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I'm currently working on a thorough study of the mental symptoms of some polychrests. Therefore I am looking for information about the core delusions of Ars, Puls., Phos., Nat-m., Sepia, Nux v., Sulfur and Calc-c.

Maybe can someone who owns the program from Luc De Schepper for RADAR Homeopathy Software concerning core delusions could give me some info please?

Thanks in any case!




A modern Guide and Index to the Mental Rubrics of Kent's Repertory

The publisher: This invaluable guide lists common names of symptoms and helps you find the most suitable rubric in the repertory. Numerous cross-references, related rubrics, and synonyms are provided.

Excellent for locating the repertory phrases and rubrics in Kent's Repertory. The book gives the meanings of Mind rubrics [in appreciation of the fact that the meaning of Kent's language has changed radically since the 1880's] from the late 19th century Webster's dictionary – the one that Kent would have used.

This book saves time in your use of Kent's Repertory. It gives synonyms, and points you to the main rubric, sub-rubrics and related rubrics, which are often widely scattered throughout the repertory.

This book should be sold as a concomitant to Kent, because it makes sense of that maze.
In itself it is highly readable, the modern language enabling you to study the old-fashioned repertory with ease.

Emryss Publishers

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Dear Rene, dear Members


A comment on this book:

I came across similar publications before, using Websters dictionary to get more clarity into Kents Rubrics. they seem to make sense and seem to make it easier to use kent.

I followed Kent back to his sources, looking for the correct answers, using comparison of rubrics to identify the correct meaning. This study was an eye-opener and showed me, that a lot of difficulties we have nowadays arose of sloppy editorial work.

Here is an example to highlight this:

Kent: difference between fear (42) and anxiety (4):

Fear is taken from the Boenninghausen rubric: Angst (page 1-2 Boenninghausen TT)

Anxiety is taken from the Boenninghausen rubric: Gemueth allgemein veraendert (Mood altered generally) (page 1 Boenninghausen TT)


As we see, the rubric Anxiety in Kent has little to do with anxiety, as it originally relates to any alteration of mood.

As a result of my findings, I put aside Kent completely and use BB1 instead, which is by far more accurate and has no editorial mistakes.

Besides that, I am not in favour of including advertisements into discussions. We are contributing here without commercial interests, and I like to keep it this way.


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