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On 13th Sept 1989, a boy Master R, 7 years of age and recently recovered from jaundice, came with –

Excessive Debility ; Poor appetite; Sleepiness; Mild pain in forehead.

Weakness after jaundice in the repertory has – ferr-pic, pic-ac, tarax.

Picric acid was selected from this was given twice a day for 10 days without any relief.

A reference to “Sequelae” by Dr Sastry specifically mentions picric acid in 3rd potency.

So picric acid 3rd potency was prepared and was given three times daily. In two days there was a remarkable change and the boy had normal health thereafter.

Published in National Journal of Homoeopathy - vol 2, no 3, May - June 1993.

P.S -  Picric acid is bright yellow in color having an intensely bitter taste. If used without precautions, it is explosive and stains skin yellowish. (Doctrine of

I prepared the medicine without precautions and had to bear its consequence of yellow stained hands and had to eat for a week with spoon only, such was the bitter taste of it from the stained skin too.


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Dr Dushyant. Very interesting. There are only 3 remedies for weakness after jaundice. This may come in helpful with infants and neonatals with jaundice.
Tarax - Mapped tongue, Flatulence, Enlarged and indurated liver.
Ferr-picrate - Furred tongue,indigestion. considered as a remedy to complete the action of other remedies and failure of of function of organ under exertion.
Picric acid - mental and physical weakness. Exhaustion.

In the case above, i used 30 potency of picric acid at the start.
Please tell me how I would recognize this "furred" tongue? How does it differ from coated, white, or other description?

Is this a good remedy for liver disfunction for alcoholics and those who have contracted Hepatitis-C? I have known it listed for weakness of mind after study, and remember it for those who were to take exam.


#OMG - this is just Too Incredible! I have never seen such a "Furred" Tongue. I am really laughing. The description is perfect, yet how can this be? I suppose such as the 'Tree Man'.

Dr Dutta - have you even seen such a tongue as this? I have seen coated, but never furred.
Thanks a lot Dr Dutta for the photos of furred and coated tongue.
Tarax is a liver remedy; lowered immunity; person prone to gastro intestinal troubles and even cancer. it can be of use in Hepatitis C, if symptoms match.
Thank you Dr Dutta for those photos of the tongue.It clears ones perception of description of condition of tongue.Can you post some more,such as mapped tongue and a tongue with red triangular tip?(a Rhus tox pointer)

Its a pleasure to meet a "BONDHU" doctor from Calcutta the "Mecca" of Homeopathy.

I hail from Calcutta and still have my brother living there,who is MD in alternative medicine.My last visit there was in 2005.I completed my education there.i was a student at St Xaviers college.That's long time ago and have extremely happy memories.

Great to know you,and extend my hand of friendship.
Maybe we should start a special discussion just for "tongue" rubrics? with images and references?
Debby i endorse your view.It can develop into a sort of a pictorial rubrics with medicines mentioned against them

Late Dr Prakash Vakil has written a lot on this and now a part of his module in Radar software;
I appreciate your views regarding the discussions on tongue. I am going to start it very soon.

Yes a special discussion on tongue rubrics. They always confuse me.

Dear Debby,

Its better to be late than never. :)

I have started a discussion in the forum on TONGUE.



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