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Deal with all strains of flu with Homeopathic Remedies

Written by Phyllis M. Georgic, C. Hom


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Influenza or the “FLU” as we have all been orientated to refer to it is the name given to an annual viral “influence” that seems to cause illness in some humans.  Not everyone succumbs  to the illness yearly, yet we all, at one time or another remember experiencing “flu” symptoms.  The reasons that we do not all fall ill to this yearly ailment is because each influenza strain does not always have the same symptoms that tend to attack those organs that happen to be our particular weak area.


Most flu symptoms are indicated with

  • weakness of the entire body
  • muscle aches
  • fever
  • runny nose sometimes with cough
  • sore throat
  • headaches


Stomach Flu

The illness that most of us refer to as “stomach flu” is really a viral attack of the intestines and the digestive tract.  These are not really the flu, yet many folks who were exposed to the Spanish Influenza of 1918 had vomiting and diarrhea that dehydrated them.  In this dehydration they became too weak to fight the virus and thus succumbed to the disease.


Loss of Fluids

Whenever there is vomiting with diarrhea due to virus or food poisoning there is a tremendous loss of fluids in the body and the electrolytes are certainly unstable.  Lack of electrolytes can cause delirium and then heart failure.  Be on the look out of the delirious behavior in a patient who is loosing vital fluids too quickly.  You can avoid death by simply giving the correct homeopathic remedy that will aid the body by releasing the virus from the intestinal tract faster giving the patient the ability to replace the fluids by mouth.  Thus always remember to replace fluids along with sodium and glucose with some healthy fruit juice with some salty vegetable or chicken broth as soon as you are able to get the patient to drink even small sips of fluid.  Then when the individual can keep the fluid down they can either eat small bits of salted crackers with small sips of water or place a ½ teaspoon of sugar and an 1/8 teaspoon of salt into 8 –10 ounces of spring or distilled water and have them sip this fluid which can also be used for infants and small children.  It will replace the electrolytes just as well as expensive commercially manufactured products with dyes and artificial flavors that is over sweetened with refined sugar.


Barley Water

You can also prepare a “barley water” by soaking Barley (grain or pearled) in water and heat it slowly.  Adding the salt and the sugar to this liquid will also reverse diarrhea and firm up the stool.


The Skin Absorbs

Humans can also eat through their skin. Use this knowledge to your advantage.   It is often soothing to have massage of the feet or hands and arms when you are ill but more importantly it can be used to re-hydrate a dehydrated patient when you use warmed olive oil on the skin as you do the massage.  Do not be afraid to try this.  Obtaining a good book on reflexology for the hands and feet is a priceless addition to your knowledge of self-healing care.  You will be pleasantly surprised to see your sick loved one recover in record time with the care they receive from your healing touch.


“Dear Dr., Does the Cold give me a “COLD”? 

This is often a debate between physician’s and their patients.  We are told by the allopathic physician that this is a “wives’ tale”.  Where do “wives’ tales” originate?   From “woman healers” of old, our mothers and grandmothers.  I am sure that you have heard your grandma telling you to wear a hat when it is cold and breezy outdoors.   Or, “Don’t go outside with a wet head”.  Or, Don’t walk around in those wet clothes. You’ll catch a “CHILL”.  “Wear your scarf around your neck or you’ll get a sore throat.”

Even though your allopathic physician will tell you that you do not get a “cold” from being COLD it is a misunderstanding of the situation. 


Your Susceptibility

When you are “chilled” and your are weakened by exhaustion from working hard to not nourishing yourself properly by eating junk foods or “partying heartily” too often, then that “chill” will certainly lower your resistance to a virus or some bacterium that has been lurking in your ears or your nose or your throat or even some paper cut on your finger, waiting for the PRIME TIME to attack.  You allow yourself to become ill when you place yourself into these compromised situations that will bring your immune system to a vulnerable condition.


