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This news caught my attention and I thought that it should be known to all HWC community. We are so lucky that we have Homeopathy to take care of our health. One should be aware as to what these supplements are and if they can impair our health instead of improving it.

Today all over the world people are using more and more of these supplements, but are not aware of the dangers that it may have for them.

Go to this website and check it out and remember that you have Homeopathy on your side. Now have a nice day.

Dr Wequar

American's have spent $26.7 billion on supplements in 2009, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, a trade publication. 

A dozen supplements that caused harmful effects include aconite, bitter orange, chaparral, colloidal silver, coltsfoot, comfrey, country mallow, germanium, greater celandine, kava, lobelia, and yohimbe. The FDA has warned about at least eight of them, some as long ago as 1993.

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Dear Dr. Wequar,

Thank you very much for this link! I hope everyone finds it useful.
I wanted however raise a different - but related - question, when things not homeopathic are claimed to be homeopathic and thus add to the misunderstanding - like Zicam supplement did a while ago.

Now it seems that there has been another incident which unites the two aspects - the "homeopathic" supplements and as a result of use of this a baby has died - well, the reason is not clear of course, but it's obvious that it will be linked to homeopathy. This time in Japan a midwife gave a baby a "homeopathic replacement to Vitamin K injection" and at age 2 months the baby has died from haemorrhage which is said to be due to deficiency in vitamin K. THe hearing in court of this case against midwife is due to begin today, on Aug 4. Not that it is widely advertised, but its on the web blogs and in one newspaper, the others will not tard to pick it up, I guess... ALthough in Japan it is all not so straightforward.

Now, I was wondering if homeopaths - or at least homeopathic organisations - should not start to maybe sue the makers of such "homeopathic products" for the use of the name "Homeopathy" in the name of the product? Maybe that could teach people a bit what is and what is NOT homeopathy? ANd maybe homeopathic remedies should be renamed into "potentised medicines", because only the use according to the principle of "like cures like" makes things homeopathic, and not the method of preparation, isn't it? This issue, I think, creates a huge misunderstanding in the minds of people who do not know, and it should be solved at some point, otherwise homeopathy will easily be bashed for having caused harm through the use by an ignorant person, like in the case I mention above.

What's your opinion on this? ANd everybody else, maybe someone would have an idea how could we deal with this?

THank you for reading,

Elena Zagrebelnaya
Elena, I fully endorse your view. Products like Zicam are being cleverly marketed as"Homeopathic" product where as it is not in true sense homeopathy. It is a combination of drugs in which names of some homeopathic medicines have been mentioned. There are others also in the stores and I have always pointed out such anomalies on HWC platform from time to time.

Corporate marketing can go to any length to make $money. Even use "Homeopathy" which the "big pharma" dislike.

My desire to write the article stemmed from the fact that in many cases these so called supplements which are being consumed can be replaced with well selected "Tissue Salts" and other homeopathic medicines and avoid the dangers and side effect which sometimes ensues from their use.
Dear Dr. Wequar,

Thank you very much for your answer!

And thank you for explaining your view on supplements (and how to do without them), I think this will be a good reminder to the homeopaths.

WIth best wishes,
I don't feel as if this article applies to homeopathy. These are supplements that people take every day, such as vitamins and herbs. There are brands that have quality labels.

INFORMATION FROM THE ARTICLE: Did you know that there are 54,000 dietary supplements on the market and that there are 1000 new supplements being introduced every year?

As you might already know, supplements don't require FDA approval which can potentially put consumers at risk because of the little research performed on the safety of some supplements as well as harmful additives that can be present in supplements.

Consumer Reports just released a report that identifies "The Dirty Dozen" supplements that consumers should avoid taking because of potential health risks.

The 12 Potentially Harmful Supplements
Aconite- Highly toxic as 2 mg of pure aconite or 1 g of plant may cause death.
Bitter orange- When combined in supplements with caffeine it increases the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, fainting, and stroke.

Chaparral- Can cause permanent kidney damage and liver damage.

Colloidal silver- Can accumulate in the skin and organs causing permanent discoloration.

