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Dear Colleagues

Hi. I have been recently studying on how to cure patients with diabetic foot ulcers and gangrene. More than 55 diabetic patients have been visited by me during the last 40 months, about 10% of them suffered diabetic foot ulcers. Four of them were totally cured by the homeopathics prescribed by me and my wife. The fifth patient is a man aged 68 with many complications; Depression and despair, insomnia, impotence, chronic renal failure, retinal hemorrhage, left lower limb atrophy, skin calcific eruptions, uncontrolled FPG or FBS He was visited last Thursday, 26 of April 2012. After 4 days circulation has improved in both his feet and generally. we hope to see him completely improved after about 2-3 weeks. I will try to inform you of any progress. In general my other four patients with the ulcer were cured after 1-3 weeks after taking their proper remedy. Most of them were cured by single remedy and single dose. I have a planned a pilot study to be done in the coming months.

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Good job.A little more information on selected medicines and mechanism of selection,would have been appreciated.

Dear Dr.Suhil Bahl

Thank you. I tried to prescribe constitutional remedies by repertorizing in most cases. Phos. Lach. Lyc. Arn. are among the remedies I prescribed for the patients. 

Thanks for additional , valuable information.

I work in a hospital with Native American patients where diabetes is rampant.  When someone has gangrene with threatened amputation, do you only prescribe the constitional?  Or something like pyrogenium?  How do you dose this in such a crisis?  Thank you for posting this.

Dear Karen

Hi. You're welcome. I'm happy to help those that are visited by you. Which state and hospital do work at? I can execute a pilot study for a small number of your patients with DFU.

I am also ready to present my experiences on this disastrous subject in order to teach my colleagues that are interested in healing people with diabetic foot ulcer or gangrene through holding 3-5 day workshops.

Anyway I have experienced constitutional remedies work much better. Try to prescribe single remedy and single dose in liquid form. As you know the amount of remedy depends on several factors; vital force, patient's pathology, his/her sensitivity.

I hope to have the chance to hold work shops under this topic world over, since there are millions of patients that need such urgent therapeutic procedures to prevent limbs amputation and its deep emotional shock.

Be Well, Dr.Sadeghi


All the best dear doctor. I hope this venture will popularize Homeopathy in your country.


Thank you so much my dear friend and colleague. I hope so. I wish you success and complete health.

Be Well, Noori


  Dear Dr. Seyedaghanoor Sadeghi ,

       Glad to know that you usually cure DIABETIC FOOT with constitutional Homeopathic Medicine. My query is if you get very good results in such condition it should also cure Diabetes of such patients. Have you ever experienced complete cure of DM 1 OR 2 in any of your patients.


Dr.Mukesh .H.Dipani



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