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Question from Dr Pritam Bhanwase, Gadhinglaz.

Respected Sir,
Please explain the difference between Perseverance, Obstinate & Pertinacity.

Dear Dr Pritam,
I am replying your question after a long time about the difference between Perseverance, Obstinate & Pertinacity.

Let’s start with the dictionary meaning of these words.

Perseverance means
1 the act of persevering; continued, patient effort
2 the quality of one who perseveres; persistence
3 in Calvinism, the continuance in grace of people elected to eternal salvation

Obstinate means
1 unreasonably determined to have one's own way; not yielding to reason or plea; stubborn; dogged; mulish
2 resisting remedy or treatment (an obstinate fever)
3 not easily subdued, ended, etc.

Pertinacity means the quality or condition of being pertinacious; stubborn persistence; obstinacy.
Pertinacious means
1 holding firmly to some purpose, belief, or action, often stubbornly or obstinately
2 hard to get rid of; unyielding; persistent

These dictionary meanings are self explanatory but still I will try my level best to make it as simple as possible.
Perseverance applies to those tireless activities of the human being where person go on doing it continuously. e.g. Generally a patient who use to follow a Homoeopath continuously for years together for his disease or a person use to work continuously for his goal since long time. He is having firm belief about the treatment or whatever goal he is having. Here, Industrious attitude is more exists than Egotism. e.g. Dr Rasal’s perseverance for doing continuous study, learning as much as possible.

Obstinate is stubbornness expresses with some Egotism, Selfishness, Desires. It is commonly observed in children which doesn’t means that it is not observed in Adults. Even after contradiction it, obstinate nature persists. Even though he is wrong, his obstinacy persists. e.g. Dr Rasal is too obstinate to follow the rules, timings etc.

Pertinacity applies to firm activity done for some purpose so that the goal will be achieved. Here again Industriousness comes along with Egotism & Desires. Selfishness may or may not be present with it. e.g. Even though there is very poor response from Homoeopathic Students, Dr Rasal’s pertinacious effort continues for the propagation of Homoeopathy in the Society & Student’s mind.
I think in Synthesis Repertory, Perseverance & Obstinate, Pertinacity is discussed separately but in Complete Repertory Obstinate is given as a cross reference for Perseverance. But from my point of view, Perseverance is very close to Obstinate, Pertinacity in stead of only Obstinate.
These are my thoughts of understanding those three rubrics.

Thank You!

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