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To diagnose and treat the patients successfully, we need the help of pathological and radiological investigations, both invasive or noninvasive. All the investigators in these fields using diagnostic exams and technology are basically allopaths. Now is the time when we must have our own pathologists, radiologists and interpretors.


Some courses must be started which may enable homoeopaths to start working as expert diagnosticians to provide clinical exam measurements, scans and tools for observing changes as the disease evaluation.


The main problem for homeopaths occurs when some diagnostic centers divert cases to their lobby seeing their pathology.

Most allopaths have some complex and hesitate to give respect to homoeopaths.


I request your expert views in this respect.


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Thanks Dr. Maksood for providing this precious information....

Dear Mashkoor. Thanks for reporting good news for homeopathy in your country. Although, a little birdie tells me there is a difference between homeopathy and allopathy. 

I think pathology knowledge is very important for homeopaths today. When start pathology in patient's body it is require laboratory test. If homeopath are not understand what is saying in report how can he help to patient.  

That is true Dr. Mustafa.


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