Chronic Disease and Your Immune System

You must also remember that you are susceptible to any illness including the flu when your immune system is taxed in one way or another because you are a diabetic or have some cancer or lung disease.  There is no logical reason to go out there and get some vaccine injected or sprayed into your nose to prevent the flu (or pneumonia) which will cause an “immune system compromised situation” in itself.  Due to various drug (insulin, antibiotics, chemotherapy or steroid) treatments you are currently receiving, your immune system is highly susceptible to the direct virus (dead or alive) that is in this vaccine.  Not to even mention the various chemicals, known as ADJUVANTS that are added to the vaccine to “glue” it in you so that your body's natural defenses will not eject it from your system.   Along with the DNA of the animals that were used to culture this virus to manufacture this vaccine, that can also add to your vulnerability to other exotic diseases and dysfunctions of your immune system.   Therefore it would behoove you to learn about homeopathy and use it instead of attempting to avoid some illness through a vaccine that is only going to cause you more disorder and dis-ease of the immune system by giving you a virus that your are too weak to muster a defense against.


Memorize This List of Homeopathic Remedies

The following homeopathic remedies are valuable to have in your first aid kit for treatment of many illnesses and injuries.  These are also paramount for the treatment of the seasonal Influenza and the current rage of fear mongering H1N1 the (so called) Swine Flu of 2009-2010 Season.  Please read them over.  Know them for when the time arrives that you need a remedy for the flu.  Then you will know which one to try first.  I have noticed that one remedy works in the beginning and then a remedy has to be changed to fit the “remedy Picture” of the next portion of the illness.  You may find one that works the entire way through the illness.  Not always is that the case.  Learn the remedy pictures and know that you have this reference to go to if you forget which one you may need.  If these remedies don’t work for you then you better call your homeopath quickly.  There are other remedies, but these should deal with most cases.

Aconite Symptoms come on suddenly and quickly, especially after being outdoors in a cold wind. Fever and burning in the chest accompany the dry cough, which can have a barking sound (croup). The person may sleep fitfully. The face alternates between hot and pale. They are thirsty for cold drinks, though they have no taste for food and only want to drink water. During the fever, the person does not want to be touched, as the skin is hypersensitive, restless like arsenicum. The throat can be dry, red and hot, with choking on swallowing. Emotionally, they may feel like they will die.


Arnica Montana which is the First remedy for any injury to any hard or bony tissue such as the head or back, arms or legs, may also be a great remedy for any Flu symptoms when you have the feeling that you have been “run over by a truck”… the bed feels “too hard” after a night’s sleep or a nap.   Arnica is for the flu with muscles aches as though you were working out or doing very hard labor.   If used for injury the individual will often say, “I’m not hurt.  I am fine, just leave me alone”.  This is often seen in car accidents or skiing or biking injury.  Muscle aches and strains of over exertion is the indication of this remedy.

This is the first remedy for Heart attack from overexertion or over doing it at the gym or a work out of any sorts after being sedentary for too long.  So if you have been working very hard or working out at the gym sweaty and hot and then go out into the cool night air or even with a wet head after a shower and your develop muscle aches and a headache and flu like symptoms, ARNICA MONTANA is the homeopathic remedy for you.


Arsenicum Album  is normally the First remedy for Food poisoning.  There could be a fever or not but Vomiting and diarrhea that is projectile in nature is the key to knowing that a virus or a bacterium is in the intestinal area.  The patient is fearful of drinking even though they are thirsty and know that they must drink.  Their electrolytes could also be quite low thus causing them to experience odd fears and delusions.  “FEAR” is the emotion that is a big indication for this remedy. Symptoms always seem to begin in or around MIDNIGHT.  All symptoms are worse from 11pm to 1am.  Therefore any flu symptoms with vomiting and diarrhea that may or may not accompany issues of Breathing difficulties such as in asthma or any respiratory ailments that fit the FEAR factor and “around MIDNIGHT” being the aggravation time, then ARSENICUM ALBUM is the remedy to use.


