritating nervous disorders it turns it aside, diminishes and distributes it equally and in general extinguishes the morbid condition of the life principle of the patient and substitutes in its place the normal of the mesmerist acting powerfully upon him, for instance, old ulcers, amaurosis, paralysis of single organs and so forth. Many rapid apparent cures performed in all ages, by mesmerizers endowed with great natural power, belong to this class. The effect of communicated human power upon the whole human organism was most brilliantly shown, in the resuscitation of persons who had lain some time apparently dead, by the most powerful sympathetic will of a man in full vigor of vital energy,1 and of this kind of resurrection history records many undeniable examples.
If the mesmerizing person of either sex capable at the same time of a good-natured enthusiasm (even its degeneration into bigotry, fanaticism, mysticism or philanthropic dreaming) will be empowered all the more with this philanthropic self-sacrificing performance to direct exclusively the power of his commanding good will to the recipient requiring his help and at the same time to concentrate these, he may at times perform apparent miracles.
1 Especially of one of such persons, of whom there are not many, who, along with great kindness of disposition and perfect bodily powers, possesses but a very moderate desire for sexual intercourse, which it would give him very little trouble wholly to suppress, in whom, consequently, all the fine vital spirits that would otherwise be employed in the production of the semen, are ready to be communicated to others, by touching them and powerfully exerting the will. Some powerful mesmerisers, with whom I have become aquatinted, had all this peculiar character.

§ 289 Fifth Edition
Every part of our body that possesses the sense of touch is also capable of receiving the influences, and of propagating their power to all other parts.1
1 A patient even destitute of the sense of smell may expect an equally perfect action and cure from the medicine by olfaction.

§ 289 Sixth Edition
All the above-mentioned methods of practicing mesmerism depend upon influx of more or less vital force into the patient, and hence are termed positive mesmerism.1 An opposite mode of employing mesmerism, however, as it produces just the contrary effect, deserves to be termed negative mesmerism. To this belong the passes which are used to rouse from the somnambulic sleep, as also all the manual processes known by the names of soothing and ventilating. This discharge by means of negative mesmerism of the vital force accumulated to excess in individual parts of the system of undebilitated persons is most surely and simply performed by making a very rapid motion or the flat extended hand, held parallel to, and about an inch distant from the body, from the top of the head to the tips of the toes.2 The more rapidly this pass is made, so much the more effectually will the discharge be effected. Thus, for instance, in the case where a previously healthy woman,3 from the sudden suppression of her catamenia by a violent mental shock, lies to all appearance dead, the vital force which is probably accumulated in the precordial region, will, by such a rapid negative pass, be discharged and its equilibrium throughout the whole organism restored. So that the resuscitation generally follows, immediately.4 In like manner, a gentle, less rapid, negative pass diminishes the excessive restlessness and sleeplessness accompanied with anxiety sometimes produced in very irritable persons by a too powerful positive pass, etc.
1 When I here speak of the decided and certain curative power of positive mesmerism, I most assuredly do not mean that abuse of it, where, by repeated passes of this kind, continued for half an hour or a whole hour at a time, and, even day after day, performed on weak, nervous patients, that monstrous revolution of the whole human system is effected which is termed somnambulism, wherein the human being is ravished from the world of sense and seems to belong more to the world of spirits - a highly unnatural and dangerous state, by means of which it has not infrequently been attempted to cure chronic diseases.
2 It is a well known rule that a person who is either to be positively or negatively mesmerised, should not wear silk on any part of the body.
3 Hence a negative pass, especially if it be very rapid, is extremely injurious to a delicate person affected with a chronic ailment and deficient in vital force.
4 A strong country lad, ten years of age, received in the morning, on account of slight indisposition, from a professed female mesmeriser, several very powerful passes with the points of both thumbs, from the pit of the stomach along the lower edge of the ribs, and he instantly grew deathly pale, and fell into such a state of unconsciousness and immobility that no effort could arouse him, and he was almost given up for dead. I made his eldest brother give him a very rapid negative pass from the crown of the head over the body to the feet, and in one instance he recovered his consciousness and became lively and well.
Dear Dr Chandrakant. In regard to your initial question, I do believe that many people and homeopaths use alternative methods during homeopathic treatments. Not only do we give advice for improving nutrition, diet and other lifestyle habits like smoking, but we often recommend exercise such as qigong, yoga, deep breathing and meditation to calm the nerves.

When persons regularly go to a chiropractor for adjustments or acupuncture then their system is used to these interventions and may continue, however, when just starting treatments brand new, we ask them to wait while homeopathy shows its effects and not mix up the energy work.

Some homeopaths regularly include Bach flower remedies and even some herbal treatments. I know when I have congestion, oreganol is great for clearing congestion in order to breath. And use of neti pot can be introduced, as well.

