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Presenting Symptoms:

Something that is getting worse

Feel really disconnected from people

Lack of wanting to connect

Don’t feel the urge to connect

Injured spine – L5/S1

Connection between heaven and earth

Can’t connect

Feel distant even from people I am close to

(Gesture: palms facing one another)

With people I am close to I am disconnected

Struggle in me to be closer to them before I felt this way

Don’t know how else to put it into words

May just be a reaction

Desire to be closer even though I feel distant

Don’t feel an emotional connection to people I am close to


Not felt this before

Feel like I am a stranger

Talk about Stranger:

To myself

Don’t know myself

Sit and observe and see everything but

Normally I have an emotional reaction, that I am quite connected to a person; there is a feeling associated with those people – I can’t feel it

Feels like I am observing the world very dispassionately

With it comes a sense of boredom, not excited by things, not inspired to do things

When I am inspired to do something there is usually a connection, but now that isn’t there

Usually I read a lot, now not reading, usually a strong emotional connection

Usually paint, but now no emotional connection to that either

Are you feeling anything?


Underlying resentment that I feel like I have lost this connection

How are you dealing with it?

Not dealing with it, don’t know how to

People – have become quite superficial

Feel it has been getting progressively worse

Relationships have become quite superficial

I mean what are you doing in your life because if this?

Seeing people less

No real joy in what I am doing

Only just started working again after 9 ½ months

No emphasis to see people, don’t get up and make the effort

Sit and do nothing

Tell me about the injury?

Take time off to do a non-emotional job

Carrying furniture, other person dropped it, felt something happened

Saw a doctor, prescribed anti-inflammatories and pain killers, when I stopped taking them and 2 days later pain was so bad, I nearly blacked out and was hospitalized

Prescribed more painkillers which I didn’t take

Spine had bent to the side from swelling

Knew it was serious from the pain

Very frustrated and very angry

Worst injury I had ever gone through; had been doing daily yoga practice for 7 years; couldn’t practice it anymore; just slowly getting into it again; very limited; lost heaps of flexibility

Was planning to start yoga teacher training, to do Rolfing training –this is just gone

Knew this injury was going to put back a long way in terms of where I wanted to be

Very angry, very frustrated

Could barely walk, stuck in the house most of the time

Cabin fever, couldn’t drive, pain was too great

Couldn’t really get out of the house (gesture: hands clawed, palms facing each other)

Everything increased the pain except laying down

Stuck at home

I was caught up in this pain, the pain was very bad, couldn’t focus on anything

Couldn’t focus on reading

Tried to avoid watching TV because I didn’t want to get caught up in it

Left with being able to read something light

Couldn’t paint, couldn’t stand long enough; painting is such a huge thing; just hurt not being able to paint

Painting is a very emotional process; brings a lot of things to the surface; need to do it

- spend 12-14 hours a day doing it

- then I get it out of the house want to be away from it

That just hurt (tears in eyes)

Describe the pain?

Like having a really black bruise and then pushing hard down on it

Varies in intensity

Unique pain

- not sharp, not localized, not an ache or throb

- intense pain

- (observation: patient having trouble describing pain)

- tight

- feels like it is being squeezed (clenches one fist , then both fists)

- but no pressure, not like a vise

- picture in my head: compression, not from the outside, from the inside


Body is a sack of water, in one point it is more solid, and with that solidity there comes pain; one section has been crystalized and then comes pain; not fluid, doesn’t have any give or take (clenches fists, as if pulling something in two directions)

Difficult to move freely

Pain is coming from the edges of the solidified section; not inside (gesture: fists pushed together); originates where the fluid and solid sections meet – (gesture: pushes fingers together, thumbs together); pain is caused because the solidified section cannot move; feels like 2 positive ends of a magnet, which repel each other, but also feels quite sticky quality like melted toffee, string between them when you pull them apart

They are pushing away from each other but there is still a connection

Just allow the pain to be, didn’t want to take pain killers for fear of doing more damage

Just to observe it

Occasionally got too much and I had to cry

Pain becoming too painful

Frustration at not being able to do anything about

What has this done to your life?

Put everything on hold, my future; can’t paint, practice yoga

Feel useless

Realize the injury will improve with time; have spoken to people who say that

Feel everything else is on hold


Feel like I have to stop and I am not in control

Feel weak, like the motivation to do much has gone

Large portion of my life that I cannot do

Not that I am left with nothing, motivation is not there

Not that I am poorer

Don’t feel like I have lost the will to live, life is still worth living

Lost the motivation to do anything about it, to move forward

Because I can’t move forward, not enjoying where I am at

(gesture: hands open, facing one another as if holding a large ball)

Because I cant move forward – because I don’t understand how

Don’t feel that I move much in expressing emotions

Almost like there is a weight I have to carry, until I am moving again

Like having my feet in concrete and I have to chip away at the concrete to free myself


Light – sunlight

Solid at the moment, no light getting through

Fluid, light goes through


The case shows not a lack or break in structure associated with the Mineral Kingdom, nor an Aggressor/Victim problem as with the Animal Kingdom, but a specific sensitivity to something and an opposite sensation/reaction to that.

