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Please Add Your Cured Cases To The Main Category

Homeopathy Forums - cure database - CURE STORY DATA BASE All homeopathic treatment must be individualized to the unique characteristics... hpathy I have already started it at Hpathy but we can continue it here

Its important to post in one collective place of cured cases,Easy for our own reference,easy for the search engines to tag and easy for skeptics to link on too.


Please Do not post Discussions,This is only a database of completed cases.


a proforma you could use. It would be helpful for Statistical Analysis in the long term when we have an adequate collection of cases:

This protocol is only a guideline to show you the amount of information that would be helpful for future research in a database like this.
Some information may be unavailable - like laboratory reports, etc. Other information, you as a homeopath can provide that may not be part of your earlier presentation.

Please do include as much information as possible based on the guideline and help us create a reliable database for the future." 

• Preliminary Data:
Name, Age, Ethnic Background, Sex, Marital Status, Economic Background, Occupation

• Chief Complaint in detail: Location, Sensation, Modality, Concomitant, Onset, Duration, Progress.

• Chronic Homeopathic History: Associated Complaints, Menstrual and Obstetric history, Past history and treatment taken, Family history, Physical Generals including Sleep and Dreams, Life Space with Mental/Emotional Details.

• Examination: Pulse, Blood Pressure, Temperature, Height, Weight, Tongue, Mucous membranes, Nails, Other observations of Appearance, Systemic Examination

• Investigations: Dated

• Medical Diagnosis: Provisional or final of chief complaint; with Associated Diagnoses.

• Case Analysis: Susceptibility (high, moderate, low), Miasmatic analysis (Fundamental, Dominant), Phase of Disease (acute, chronic, Acute exacerbation of chronic state, etc)
Totality (Acute, Chronic, Miasmatic)
Repertorial Analysis (Rubrics Used, Remedies with differentiation)

• Ancillary Measures suggested apart from Homeopathic remedy

• Plan of Chronic Management
Treating with acute, chronic, intercurrent, anti-miasamtic, constitutional; choice of potency and frequency of repetition, Symptoms to be evaluated for response to remedy/treatment, frequency of follow-ups required.

• Follow Up
Dates, MYMOP, Scales of improvement or percentage of improvement of symptoms
Details of intercurrent prescriptions with totality, reportorial analysis and reasons for the same.

• Discussion: Homeopathic interpretations of Direction of Cure, Analysis of pathology of disease, Sequence of remedies needed, etc.

for all new submissions please try and follow this protocal submitted by Dr. Leela
Please Add Your Cured Cases To The Main Category 

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bump up
please add your cases
It is a great opportunity to expose cured cases to the world of skeptics,Since this is a public forum it is most likely being searched by Anti-homeopathic bloggers,it's up to us all to contribute via ;
word of mouth that "HOMEOPATHY CURES!"
Dear Gina,
just now I´ve discovered this discussion. It would be a great help for us students too.
You can always find your discussions from your own website. If you click Blog tab. Click MY BLOGS. If you click Forum tab, click MY DISCUSSIONS.
Dear William
Very interesting!
Aconite is considered a very short acting medicine for acute cases. Moreover 6X is a low potency and it is advised to be repeated as its action is short. To have cured permanently by just a dose of five small pellets sets one’s mind to think that there are exceptions to all rules!
I am posting this, as i found it informative,coming from a senior Homeopath Dr Sajjad Akram , from Pakistan,who is professional contributor and a senior member of Hpathy.

"During fasting, any kind of food or drink is prohibited. One day I felt severe headache. It was not possible to take any medicine orally, so I put a drop of glonoin 30c, rubbed and smelled it. Believe you me within an hour headache disappeared completely.
super! Very explosive energy.
I would like to quote the reference of administration of homoeopathic medicines by olfaction from the Organon of Medicine. In sixth edition, aphorism 269 fn 2, Hahnemann says " On this account it refers only to the increase and stronger development of their power to cause changes in the health of animals and men if these natural substances in this improved state are brought very near to the living sensitive fibre or come in contact with it
( by means of intake or olfaction)......."

I had a case of my colleague, an E.N.T. Surgeon, who had severe frontal headache after he had a late night study. I gave him Nux vomica 200, 10-15 globules of 30 no., moistened with medicine in a phial and asked him to smell from it every 10 minutes. He left the college with the medicine and called me after his first olfaction saying he felt better. And when he reached home (after 35 mins) he had no pain.