Baptisia Tinctoria  This remedy not only deals with influenza, but also plague, diphtheria, septicemia, typhoid fever, typhus, intestinal toxemia,  and various epidemic diseases.  This remedy is made from “wild indigo” of America and has its reputation as a remedy for typhoid fever.  This victim of the flu would have a “terrible sinking feeling in the stomach” with a fetid breath.  They are very restless yet does not sleep and wants to be “on the move” constantly.  The body feels heavy and tired and bruised all over.  They are very confused and often cannot even identify where they are.  They may lay in their own bed or their own couch and not be able to identify their own home. When they get sick, they are down fast.  There is little time to realize what is happening with them.  They are totally toxic and certainly confused and unable to move.  The feel that parts of their body is missing or scattered about the room or the bed and they attempt to “put themselves together again” just like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  The abdomen is extremely sore around the liver area.  Their faces are anxious and dark red.  They have not appetite but constantly want to drink water.  They are worse from drinking beer.  Just as in Arnica Montana, the bed feels too hard and the pain is worse in the area of the sacrum.  There is wandering pains and weakness of the limbs.  Their perspiration is even fetid.  They feel a “hard substance” in the throat and cannot swallow anything but liquids.  The fever is a sudden onset.  The symptoms to remember are that the pain is mostly right sided and this patient has a very foul odor about them.


Belladonna  RED, HOT, THROBBING, Swollen are the indications for this remedy.  Sudden onset of High fever over 103 F.  Throbbing headache when icy cold applications make the pain lessen.  There may be delirium during fever.  Sweating does not bring the temperature down as in most fevers, perspiration is an indication that the fever has broken. Not so when Belladonna is correct indicated remedy.  Anger, screaming, swearing, spiting, biting, kicking even in their sleep in some dream state, is part of the indication for this remedy.  The individual is so hot w/fever that the area that the caregiver touches has the memory of the heat upon their hand even after the hand is removed from the body part.  These individuals feel as though they are radiating heat “I feel like the sun”, they may say.  Pupils of the eyes are dilated and they appear to be “out of touch“ with reality. Restless sleep is noted. Shuddering. Scarlatina, strep throat.  Heat externally and internally. Heavy, disturbed sleep.  Crying out in the night with earache or fever and then seeming to go back to sleep.  Anxious dreams about murders, robbers; vivid  dreams but cannot remember the events of the dream.  Eye infections that may be from staph bacterium.


Bryonia Alba Often deal with Sprains that are worse upon touching the effected area or any attempting to move it.  Flu when any symptom that causes movement or touching makes the individual feel worse.  The patient wants to be left alone.  The bed cannot be sat upon without causing extreme discomfort to the patient.  Pneumonia when the cough is feeble and dry. The individual does not wish to cough deeply due to the motion of the coughing causing pain in the chest or the cough is so deep that it can cause the head to rock back and forth resulting in more discomfort of the neck and spine.  Bryonia is often used for HANG OVER when the head hurts so badly that the individual can do nothing but just lie there because even breathing is painful.   Great remedy for “whip lash” because it fits all of the issues of pain upon motion or touch.


Causticum Sensation of caustic burn is the key to the differentials of this remedy.  Sore throat w/the sensation of a chemical burn.  Skin rashes from a chemical or allergic nature.  Eye inflammation with burning.  UTI (cystitis, hemorrhoid w/unendurable pain upon walking.  Frequent, sudden pressing-piercing pains such as sensations of sticks or needles in the anus or the perineum during a bowel movement.  Weakness of the bladder; paralysis of single parts.  Bell’s Palsy.  Numbness or neuralgic pains of the face or limbs. Rattling when coughing causing pain near the left breast under the nipple.  Ulcers with caustic pains.


Eupatorium Petrolatum  “Bone Break Fever” or “Denge fever”.  Flu symptoms when the long bones of the body have the sensation that they are being BROKEN.  There is much thirst, but no amount of drinking of cold water will quench the thirst during fever.  The water chills them but the fever remains high and the symptoms are not satiated.  Aching in the bones with soreness of the flesh.  The sensation that this remedy relieves is of being beaten about the thighs or calves to the point that while asleep they are dreaming of a violent beating and that their bones have been broken.  There are bruised pains to the back and neck.  (In its herbal -crude state, this remedy as a tea will bring on high fever and sweating that is profuse.  So if you wish to “sweat out a cold or a flu” make a drink of this herb as a tea.


Ferrum Phosporicum  When there is only one symptom such as earache or just fever  with no other symptoms, go to this remedy.  In the 3x potency it will bring a stuffy nose to open and run.  At  the 6x potency it can be used as an Iron supplement if taken in dry, tablet form.  12x deals with colds and flu that does not seem to respond to other top homeopathic remedies.  There is weakness or lethargy.  Earache that begins in one ear and then goes to other and then back again.  For a sore throat of singers when Eustachian tubes are affected.  Tongue is coated yellow at the base and more whitish everywhere else.