The key words here are

Limited, Flexibility, Caught, Stuck, Can’t get out, Tight, Vise, Compressed, Squeezed, Crystalised, Fluid, Difficult to move, Sticky, Hold, Can’t move forward, Feet as if in Concrete – this is the Anacardiacea family

The effect on his life is to be disconnected from people, dispassionate, see people less, keep to himself, lose the will to live, no connection between heaven and earth . This is close to the depth of Syphilis, but the emphasis here is not on destruction so much as isolation from the rest of society and even from God himself – Leprosy.

Prescription = Comocladia 200, 2 pills given immediately

Next consultation (2 weeks later):

Reaction to Com 200?

First week and half was good

Not biting my nails anymore – that is an old habit that I thought I would never kick

There have been issues around ex-partner coming up

Such as?

Communication is quite brutal

In love with her at the moment, she doesn’t want anything to do with it

My own insecurities have come up

- feeling unworthy, feeling ugly

- how can I make her want me

- managed to sit and watch it

- ugly in terms of how I was feeling

- we have a strong connection

- I am not good enough

- felt quite unsafe, not pleasant

Because I feel this way, not able to be genuine with her

Can’t express what I am feeling, trying to force myself to feel good

Feel unworthiness, feel afraid to express what I am actually feeling because of the insecurity


Must make yourself a different person to be liked, to be loved

Generally with women I am attracted to

This time I can sit down and watch it, observe it, usually that wouldn’t happen

Because our communication is so open, she is not afraid to tell me that these issues are mine

I am feeling pretty ugly


Not physical, emotional

Unpleasant feeling inside, feel emotionally ugly

(Gesture: hands close together, turned in towards body)



I must be someone else to be appreciated

I know intellectually I am fine, but emotionally…..

Mostly to women I am attracted to


Try to please people

Try to make them like me

Unnatural effort

Doing nice things, being pleasant

Not saying what I feel like saying

Forced behaviour

I can watch myself doing it

Can’t just relax

Overly pleasant

Feel quite stifled (Gesture: hands come together)


Aspect of myself sitting on my shoulders, controlling my behaviour, so that I am unable to control my behaviour

Can’t feel relaxed, can’t feel natural

When this started coming up, got chest infection (old symptom from the past); coughing up green phlegm

- breathing is good, nasal cavities open

- coughing up green phlegm; very thick, dirty green almost a brown green

- feels heavy


Gesture again: hands turned inwards towards chest

Weight inside my chest that pulls everything towards it, constriction, more like weight

Core of the problem is my mother:

She took off, left us with our neighbours

Feel a need to be loved

Afraid of being abandoned

Feeling that is was my fault that mother left, that I had been bad or upset her; we were close; don’t want to upset people, want to make sure they hang about

Alright, what did you feel was the reaction to remedy?

Feeling more grounded

Pain in back gone

Was feeling calmer, a sense of calm

Feeling of being disconnected is gone

Don’t feel like a stranger now, not observing the world dispassionately anymore

But you are observing yourself now?

Yes, not reacting emotionally until just recently

People in your life?

Sister admitted to psych ward for post natal psychosis

We were close once

With people in my life have felt better, easer to talk to them, easier to communicate with them, easier to empathize with them

Back pain:

Pain occasionally comes if I have been sitting too long or walking too long

- pain is duller, not as painful, doesn’t last as long

Flexibility is still limited, but able to do things I couldn’t do before

Have been able to stand up and draw now, able to create now, express myself creatively

Prescription = repeat Com 200 in ¼ glass water, order in Com 1M

Next consultation (5 months later)

Things have been quite good

Have been shifting forward

The pain had gone completely

Had a lot more energy

Things were going well

About a month ago, it started to return – pain and feeling stuck

Back started to hurt again

Started to bite my nails again a week after that

Then started to feel stuck again

Feels the same

Same emotional stuff attached to it again, insecurities coming up

Basically around my partner

- me feeling insecure in the relationship, whether I am good enough

- not as strong as it was but getting stronger

How not good enough?

- not worthy of this person

- unworthiness

What is unworthy?

No specific trigger

I get caught up, not as strong as it used to be, last ½ to 1 hour

Sense of being unworthy

Prescription = repeat of Com 200, order in 1M

(Follow up on phone 3 months later)

1M was given to patient – it more or less resolved all issues

- things have been very good, amazing

- no back issues at all, no problems

Patient remained symptom free for several years after until I lost contact with him.

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