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To diagnose and treat the patients successfully, we need the help of pathological and radiological investigations, both invasive or noninvasive. All the investigators in these fields using diagnostic exams and technology are basically allopaths. Now is the time when we must have our own pathologists, radiologists and interpretors.


Some courses must be started which may enable homoeopaths to start working as expert diagnosticians to provide clinical exam measurements, scans and tools for observing changes as the disease evaluation.


The main problem for homeopaths occurs when some diagnostic centers divert cases to their lobby seeing their pathology.

Most allopaths have some complex and hesitate to give respect to homoeopaths.


I request your expert views in this respect.


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Interesting proposition. The cost of these types of machines far outweigh installing them in homeopathic hospitals and clinics, don't you think? Better, that all medical staff, administrations and allopaths give the due respect to homeopaths and let them work among their peers. Then, the diagnostic exam required can be taken and shown directly to the care-giving homeopath and the 'team' of doctors can decide the best course of action in each case. 

Really. The requirements for homoeopathic diagnosis are some what different from routine diagnoses as done by allopaths. They only deal with the results. With detailed emphasis on investigations, modalities and causes can also be identified which may support Homoeopathy treatment. A Homoeo Diagnostic centre can better understand the needs of a Homoeopath and give better opinion.


The whole medical field will be turned upside down in let's say 5-10 years thanks to a new technique that was able to use nanotechnology without any nano particles to frame up the disintegrated water molecules into redox signalling molecules, which are responsible for health and youth/verdure. This technique's result work very similar to Homeopathy's results and healing procedure. The scientific material convinces and changes (in way of thinking and acting) many scientists and Doctors who are/were skeptics because it opens doors in their mind that were closed previously. I can see this phenomena day by day. These changed in outlook healthcare professionals started to accept Homeopathy and other respected natural medicines without hesitation and now can work with the previously hated fields and their representatives. This particular new technique will help Homeopathy and Natural Medicines to integrate into the today's shameful and malfunctioning Allopathic practices by changing them to the more patient friendly care system. Thus, those machines that are safe/harmless on the living beings will be shared and used for the sake of the sick and the new and less or neglected developments may be added to the machine parks and used together with the already used ones.

Yes, Homeopaths must be thought how to use those machines as well as their Allopath colleagues. Most of the Allopath Doctors (because of the erroneous/evil system) have many shortcomings that most of the Homeopaths don't have. Homeopathy knows what is:

  • compassion
  • humility/humbleness
  • equality/parity
  • side-effectless
  • safe
  • healing for long-range
  • painless
  • cheap
  • practical
  • effective
  • easy to use (the intake of the globules is very easy even for an elder whose pharynx is narrow)
  • smooth/soothing
  • happiness
  • friendly
  • patient oriented
  • sifting/in-depth/detailed
  • tolerant
  • immediate
  • lovely
  • cheerful
  • non-violent
  • truthful/based on truth
  • peaceful

because these qualities are the fundamentals of the Homeopathic system and only people who have these human values and qualities can practice Homeopathy or cure sick living beings.

The Intensive, sub-intensive care, ER are the areas that are less affected because they are necessary.

Thanks Viktor. Very good explanation.

The idea is quite good but I do not think we need it. It is a specialist subject and let them do that for us. It involves time, intensive study and lot of money which I do not think we can afford easily. These facilities can be very much useful for knowing what we call objective symptoms. They can tell us the exact location and sensations (Disease and its stage and nature) which sometimes the patient cannot tell precisely while the modalities can only be expressed by the patient .I do not think any device can guide us.



Can only MBBS persons be specialists in these fields? I think basic qualification for PG in Pathology, Radiology and Foresnsic must include BHMS and BAMS or equivalent degrees along with MBBS.

...but not all of those machines/techniques need years of studies. What if Institutions would offer the studies in these subjects only from the DHMS qualifications? There would be a prolonged DHMS (5th year) in these subjects. The fields would be taught or specifically particular techniques as subjects chosen by the students to study...

Hungary's education system, especially, in the technical institutes and technical colleges, the students got a complete training of a field, which means that they are able to work in more than 3 or 4 workplaces.

In India, a five and half year medical degree course is there. There are four equal streams in India- MBBS, BHMS, BAMS and BUMS. The duration and syllabus for all the four courses are same.

For PG degree in respective specialization fields, there are three year courses after these basic degree courses. They are- MD and MS in different streams.

But the branches dealing with medical diagnosis are only available for MBBS (Allopathic) degree holders. \


Why a Homoeopath can not do those specialized courses?

If Homoeopathy specialists are allowed for such a courses, we can better survive and do better services.

Well, it's simply negative discrimination. It's a bad habit that must be changed.

It is not fair that only MBBS doctors are allowed to be specialist in this field but I hope in future homeopaths will also get the same opportunity.


Thanks Dr. Sajjad. I hope so too.  I hope Homoeopaths will cover all the fields neccessory to them. Regards.


There should be no difference in Homeopathy and Allopathy other than the medicine and we do need pathological and radiological investigations to reach a better prescription and in finding appropriate similimum. In Pakistan I have noticed that the acceptance of Homeopaths is on a inceasing trend ( both from Allopaths and common people ) and Allopaths often refer their patients to Homeopaths specially in minor surgical cases.


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