I tried the method of olfaction in cases of unconscious patients and in children when oral medication was not feasible.

It works marvellously,(provided the medicine selection is correct) all can try and comment.

 use glonine more often for headache, it acts well - headache due to delayed foods, usually 200C once in a month many come back to take a dose of 200 every year during the start of summer. The moment I think glonine is not acting well or patient keeps coming back quite often for glon; one dose of tub 200 and then glon covers an action of many months,
BTW action of glon in boericke is written 1 day. many came back for the dose even after 2 years.

“I want a leave to be able to go back to my village” said our gate-keeper with a worried look on his face.
“But, why so soon? You only came back less than two months ago! ” I exclaimed.
Sir, my wife is pregnant, is in her nine month and when she was taken to the city for a check-up the lady-doctor told her that the child was in wrong position and they will deliver through big operation (meaning breech presentation and a need for a caesarean section )”
“I am poor and the operation will mean a heavy burden for our pockets. Moreover the big hospital is in the city which is at quite a distance from my village and I am very worried” he said gravely.
After a few questions I learned that it was the second pregnancy and the first one terminated normally with birth of a healthy baby.
I was glad to hear that because the normal delivery of the first child meant that any mechanical cause could be ruled out. From further probing all I could gather was that the mother to be was otherwise in good health.
I said, “look here, many cases of child in wrong position have been treated successfully and God-willing her case may also be resolved without the need for the big operation. Make preparations to leave soon”.
After a couple of days he was off, carrying the phial with Pulsatilla 200 and instructions to give a single dose of five to ten pellets first thing in the morning for three consecutive days and then stop. He was also instructed to dispense the pellets without touching them. It was necessary because villagers are not used to taking homeopathic medicines and usually take all pills by placing them in their palms before gulping them down.
Six days later he informed me on the phone that the medicine had been taken according to instructions. I advised him to wait for four days and then take her wife to city for an ultra sound check up. I kept my fingers crossed in the meanwhile
A week later I got the first good news. The fetus was now in a normal head-first position.
After a few days I had phone call from him brimming with excitement and joy, “Sir, today we had a healthy baby girl . The child was delivered at our home(by a midwife, which is the norm in most villages), it is all because you and the wonderful medicine that you gave us , I owe you much gratitude”
“Congrulations ! Your gratitude should all be to God almighty who made this all possible”
“ And yes after feasting and celebrations, make preparation to come backs soon because your one month leave is almost all use up” I reminded him jokingly as I also thanked the Almighty for everything.
Congratulations. Confirmation is a beautiful thing. And so is a healthy baby girl. Yes. Our world is in G-d's hands.
Dear Gina
I congratulate you for starting this very useful discussion. It enables us all to share our experiences on this forum.
I suggest that fellow members try to provide as much information as possible about the dose, potency, duration of treatment and follow up of the patient and the symptoms that pointed to the particular remedy .
Deafness Cured by Mezereum, with Remarks
From Homeopathy the Science of Therapeutics
By Dr. Carroll Dunham