Coltsfoot- Toxic to the liver and not recommended for internal use.

Comfrey- Associated with liver damage and shouldn't be used internally.

Country mallow- Contains ephedrine.

Germanium- Associated with kidney problems and can contain harmful additives.

Greater celandine- Stomach problems, itching, and liver problems.

Kava- Allergic reactions, blood in the urine, changes in vision, enlarged pupils, lack of coordination, muscle weakness, puffy face, red eyes, shortness of breath, weight loss.

Lobelia- profuse sweating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, rapid heartbeat, mental confusion, convulsions, hypothermia, coma, and possibly even death.

Yohimbe- High blood pressure, increased heart rate, headache, anxiety, dizziness, and sleeplessness, kidney damage.

Consumer reports also noted that many supplements are sourced from China where less strict manufacturing methods are allowed and sometimes harmful additives can be found in the supplements.

As with any supplement, it's important to consult your doctor before taking it as well as to check ingredient labels closely as many of the above supplements can go by different names.

Drug Recalls Article
Thats a pretty funny post debby-I use ALL those medicinal herbs and I am still alive.
Medicinal plants/herbs have been used by ancient cultures going back a thousand years and more (like in ayurvedic+Chinese plant medicines)
ON the other hand we have-Allopathics cause an estimate of 800,000 adverse effects including deaths each YEAR in the USA! And this is only 10% of the reports in, what about the other 90%? even more Deaths due to allopathic prescription meds.
Debby posted:"Supplements don't require FDA approval which can potentially put consumers at risk because of the little research performed on the safety of some supplements as well as harmful additives that can be present in supplements."
My reply; The FDA, AMA, CDC, WHO, EPA also approves dangerous prescription meds/useless surgery/toxic vaccines/toxic pesticides/cancer causing mercury/formaldehyde intake-and your point is?
What are we discussing here?

That these supplements are dangerous because

a. they are not FDA approved
b. they come from natural sources
c. they are consumed in doses that are not therapeutic but toxic (which by the way is a huge topic based on individual needs)
d. they do not put few billions in those pockets who are complaining about them or putting in those pockets who were able to cash in on it
e. they were produced in China with dismal safety record
f. they were consumed by our ancestors for millions of years when FDA was not around to (mis) guide them and human race evolved as it is now

Aren’t we responsible for?

a. painting everything in black and white, rather than a color portrait (in all shades)-the real life
b. putting fear in everyone’s mind
c. our own health and use our god given brains to decide what is good and not good for our own body
d. becoming too consumed about what others do and don’t than our own behavior

The only parameter which can guide each and every one of us is by means of “individualization”…. What is good for me health wise may not be good for another individual.

Actually, we know that the government is coming down hard upon supplements in an effort to whittle away Health Care Freedom of Choice under the guise of Protectionism and Safety. The truth is that everyone must scrutinize the origin of their supplements. Are they coming from China or a manufacturer that adulterates their products in some way? See Wequar's post on Melanine.

There are financial motivations and political motivations to these issues.

If you purchase your supplements from reliable sources, grow your own, or forage in the wild, you can safely use herbs, etc. as people have done for centuries. There is an attempt to STANDARDIZE the active ingredients in natural products. But, we know as educated people, that different regions of the country and continents contain plants with many different qualities, and quantities of differing elements. They have not taken into consideration the 'synergistic' effects of plants when compounded together or when taken into the body for absorption. Nor that fact that plants coming from one region may have a relationship with the people living in that area of the world.
Respected Dr.Wequar Ali Khan,
Very informative post...
The supplements made from natural -organic- farming without mixing any harmfull non-organic substances manufactured by wellknown co.( Nutrilite,FLP,DXN etc.) are never harmfull for anyone.
Yes,for that you have proper informations & knowledge related with this system...
If someone apply with honesty & carefully , the results are wonderfull....
Thank you Prabhat, your appreciation helps me sustain my effort to pass on information for our HWC members, and those on Facebook.
Kindly log on for more informations & read books of RAY D. STRAND (Nutritional Medicine)


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