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Please open and read the attachment to see the entire case. 



‘Treat the Man, Not the Disease’

This is the first case of Diabetes in my Practice Where I have got such a Brilliant result. Since then I started believing on this concept i.e. Treat the Man, Not the Disease’, With the Classical selection of Homoeopathic medicine based on the totality of symptoms we can achieve best result in diabetes patients.

Pt. Name TP. Age 49 yrs. came to my consulting, on 21 July 08. Hindu, vegetarian, Married, Working in BMC as a Assistant Pathologist

Chief Complaints:

Known c/o Diabetes recently diagnosed. On anti-diabetic drugs since 15 days 

Hypertensive i.e. Maclazide M, T. Pioz 15 & T. Enam.


Frequency in micturation, 

Wight loss by 6-8 kgs in 2 months, 

Sexual power weak++ 

Erection deficient, weak, no desire.

Associated Complaints:




Height : 5.6 inch’s

Weight : 68 kgs

Built : Average

Hair : White, became grey early, male pattern baldness++

Gait : Normal

Skin : Greasy, dark complexion

Mind Intellectual:

Memory good sometime forget things, Names, ECT

Mental State

Anger : Contradiction from

Sadness : Family people did to him.

Love : His family, his son.

Fear : Failure in life

Anxiety Agitation : About financial condition.

Anxiety Depression : About Diabetes

This case completely got cure which is quite interesting to me because since I came to know diabetes is incurable disease. But homoeopathy always accepts the challenge in such cases.  After one year result was same normal sugar and HBA1C.

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"synj jam Q has a capacity to lower the sugar level up to the normal. MT not directly took place in decreasing sugar level in the blood but it helps the pancreas to produce the insuline to acts on the sugar. and has capacity to develop or to heal the beta cells of langer hangs in pancreas result in to normal sugar level.

this statement made by me becuase i had done the experiment over a diabetes 2 patient for examination of insuline and blood sugar after giving the dose of synj jamQ.

first off all i test fasting blood insuline level it was 5 (referance range 7-20) fasting sugar was 140.
i had also did the test after dose of synj jamQ 10 drops it was 50 (referance range 50-100) without taking any meal. sugar was 107.

from this i conclude that synj jamQ may help the pancreas to produce insuline result in decreasing blod sugar level in the blood. thanking you
Syzegium tincture drops blood/sugar level from 10-20 milligram and it is the same with exercise.It can be useful only in early stages.
Homeopathic medicines prescribed on the present signs and symptoms can be beneficial even in uncomplicated advance cases but permanent cure is difficult.
I have not seen drop of 300 mg with one or few doses in whole of my clinical practice.It is really astonishing.
I cannot say that 300 is an exaggerated figure but it is a clear proof that herbal preparations are very effective.
Jambul Fruit*
Food Value Minerals and Vitamins
Moisture - 83.7% Calcium - 15 mg
Protein - 0.7% Phosphorus - 15 mg
Fat - 0.3% Iron - 1.2 mg
Minerals - 0.4% Vitamin C - 18mg
Carbohydrates - 14.0%
Small amount of Vitamin B Complex : Vitamin A 3 IU
Thiamine (Vit. B1) 0.006 mg (0%)
Riboflavin (Vit. B2) 0.012 mg (1%)
Niacin (Vit. B3) 0.260 mg (2%)
Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.160 mg (3%)
Vitamin B6 0.038 mg (3%)
Vitamin C 14.3 mg (24%)
Calcium 19 mg (2%

Fibre - 0.9%
* Value per 100 gm's edible portion Calorific Value - 62

Natural Benefits and Curative Properties
The jambul fruit regarded in traditional medicine as a specific against diabetes. because of its effect on the pancreas. The fruit as such, the seeds and fruit juice are all useful in the treatment of this disease.

The seeds contain a glucose 'Jamboline, ALLIXINu>which is believed to have the power to check the pathological conversion of starch into sugar in cases of increased production of glucose.They are dried and powdered. It reduces the quantity of sugar in urine and allays the unquenchable thirst.
The seeds are claimed by some to contain an alkaloid, jambosine, and a glycoside, jambolin or antimellin, which halts the diastatic conversion of starch into sugar. The seed extract has lowered blood pressure by 34.6% and this action is attributed to the ellagic acid content.

homoeopathic uses of jambun fruit(SYNZ JAM) in diabetes:


good case dr.
how many times u repeated syzegium?
only up to second visit?
hope now he is not taking syzegium.
i had repeated the synz jamQ up to last follow up and after investigation patient was on placibo.
now he is not taking any medicines. still his sugar and HBA1c is normal level.


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