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Dengue Fever Patient says:
I had a rash on my arms that alerted me. Next I knew I had a 105 temp (41 c) for 3-4 days and extremely intense joint and muscle pain. This makes it nearly impossible to sleep so you become quite delirious. Then came blood in stool (GI Bleeding) - and complete loss of appetite. I was put on IV - but still lost about 10 lbs (5kg). I didn't experience nausea, but a horrible rash came on that is itchy and painful and makes it difficult to sleep. I'm about 3 days into the rash which the doctors indicate is the final phase of the illness. I am feeling very weak and exhausted. If any member has experience of treatment about Dengue Fever please write in this discussion.

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Some effective homeopathic medicines for Dengue include these listed.

Arsenicum Album – Great debility and restlessness with great thirst but drinks only frequent sips of water. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Baptisia – When there is besotted, great malaise and languor, but the person feels as if their body is double and they must try to collect themselves in the bed. It is very useful in the recovery phase also when there is great weakness.

Bryonia – When the person does not want to move and any movement aggravates. Joints can be hot and swollen and better from pressure.

China - After loss of fluids, weakness and fatigue.

Gelsemium – Feels sore and bruised all over and the muscles refuse to obey the will. Thirstlessness. Typical influenza type symptoms, anxious, chills and fever, better urinating

Pulsatilla - desires comfort, window open and air. Yellow thick discharge.

Pyrogeneum – Chill follower by fever that is very high. Great delirium and abnormally slow pulse. Sepsis.

Rhus Toxicodendron – Whole body painful. Puffiness of the joints, better for movement. The rash can sometimes be cured with Rhus Tox.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum – Great soreness and aching of the body with deep aching pains in the bones. The muscles can sometimes feel as if torn from the bone.

Many other remedies that may work for the individual:
Ipecac (bleeding and vomiting), Lachesis, Hamamelis, Crotalus Horridus, Ferrum Metallicum, and Secale when bleeding is present.

Usually use 30c and 200c potencies taken as needed.

See Dr Eileen Nauman on Dengue
Thaindian News b>Dr Maheshwari suggests a decoction of tulsi leaves and black pepper to help reduce and control the spread of the disease.

Here are some interesting articles.
Papaya for Chikungunya and Dengue

Dengue Fever and Homoeopathy

2/5th of World at Risk | Dengue Fever in South America Blog

Protect Yourself From Mosquitos

PDF FILE | Contribution of homeopathy to the control of an outbreak of dengue in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro
in the 80's or 90's i heard ccrh india have done a proving on a nosodes call DENGINUM, any body have info on this????

peace wasalaman n happy deewali
There are at least two Homoeopathic preparations made from the Dengue virus for the prevention of Dengue epidemic in India. C.C.R.H. (Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy) conducted the research work.


-Central India Council For Research



Link To This Information

thanx Dr arindam,
so where can i get this rx???
peace wasalaman
Dear Azhar,

For "DENGUE FEVER NOSODE" please see the following site.
This German company is selling the nosode.
Dengue Fever Nosode
Dr AD ~ Have you used this product?
No Debby, I never heard of these drugs.
Dr. Azhar's quarry compelled me to surf the net and I found them!
Thanks to Azhar and all the members of HWC.
A special thanks to you for creating such an unputdownable platform for us to share each other.
thanx Dr sahab

peace wasalaman
I found this in ABC Homeopathy
Dear friends,
I have come across this information about a single dose cure for this menacing epidemic raging through large parts of India.It has reportedly cured thousands of people (I have not used it till date.I am just sharing this information for the benefit of people in the affected regions.).

The name of the remedy and potency used is Polyporus Pinicola 200C.Another name for this remedy is Polyporus Officinalis.Both are the same remedy.

Just 1 dose (2 pills or drops) of this remedy cures Chikun Gunya irrespective of age.In rare cases, say one in 300, if the joint pains continue, but the fever subsides, then 1 dose of Kali Mur 1M cures it.There should be a gap of at least 1 week between these two remedies.Most people won't need the second remedy.

This tip is coming from Dr. V.Krishnamurthy, a very well known and respected homeopath from South India. If some of you come across this thread and try this remedy, please let us know of the cures or otherwise.

I personally have treated 15 cases of ChikunGunya but i was not aware of this remedy' utility in these cases.I mainly used Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200, Rhus Tox 30 & 200, Bryonia 30 & 200 to cure all of them.All of them were cured with in two-three weeks.



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