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In recent years Pakistan has suffered many natural disasters and the latest has been the terrible amount of rainfall resulting in unprecedented flooding of two provinces of Pakistan, Punjab and Sindh.


Beside loss of life and property, another disaster in the form of Dengue epidemic has struck hard. Many have lost their lives, young, old, and children, of both sexes. 


Causes could be many, but simple fact is the failure of the authorities of all the important agencies.


Hospitals have not been able to live up to even the basic demands of cleanliness and availability of essential medicines and facilities. I mention this especially in context of Dengue epidemic.


The reason of writing this comment is actually to elicit opinions on the treatment, management, and finding some sort of a preventive medicine in Homeopathy for both types of Dengue, simple and Hemorrhagic.


There are many suggestions floating around the internet from CROTALUS HORIDUS, PSORINUM, and the following medicines singly or in combination RHUS TOX, EUP PERF, CHINA, LEDUM, GELS. Mention has also been made of IPECAC.


My wish is that HWC members who have had experience of treating Dengue fever to please share their experience as it may become a vehicle in savings lives. Can a combination of selected medicines be used as prophylaxis in epidemic? Your comments and suggestion will be most welcome.


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