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Cancer pains can be rated as one of the worst nightmares for any cancer patient. Abdominal tumours especially 4th stage with extensive spread limits modern medicine intervention to a large extent and its like you just leaving a patient to die with all that kind of suffering. One of the wonder drugs is  the opiates ‘morphine’ but its legalities and the availability leaves the patient with very limited choice but to suffer. Dealing with such cases I came across Dioscorea a remedy not so frequently used by homeopaths in pain management. Its basic symptoms of restlessness and aggravation drew my attention towards it. In cancer pains the patient is usually so sick and tired of the pain that he just wants to get off and run away. The pains are completely unbearable, sharp, twisting and griping. Commonly these pains are seen with patients having intestinal or peritoneal metastasis. The pains are due to involvement the abdominal nerve plexus a sphere of action of the herb.

I use Dioscorea extensively in patients with 3 or 4th stage carcinoma complaining of the characteristic pains. I have been using it for the past few years and in my experience it gave me excellent results. A small clinical based trial following the protocol of good clinical practice study done by my team showed when given along with other Allopathic opiate pain killers it showed a marked reduction of the opiate dosages and other pain killers too. Reduction of drug dosages saves the patient from opiate side effects of severe drowsiness and gastric dysfunctions, further reduction of  pain helps patient regain appetite and improves sleep pattern. Moreover helping patients cope with terminal cancer depression and brings a lot to achieving a good quality of life for these terminal patients. The dosages could be using the mother tincture in excruciating pains and further going on to use low potency of Dioscorea 30C in frequent intervals.

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Dear Dr Ravi - Thank you for this important and needed information to care for cancer patients.
You may enjoy reading more on dioscorea written by Barbara Scott.

Cancer pains are the worst, I use more of Dioscorea 0/1 for cancer of the stomach, liver, it helps to reduce the pain.


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