On the mental realm we can also use guided imagery and EFT and other 'tapping' methods to instill self suggestion for improvement. Each homeopath finds their best methods to assist the patient in healing through aggravations and instilling the ability to manage suffering.
dr prabhat
have u read or know about 'siddha' science? if not please go through it. what actually it is?
and also through the aphorism no 288,289....u will come to know how the pass and energy effects to disturbed vitality without medicine?.

about reiki
What is Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words Rei and Ki meaning spiritually guided life energy (commonly known as Universal Life Energy), an energy which animates us all and is found all around us.
Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using "universal life energy" channelled through the practitioner to the recipient.
Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit for yourself or anyone you want to help.

Reiki treatment
You relax, fully clothed, on a couch or seated while the healer holds his hands on or above you. A treatment can last an hour or longer depending on the treatment required. In the western world many practitioners use the standard hand positions and commonly a full treatment is given covering all the important organs of the body.
There is no pressure on the body making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions, sometimes hands are even held away from the body. The energy flows wherever it is required (spiritually guided) and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience!

we have some similarity what hahnemann had said in aphorisms 288, explain the mesmerism

i would say,' looking blindly to the subject without considering the facts is the sign of failure homoeopath'.

Definitely it antidotes the homoeopathic medicines but where had hahnemann said in any their writing that use this mesmerism with the homoeopathic medicines
Dear Dr Prabhat
I believe there are differing opinions when it comes to utilizing every possible means to assist the patient through healing, healing crisis and trauma. Just the words that we speak have power alone to effect a human being. Our touch, our smile, our nurturing way. To have a massage or a warm bath. All these effect the human body and soul.

A correctly chosen homeopathic remedy and its effects will not be halted by the use of comforting methods to create relaxation and reduce stress. Many have read that Sulphur has been given in the alcoholics drinks, or nux vomica in the addicted person's coffee cup and still the remedy works.

Each person is different. Some more sensitive than others. Still I feel the well selected similimum will resonate even when trying intentionally to antidote if there are strong aggravations.

When an individual is already accustomed to certain treatments they will not usually effect the outcome of the homeopathic remedy. An arrangement with the homeopath and patient can be made to try with and without these extra methods and see if there is a difference.

It is quite a personal matter between the homeopath and patient. It is also much preferable to speak with respect to all members with the understanding that we are all on the path to enlightenment.

We do want to reinforce the Strength and Beauty of Homeopathy and the Powerful way it can heal without any additional methods. And, the understanding that those who want to be the finest homeopath must hone their skill in Organon, Materia medica, Repertory, Case-taking skills and Medical Sciences. This is certainly number one.

This is just a discussion about the reality and fact that there are healers in other fields using homeopathy and homeopaths using additional support methods. We are not condoning and recommending the use of these methods. Each to his or her own.
Organon of medicine is Bible of homoeopathy.I believes only on guru, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was first priority. Without reading the organon no one proceed further. At first time when I read this aphorism 288, 289, I started reading different books related to this explanation(mesmerism) given by Hahnemann which is true.

i confirmed it also by prctical approach.
In my villege there is one person who is doing the same method of healing. He is not so educated person. He did the couse of siddha science in pune (Siddha Science Research & Development Organisation
Siddha Mandir,Sno 50/7,Nagar Road
Wadgaon Sheri, Pune, 411014, India)

He shown me many cases of cure to me to belive. And also he did some cases in front of me ( such as hydrocele and cardiac diseases). The person himself was suffering from leucoderma. He started doing soddha method over him got completly cure with siddha method infront of my in 6 months without medicine.

I am very found of practical approach. Without that I never proceed further.

He had also offered me to do this course, but I denied for some personal reasion.
But it is helpfull to many person(both physical and mental ease) who unable to give much fees of profesional doctors.

"Alternative medicines not only antidote the effects of homoeopathic medicines, also produces aggravations are- allopathy, ayurvedic, chinese & unani. this sentence is not present in your previous discussion.

And I am also Against of Accuressure, Accupuncture,Yoga. This therapy Antidotes the homoeopathic medicines. (Also reapeted in infrequent doses)

One more thing:
The sentence that you have used 'So many things are simply non practical materials only in several books'.
If it like that No one Writes the book Which has no scientific base and practical approach specially in in homoeopathy.

But I also appriciate your practical approach for 'He said and She said'.

Thanks a lot.
Very nice & Thanks a lot dear for beautifull explanations....
Do whatever is in your mind & heart , Follow Master Hahnemann's Laws & Obey Gurus Advices & get a good name in your village also. Now we have to more concentrate on Rural areas for promoting Homoeopathy.
Best wishes always....
What a lovely reply. thank you.
Welcome always Debby....
“Homeopathy …cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment, and is beyond all doubt safer and more economical, and the most complete medical science” ~Mahatma Gandhi.

Really sir we all need to concentrate on rural areas for promoting homoeopathy. Dr. prasad rasal (Sai-Swami Homoeopathic Hospital, Research Centre), and I, we have started the Homoeopathic camp to my village (kalas, ahmednagar, maharashtra, india) & surround villages in 2003 when I was in first year of BHMS. It is a camp only for rural people who cannot afford care. We are taking only Rs. 50 for one month medicines and keeping follow up for every month. Still, this camp is going on. It is just small effort to promote homoeopathy.


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