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Did Dr Hahnemann Favor Combining of Potentised Homeopathic Remedies?

Dear Members
This topic has been discussed in one of the blogs elsewhere, but participation in this discussion is limited.

Here is my take on this subject:

Hahnemann probably did some experiments with combined remedies. I don't have any cases relating to those. In his later years he realised, that one remedy is enough at the time, and two could not do better than one. This was also the bone of contention when hahnemann was asked to be the dean of Leipzig hospital, -- he only accepted, once it was promised that there will be no combination remedy prescriptions.

but why not -- may one ask -- couldn't a combination of remedies given at one time have  effect and be beneficial?

And realistically this cannot be denied.

Only, the problem starts selecting the remedies which should be combined in the given situation.

Theoretically when combining remedies there could be culmination of effects, or canceling out , or completely erratic effects.

Can we know in advance without a proving? NO.

So far predictions have failed about effects of combination remedies, an example being Calc -Sulph compared with Hep-s.

Therefore its up to everyone to decide, whether to work experimentally or to rely on well established medicines.

On the other side it would be very informative to prove some of the Weleda, Heel products containing several remedies.

As for myself, I don't use combinations and have never done so.

Hans Weitbrecht

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My Dear Hans,
I believe he did not because we cannot know exactly the interaction of combinations and basis of prescription according to the law of similar, but on the other hand the market is flooded with combinations ,sold in the name of various common diseases and combo prescribers claims that the popularity of homeopathy is due to them. To me It is all due to lack of proper training.
Do not you think so.
Honestly speaking more and more people are using combinations even well qualified homeopathic practitioners are using combinations successfully in their clinics though propagating against it.It is the secret of their success.You know the patient is concerned with relief not with the way we prescribe.
The Homoeopathy medicine should take the sick individual to level of health, where he can attain his higher purpose of existence.
The combination medicine may seem to give good results and so called success but i dont think they give a healthy state (as stated by Hahnemann).

When millions of sperm fights for the entry to a ovum, only one sperm enters the ovum where the entry is closed immediately, This is nature. (A Vitalforce can give space for only one medicine to act at a time - This is nature)
If this fails to occur twins / twins with congenital anamolies may occur, This is un natural.
Since Homeopathic medicines are mainly proved in singles and we are using these on the symptom similarity, therefore the basis for using combination drugs does not exist. However the scope for proving these combination remedies on healthy individual and then choosing such drugs,as per the proved symptoms may be an idea to be explored.
One more issue, when we have plethora of remedies in our Materia medica, then why we need the combination medicines in the first place.
Hello Hans, members:

This is an interesting topic. In fact, it is something that has divided the homeopaths in the following classifications:

Unicist: Homeopaths whose give only one medicine at a time.
Pruralist: Homeopaths giving several medications at once.
Complexist:Homeopaths whose recommend homeopathic combinations (many remedies) which are given in the same bottle (i,e Heel products).

Personally, I believe that the best way to illustrate this issue would be giving the following example: If someone speaks directly to you, the understanding it's easier , If on the contrary, many people speak to you at the same time, it will be more difficult to understand, but a crowd speak to you, everything becomes a disaster.

In the case of the vital force is the same, is one vital force, and it need not be confused with many remedies at once.

I agree with the combinations of medicines (i, e Hepar Sulphur), BUT provided by an adequate pure experimentation and therefore with a defined pathogenesy...I mean, only one remedy at a time.



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