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Please open and read the attachment to see the entire case. 



‘Treat the Man, Not the Disease’

This is the first case of Diabetes in my Practice Where I have got such a Brilliant result. Since then I started believing on this concept i.e. Treat the Man, Not the Disease’, With the Classical selection of Homoeopathic medicine based on the totality of symptoms we can achieve best result in diabetes patients.

Pt. Name TP. Age 49 yrs. came to my consulting, on 21 July 08. Hindu, vegetarian, Married, Working in BMC as a Assistant Pathologist

Chief Complaints:

Known c/o Diabetes recently diagnosed. On anti-diabetic drugs since 15 days 

Hypertensive i.e. Maclazide M, T. Pioz 15 & T. Enam.


Frequency in micturation, 

Wight loss by 6-8 kgs in 2 months, 

Sexual power weak++ 

Erection deficient, weak, no desire.

Associated Complaints:




Height : 5.6 inch’s

Weight : 68 kgs

Built : Average

Hair : White, became grey early, male pattern baldness++

Gait : Normal

Skin : Greasy, dark complexion

Mind Intellectual:

Memory good sometime forget things, Names, ECT

Mental State

Anger : Contradiction from

Sadness : Family people did to him.

Love : His family, his son.

Fear : Failure in life

Anxiety Agitation : About financial condition.

Anxiety Depression : About Diabetes

This case completely got cure which is quite interesting to me because since I came to know diabetes is incurable disease. But homoeopathy always accepts the challenge in such cases.  After one year result was same normal sugar and HBA1C.

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Diabetes is said to be incurable by allopath who are spending lot of money in research work. Homeopathy did miracle. I congratulate you and hope you will post many cases like these to support your observation that we should cure the patient not the disease. I do not know Hahnemann ever said that.
dr, thanks,
i have too many cases were successfully teated by me with the record. i have been working over it since last 3 yrs. many cases that have, where i am treating and having very good result.
I encourage more members to open the document and read the case. The more we learn about treating diabetic patients, the better.
There is a section for cured cases. If you feel "Diabetes" should have its own category, I will investigate what to do. I have been considering this for some time. Thank you.
Hello Dr. Chandrakant, I read your case and agree that we all learn from our experiences.I want to know that is it a quiz or you forgot to mention the remedy? You also did not mention about thermals,Are thermals not so important in diabetes? Please respond.
no madam it is not quiz. i request to read the attachment(microsoft word doccument)
according to me the remedy is ARSENICUM ABLUM.
Dear Sandeep and HWC members. Please note that we here do not just post a remedy recommendation. If there is a quiz, then post your thought process, rubrics and materia medica.

Secondly, for those unfamiliar with HWC, note that only cured cases are posted in the main section forums with personal names removed, and consent from patient for posting.

Lastly, for unsolved cases which require assistance between professional homeopaths, join the CASES FOR DISCUSSION Group and post an appropriate title of major complaint and description.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Congratulation doctor for this case.that was a nice case but how many follows ups you have of normal blood sugars
follow ups are given at the end u please read the microsoft world document(attached file), thanks
Dear Dr Chandrakant.

I have examined your case in detail spent an hour going through the Materia Medica. Firstly, it is a great success and I congratulate you for an able prescription.

If I may address the heading of your post, treat the man not the disease.

This is actually not correct. Hahnemann ALWAYS treated the disease.

In correcting the overlay of interpretive philosophy as applied by Kent, we must not lose sight that we as physicians are treating the DIABETES by exhibited symptoms of the patient, and NOT by clinical or organ related modes of treatment. (allopathy)

The patient presented with (clinical) diabetes. This is the disorder name as classified by pathological symptoms and deviations from the norm. It has a precise and defined pattern of affection on the economy. We can diagnose it by these known symptoms.

What Hahnemann discovered, is that despite known pathological groupings of symptoms (in order to diagnose and identify disease) there is also the individual reaction to the disorder. Modern medicine does not look further than the clinical aspect and thus treat locally and suppressively.

When a homoeopath treats a patient, it is helpful to know the disorder so as to have a reasonable idea of location of affection, the progress of the disease state and expected outcome pathologically. If we know this, we will know for example in diabetes to expect certain expressions of the disease that are common.

In this case.

The patient has diabetes.
How does it affect the patient.

causative effects and results. Anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, irritability, anger, self doubt.

Physically... discoloured perspiration.

I only looked at the EFFECT displayed by the patient that is a/. causation and b/. exhibited and present in the patient as you wrote about.

all clinical symptoms as noted:

Causation: Stress, anxiety, overwork.

Using the P & W Repertory in order of importance as I saw it

SO while you are treating the man, in reality you are treating the DISEASE as exhibited by symptoms that pertain to the Diabetes BUT ARE NOT accepted as part of the condition by allopathic medicine.

I use the Boenninghausen method mainly because it gets to the essence of the individual symptoms of the patient and the corresponding remedy quickly and accurately.

Once again thank you for presenting a good case.

disease is merely a deviation of the man health. but actually man is there we are just considering the change that happend in the man's health.mosy probably i had consider the mental condition of the man which is deviated from normal. so we are still treating the man that is deviated from health. so ' treat the man not the disaese'

pathological condition is just to evaluate the progress of the case. whether we are in right direction. mentals are changing n dought but no pathological test for to evaluate the man mind. thats why homoeopathy stand for. thanks


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