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A controversial discussion about the status quo of Hahnemann's - Organon of Medicine

Yes dear friends and colleagues,

This discussion is not for those, who believe that each word of Hahnemann is ultimate or immutable truth!

I would like to open a discussion on a very complicated subject. But, before venturing into the matter, I would also like to know that, how much homoeopathy will be benefited by this. Therefore, in order to assess it, I am putting a paragraph in front of below and requesting you to introspect, introspect and introspect again and again.

Thereafter, I hope, within 15 days, you shall be in position to vote against it or in the favour of the development of homoeopathy. The fate of the discussion shall be depending on your will – the positive or negative. If you think it fit, that the development in the homoeopathy is required, only then vote it as ‘YES’. But, if you think it that, it is not necessary at all; because Hahnemann is the ultimate authority, you may opt to vote as ‘NO’. You may also vote it by simply clicking ‘Like’ or ‘Unlike’ button, situated at the end of discussion.

For your response, I shall wait for 15 days; thereafter, as per opinion of the world homoeopathy community; I will proceed further more.

Status quo of the ‘Organon of Medicine

The 6th edition of ‘Organon of Medicine’ was a peerless great work in the history of medicine. But it doesn’t mean that, each and every notion or perception of Hahnemann, which he described in this text, is an immutable truth of life. For the truth of life, there is only immutable truth is that, it always changes [1] for itself. The ‘Organon of Medicine’ is not a mere book only, but it's also a great pathfinder and depth measuring philosophical gauge that reveals the proximate cause/s of almost all phenotypes [2] of various diseases. It’s a very unique and practically utilized to posit different causation of all diseases. In fact, since it's almost impossible to know all the precursors that cause manifestations of diseases; almost all  physicians despite their faculties initially treat their patients on the same basis - the proximate causation of diseases. The ‘Organon of Medicine’ is used to track the causes of origin of the manifestations of diseases and pathways thereof. By using ingrained knowledge therein, we mostly evaluate and realize the reason behind every episode of life.




Dr. Dudgeon, who was main translator of the ‘Organon of Medicine’, inscribed in his translator’s preface regarding Dr. Hahnemann’s writings that: “His denunciation of practice of the old School, though quite deserved when he wrote, is not applicable to the present condition of Allopathic medicine”.


The specific trait (phenotype) of Hahnemann was not exception to rule. You know it well that, all the traits emerge as per GC of individual entity. Therefore, even after the publication of first edition of ‘Organon’, his own stronger psoric stigma (according to himself) did not permit him to remain quite or stand still. Even if situations of that time was not overall permitting him to carry on more experimentation, his dissatisfactory trait i.e. behavioral attitude, towards existing progress plus keen observant nature essentially contributed in his achievement. The behavioral attitude also comes from the GC. The emergence of several editions of ‘Organon’, ‘Chronic Diseases’ as well as huge literary legacy, from his own medicinal practice, is a good example of his dissatisfactory trait. Consequently, he carried out more and more experimentation with great determination and became successful in exploring the hidden truth of life as well as Nature. He gave the birth to new concept and notion. Due to his novelty seeking behavior as well as trait of concluding the things - occurrences, he completed his experimental tasks and inscriptions.

Sir Isaac Newton said that: I accomplished so many discoveries; however, indeed, there is infinite deep Ocean in front of me to be discovered.

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