G.W.W. (17), small but well proportioned and of good constitution, healthy since his ninth year, has been deaf since he was four years old. When three years of age, he had an eruptive disease of the whole scalp, which, after resisting for a year all the milder methods of allopathic treatment, was finally caused to disappear in the following manner: A tar-cap was placed upon the head, and when firmly adherent to the scabs, was violently torn off; the scabs came with it, leaving the whole scalp raw. This raw surface was moistened with a saturated solution of nitrate of silver. The eruption did not reappear; but from that time the child was deaf.
The condition of the youth now excites the earnest solicitude of his friends. His inability to move in society, or to get a situation in business, on account of his deafness, has produced a morbid state of mind. He broods over his infirmity, and secludes himself even from his own family.
Under these circumstances, he applied to me to be cured of his deafness. His present condition is as follows: He is quite unable to hear ordinary conversation, and has never heard a sermon in his life. A loud-ticking lever watch can be heard at a distance of three and a half inches from either ear. On application of the watch to his forehead, or to his teeth, he hears it distinctly. Occasional buzzing noises in front of the ears. A physical examination of his ears reveals the following conditions: The external meatus is abundantly supplied with soft, normal wax. The membrana tympani is white, opaque, and evidently thickened. When the patient attempts to inflate the middle ear (which he accomplishes with great difficulty, by closing both mouth and nose and making a forcible expiration) the membrane tympani becomes but very slightly convex, and it is impossible to distinguish its distended blood vessels. There has evidently been a deposit in the substance of the membrane. On examination of the throat, it appears that the orifice of the eustachian tube is free.
Feb. 3rd, 1857. Patient received a powder containing three globules of Mezereum 30, to be taken on retiring.
Feb. 24th. Thinks he hears better -- "every sound seems much louder than before." Hears my watch at a distance of four and a half inches from the right ear, and four and a quarter from the left ear. (No medicine.)
March 1st. Has not improved during the last week. Mezereum 30, three globules.
March 27th. Hears my watch, with the right ear, six and a half inches, and with the left, seven inches. (No medicine.)
April 20th. Hears my watch, with the right ear, at a distance of ten inches, and with the left, at a distance of fourteen inches. Hears ordinary conversation easily, with attention. (No medicine.)
Sept. 28th. Has been steadily improving until three weeks ago, when he became more deaf again, without apparent cause. Mezereum 30, three globules, on retiring.
Jan. 26th, 1858. Hears my watch at a distance of fourteen inches from the right ear, and twenty-four inches from the left ear. Deafness returns when he takes cold, but disappears with the cold. Mezereum 30, three globules on retiring.
March 19th. To his surprise, on going to church, although seated at the extreme end of a very large building, he distinctly heard the whole sermon -- for the first time in his life. On physical examination, the opacity of the membrana tympani is found to have disappeared, and its elasticity to have sensibly increased.
May 24th. Patient writes me that he has obtained, without difficulty, a situation in a store, and that he is no longer conscious of being deaf. His sole difficulty is that, as he has the reputation of being deaf, everybody shouts at him. His father writes that the son's hearing is "perfectly restored."

Remarks. The success of the treatment resorted to in this instance warrants a few remarks upon its rationale. Here was a case which presented to the practitioner apparently nothing on which to base a prescription. There was a thickened membrana tympani -- nothing more. The work of thickening had probably been accomplished years ago. Here was a pathologico-anatomical condition, but no pathological process and, consequently, there were no abnormally performed functions -- or in other words, no symptoms of disease -- from which to draw indications for the treatment. The pathological-anatomical condition threw no certain light on the pathological process which had produced it -- just as a knowledge of the town at which a traveller has arrived, gives no certain clue to the road by which he reached it.
...the history of a case is often of the utmost importance in determining the treatment. In the case before us the coincidence between the violent removal of the tinea capitis by nitrate of silver, and the appearance of the deafness, was too marked to escape notice. It could not fail to occur to the practitioner that the scalp disease... disturbed in its localization upon the scalp, had transferred itself to the tissues of the ear. It further occurred to me that, since in this latter localization there were no sufficient indications for a prescription, I might find such indications in the phenomena of the former localization upon the scalp. I accordingly addressed myself to the task of getting a complete picture of this affliction, which had disappeared thirteen years before. By good fortune the mother of the patient was possessed of a good memory, and of very excellent powers of description, and from her I learnt that "thick, whitish scabs, hard and almost horny, covered the whole scalp. There were fissures in the scales, through which, on pressure, there exuded a thick, yellowish pus, often very offensive. There was great itching, and a disposition to tear off the scabs with the finger-nails -- especially troublesome at night.
The remedy, which corresponds most closely, in its pathogenesis with the above group of symptoms is undoubtedly Mezereum.... The resemblance between these groups of symptoms was so striking that Mezereum was at once selected as the remedy for this case of deafness, just as if the scalp affliction had still been in its original form, and had been the immediate object of the prescription.

Dr. Tyler then quotes James Tyler Kent from his Lectures on Homeopathic Materia Medica on some characteristics of Mezereum: "It [Mezereum] tends to manifest the sufferings of the body on the skin; it throws the physical evils to the surface. The Mezereum patient is in fairly good health when the eruptions are out. When suppressed, catarrhal affections, nervous disorders, strange mental symptoms, constipation, rheumatism, joint symptoms appear; he becomes a mental wreck."
(Dr. Margaret Tyler, Homeopathic Drug Pictures)


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