Gelsemium “Drowsy, Droopy, Dumb and Dull” are the “keynote” symptoms of this remedy.  Flu symptoms when all you wish to do is lie down, but sleep never makes you feel less tired.  Back is aching around the kidney region and there may either be frequent urination or scanty urine.  Headache is in the back of the head that may begin at the neck and go up to the top of the head which is worse when lying completely flat so they must lie slightly propped up with pillows.  This is also the remedy for “Stage fright” when all of a sudden you become drowsy and wish you could just go somewhere and sleep instead of perform because you feel that you have just forgotten all that you must repeat or lecture upon or have studied to take the test.  Great remedy for “jet lag”.  All mental ability comes to a standstill.

Influenzinum is the NOSODE of the common Asian Flu.  For many practitioners it has taken the place of BAPTISIA TINCTORIA as routine remedy for epidemics.  Due to it being a NOSODE you must acquire it through a practitioner of homeopathy or an MD who is willing to order it for you.  It can also be used with whatever other homeopathic remedy suites the symptoms more over then does this remedy in the case of the flu. 


It deals with the flu symptoms of aching pains and bronchitis with chills and depression or indifference.  There is mental dullness like Gelsemium and brain fatigue.  Deals with weak memory and post-influenza neurosis.  Meningitis and or Encephalitis with vomiting and headache due to Influenza whether that be the disease itself of post flu vaccination.  High blood pressure or cardiac neurosis and weakness of the myocardia.  Aches and pains of rheumatism.  Intermittent lameness during or post flu symptoms or vaccination for the flu.  Rectal weakness causing diarrhea, Sinusitis and nasal polyps and even chronic rhinitis after the disease or post vaccination for the flu.  Laryngitis of influenza.


Lycopodium Bloating of abdomen; indigestion.  Hunger but seems to be full after the first few bites of food.  Throat and stomach seems so full that digestion is impaired or sluggish; grunting and gurgling.  Violent gall stone colic.  Distension of the abdomen from gases that are relieved by emissions of flatus.  Aching in kidney region before or after urination.  Tickling cough, overpowering in the evening before sleep.  Strep throat that begins with pains on the right side of the throat and then go to the left then back again.  Pains are worse between 4pm and 8pm; after sleeping and cold drinks.


Nux Vomica  Nausea and vomiting due to excessive food or drink, indigestion after a heavy meal or too much cigarette smoking (even second hand smoke) or over indulgence of alcoholic beverages.  Stomach virus with nausea yet does not wish to vomit.  Often vomiting is simply appalling even though it may appear that it would be helpful.  Urination causes stimulation to the bowels to move  which is often simultaneous.  Stools often gives the patient a sensation that it is never enough expelled to complete the movement.  “The cramping and the pain should produce more elimination” according to the sufferer. When the cramp relaxes there is another movement of feces. The sufferer may feel constipation in the beginning, then when the movement begins the stool becomes more loose and sloppy.  Nose is stuffed only on one side and when that side opens up the other becomes stuffy with sides  changing from one to the other during the illness.  Cannot bear to be looked upon when the symptoms are extremely painful.  Quarrelsome, even to violence, scolding; ill humor.  Extraordinary anxiety.  Sadness.  Squeezing headache, worse when moving eyes.


Oscillococcinum the flu remedy that is sold in many grocery and department stores as well as most health food stores.  This remedy was created by Dr. Joseph Roy in 1925 from the heart, liver and lungs of a duck, therefore it is a NOSODE (a remedy made from disease).  It is named for the oscillation that this virus maintains as it moves along. 


Fowl house all of the viruses known to man at this point.  But killing all of them would do no good to release virus from our present environment.  I am praising God that we have the birds to aid us through the diseases of the flu that has been placed put out there under some laboratory’s creation to “Jump species” as it has from the birds to humans and other species as well. 


