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On 13th Sept 1989, a boy Master R, 7 years of age and recently recovered from jaundice, came with –

Excessive Debility ; Poor appetite; Sleepiness; Mild pain in forehead.

Weakness after jaundice in the repertory has – ferr-pic, pic-ac, tarax.

Picric acid was selected from this was given twice a day for 10 days without any relief.

A reference to “Sequelae” by Dr Sastry specifically mentions picric acid in 3rd potency.

So picric acid 3rd potency was prepared and was given three times daily. In two days there was a remarkable change and the boy had normal health thereafter.

Published in National Journal of Homoeopathy - vol 2, no 3, May - June 1993.

P.S -  Picric acid is bright yellow in color having an intensely bitter taste. If used without precautions, it is explosive and stains skin yellowish. (Doctrine of

I prepared the medicine without precautions and had to bear its consequence of yellow stained hands and had to eat for a week with spoon only, such was the bitter taste of it from the stained skin too.


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Many thanks dear Dr AD. Many will reap knowledge from these pictorial illustrations.
Hi my "Bondhu" Dr. Wequar,

Its so nice of you to send your hand of friendship to me.

I think the following pictures may be interesting to you-



Wonderful,Dr Dutta, thank you so much for sharing these photos, I am sure the people at Archibel (Radar) would be interested in adding to computer software multimedia, I can put you in touch if you wish.
What a greta work DR. Dutta ! I would request you to share few more like that . thanks once again .
thank u sir for sharing such a beauty of tongue, which will be helpful to many homeopaths to select the proper medicine.once again thanks for it,one more request if u have any peculiar pict.kindly share with us.
Hello Drs,
Thanks a lot for these photos. It will certainly clear the doubts before prescribing.
When I prescribe according to the symptoms which I observe ,like tongue, they never fail.
I like to mention one more thing that I understand that my son's health is not good on observing the changes in his tongue(coating or discoloration) and also the odor from his mouth, the other symptoms starts only after a day or two. I even confirm that the remedy is acting well by observing his tongue. The tongue becomes clean after the right remedy.
Hope I am right..
With Regards,
Dr. Poorni Sudhakar
Hello Dr Poorni, Yes, You are right. The colour of tongue is an indication of the status of the health status. It is considered as the mirror of the GIT tract especially stomach.

dear Arindam !

NICE foto of the furred tongue. thank you.



Dear dr. Dushyant
I just wanted to add my experience with Myrica c in cases of Jaundice, few of the note worthy symptoms are :
Mind: A pleasant exhilaration, succeeded by depression & great despondency with pressure about the head .Irritable, worried by little things;everything seemed to go wrong, in the morning , Exceedingly irritable;the slightest thing fretted and irritated him;ungovernable petulancy

Tongue: furred & thickly coated, a dirty white or yellowish color
Mouth : The whole buccal cavity, including the roof of the mouth, was coated with an adhesive coating, exceeding difficult to detach with Dryness of mouth and fauces,bad indescribable taste in the mouth

Stomach, Abdomen, Rectum: Severe Nausea , Heartburn , empty eructation , weak sinking feeling at the pit of stomach , Fassing of very foul & offensive flatus . Urging for stool sometimes without evacuation

Skin: Yellow jaundiced appearance; itching as from flea-bites.

Itching: near insertion of deltoid in both arms; of face, then creeping sensation; and stinging-like flea-bites, on right side of face,

Weakness during and after jaundice
It has been reported to be of use in Cancer liver cases also .
Potency i have used is 30 & 200.
Dr. Vikas verma
Kent has not given this rubric: Murphy did. But rest assured the is not cured of jandice if he still has: "Excessive Debility ; Poor appetite; Sleepiness;". Even without LFT test you can be sure of the patient improvement, if his hunger has returned. ~ Dr. Usmani
Yes, Picric acid is very effective in severe weakness after any disease with its indications.

Surely? Sir.

Can we generalize it?


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