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Hi everyone,
I am karthiyaini here.In our island people used to take lot of cuttle fish in all forms.From child to elders all peoples are eating .In every shops they have the perpared cuttle fish snacks.I have the doubt regarding this.Is It good for health?or for every patient have i keep sepia in mind and exclude it?what is your Homoeopathic point of view? Thanks and regards.

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Hi Karthiyani ,unless symptoms due to eating Cuttlefish is manifested in an individual there is no need to give any medicine.If eating this fish is part of the island culture and there is no obvious symptoms i don't think this should be health issue.Further even if a particular individual does show signs of some problem,it could be due to his sensitivity to cuttle fish,and only then one should prescribe according to law of similar.
Dear Karthiyaini,
I don't think it is a problem. It is probably like people in other countries drinking coffee all the time, and yet we wouldn't think of coffea as a remedy, if they do not provide specifically that remedy picture. I think it is very important to take a case without preconceived ideas.


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