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Please put your thoughts here of how, when and where to use?
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We need a consensus and a protocol ready

We could recommend to gov't and communities

Something that could be posted along with the pharmacies who produce and deliver these nosodes...

Hahnemann had no other object in view except to cure. All the energies of his great should were directed to this one end. His object was not to overthrow pathology, although the pathology of his time has been set aside as a heap of foolish speculations, and has been replaced by other systems, that may perhaps suffer the same fate in fifty years; he merely contended against the foolish and presumptuous application of pathological hypotheses to the treatment of disease. He rejected and overthrew the foolish belief which had been driven like a rusty nail, into the minds of the Profession and, by their instrumentality, into the minds of the people, that the remedies should be given against a name(Flu), against an imaginary disease, and that the name of this imaginary disease indicated the remedy.

Up to this day physicians have been engaged in accrediting that superstition. Whence should otherwise spring the desire which so many patients manifest, of inquiring into the name of the disease, as if a knowledge of that name were sufficient to discover the true remedy against the disease. Many patients are disconsolate when the doctor cannot tell them what is the matter with them. Do we gain anything by being able to say that the disease is rheumatism, dyspepsia, liver-complaint,
or flu? Does it avail the patient any to be able to repeat his doctor’s Ipse dixit "that he is bilious, nervous, etc.?" Do these words mean any thing definite? Are there yet physicians foolish enough to believe that their speculative explanations mean any thing? Des not every body acknowledge that they are mere igines fatui flitting to and fro upon the quagmire of the old decayed systems of pathology."
Kim Sikorski, M.D., lives in Guadalaharja, Mexico, reports that there are no cases of the flu there. She is busy helping those in Mexico City, suggesting Oscillococcinum, Influenzinum and Echinacea for maintaining the immune system. Kim and I are on the Board of Homeopaths Without Borders.
Jean Hoagland
Dear Jean - We really appreciate this post of news from Mexico and Homeopaths Without Boarders.
Dear Jean ~ Thank you so much for keeping us informed of the situation in Mexico. Today I heard a radio story about swine flu and the number of deaths in Mexico City and how WHO are gearing up for future pandemic.
In our clinic, we give the old faithfuls, thymuline 9CH, once per week, influenzinum 9CH. If they are susceptible we also recommend lymph 4CH with good success with the regular flu and prophylaxis. Just the latter two tend to boost the immune system quite a bit so that they are clear of colds and viruses as well. We use ocillo when the symptoms of flu have started, chills, aches, taking one pill two times a day as needed.
Thymuline and lymph are a new protocol for me. This is for the endocrine and lymph systems? You have had success giving these?
As Dana Ullman poinrted out Oscillococcinum has not had some research suggesting it is effective for flu prevention (although as I understand it European use suggests otherwise) although it performs well in treatment. So if I had to make a recommendation NOW based on current information i would take Dana's flu [revention protocol of Influenzium 9C weekly for 4 weeks for anyone who is worried, or susceptible or indeed travelling to infected areas. I would also provide Oscillo 200 for treatment should symptoms arise in the absence of being able to individually prescribe which of course is my prefernce and normal modus operandi.
When we have more cases we can probably formulate an excellent polycrest recommendation based on common sympotms such as gelsemium etc. Thoughts anyone?
Sam ~ I have typically taken a few pellets of oscillo 200CK Boiron once a week for between 1-4 weeks depending upon the flu season. It seems to work.

The bottles instruct the purchaser to take the entire bottle! I always tell clients that is unnecessary.
Only If it fits the 'individual patients' symptomology.
What ever it may be diagnosed Flu,cold,cough.........Homeopathy focus's on the "Individual", not the disease diagnosis.
If we as Homeopaths start this kind of thought process,we are thinking like an allopath.
Homeopathy is 180 degree's the opposite of allopathic thinking.
There are perhaps over 30 possible remedies used for the so called "Flu".
has many articles on flu/homeopathic remedies.
Hi Gina ~ I see you figured out how to LINK directly in the message. Excellent. You can also do this on your own page if you write a blog. Then make Links in the comment of the blog.
Information on Swine Flu
By Manish Bhatia, 27 April 09 at 07:19123 910
Go to discussion forum -General-
swine flu information


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