Oscillococcinum is sold by the homeopathic remedy company known as BORION.  Pierre Schmidt a representative of Borion says that it is used for the beginning flu symptoms or as a preventative as well as during convalescence.   This same nosode is sold under the name of “FLU SOLUTION” by the homeopathic remedy company known as DOLISOS, sold in the 200c potency. 


The symptoms that are listed under Robin Murphy’s information from his published works of the Materia Medica  is a mind that is fixed on ideas, obsessions.  Obstinate.  Agony, anxious without any motivation; a BUSY BODY; a MANIAC with a fear of dirt and being polluted.  There is abdominal cramping and ear pains, there may be vomiting of water or food. Sensation of needles in one or both of the ears with the tympanim red and swollen that may lead to Mastoiditis with diminished hearing acuity.  Nasal voice with cough that is humid (rattling or productive).  Stuffiness and congestion with some obstruction, sneezing with purulent mucus (serous discharge).  Tongue has a white coating.   Yellow matter in the eyes.  Painful urination with a deep yellow color that is not that abundant.  Bruised sensation of the body and the head.  Pain in the front of the face.   Chill, that may be from hyperthermia.  Better with heated area, Worse by digesting of eggs and milk.  Constipation.

Phosphorus  Acute bleeding anywhere internally or externally.  A “weak” empty “all-gone” sensation in the head, chest stomach or entire abdomen.  Try this remedy first in any hemorrhaging. Small wounds bleed with much thin fluid and is difficult to coagulate.   Craving ice cold water or drinks even wishing to chew on ice.  Fearing thunderstorms and can often predict their arrival.  Fear of high places.  Sense of suffocation.  Great oppression of chest so that the patient must sit up during the coughing spell.  Pneumonia.  Mucous rales in both lungs, more noticeable in the lower lobes.  Weakness of all limbs.


Pulsatilla Nigricans   Discharges are yellow-greenish, thick and bland, very profuse from the nose or phlegm from throat. Conjuntivitis. Headache is better with pressure and all problems are better in OPEN AIR. Vertigo as if intoxicated. Heaviness of the head.  Nose bleeds with a stuffy nose.  Bellyache from rich foods which are craved such as peanut butter and cold puddings.  Aversion to drinking water.  Yeast infections.  Whimpering, whining, weeping seems to accompany all complaints becoming better with consolation.


Pyrogenium could be used for a very high fever with an odor of rotting meat about the patient.  This can be for a tooth that is highly infected where the individual has been on antibiotics and then contracts flu symptoms with the picture of another remedy and then does not seem to get over the flu easily, therefore try the Pytrogen.  This remedy is used for countless infections that can be viral or bacterial with the symptoms of extremely high fever (over 104 F) and that horrible odor of decay.


Rhus Toxicodendron  (poison ivy)  Itchy rashes.  Joint pains and stiffness that are better after you stretch or move around a bit.  The “nickname for this remedy is “the rusty gate”RESTLESS LEG SYNDROME. Must move around constantly.  Cannot lie in the same position for long in bed. All symptoms are better with warmth and worse in drafts and cold weather.  Coughing or sneezing seems to be triggered by a cold draft or exposure to the cold in the open air or by uncovering the body.  Tongue is dry, sore and has a red triangle shape on the tip.  Deals with pneumonia, scarlatina, diphtheria, typhoid fever, chicken pox, measles.  Short cough from severe tickling and irritation behind the upper portion of the sternum with the feeling of discouragement and apprehension.   Rusty colored sputum with cough or pneumonia.  Great thirst due to dryness of the throat.  Frequent sneezing.


The Major Media Marketing Campaign usually states it's not too late to get the flu vaccine. Now, that you have all the information at your disposal, what choice will you take?

Dr Herscu Influenza Tracker Epidemic Notes January 2013


Recent notification from Will Taylor MD suggests that GELSEMIUM may be the December 2013 - January 2014 remedy of choice. 

The cough, cold & flu season is unrelenting. For many of us, it hits us while we're at work, and let's face it, most workers don't have time to stop or even slow down. That's why top pharmacies, retailers and CPG manufacturers are marketing to working consumers right where it counts, the workplace. This case study is one example of the results they've driven by engaging with employers and their employees about staying healthy during the season. [NOTE: Some elements in this video have been blinded to protect our client's confidentiality.]

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