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Can we use constitution i.e. thin, obesity as an eliminating rubric? Some homopaths claim success.

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Sir, Very good question. Constitution can be used as an eliminating rubric.....

Pl. see the blog-------  

to get the detailed information.


Dr sharma.
I have gone through your article. It is exceptionally good and valuable. Homeopaths can use constitional rubrics with confidence since these rubrics containes a large number of remedies.


Excellent article Dr.Sharma
Very good article, Dr. Sharma.
Dr Sajjad,Yes in certain cases, it can be of help.But there can be much stronger pointer, sometimes which crystallises the case, more clearly than considering constitution as an eliminating factor.

Dr Sushil,
I think they can be helpful for selection of a curative remedy though in every case we cannot prefer over other important symptoms.

Particularly in one sided diseases they can be helpful.


Yes they often play an important role in One sided diseases.
I agree with you Dr. Sajjad.

Constitution in other words can be equated to disposition. Today I was once again reading the book titled ‘Frequent Encounters – Introverts and Extroverts’ by Dr. Prafull Vi...

Some excerpts from the book:

‘The disposition is a genetic trait that individualized a person. The disposition is Mental, General and as well as Physical’

Under Mental Disposition he has listed:

  • Angry disposition
  • Timid disposition
  • Weeping disposition…etc

Extroverted…subdivided into

  1. Normal or Primary Extroverts (Sycosis Excess),
    1. Sulphurs
    2. Snakes
    3. Loud Talkers
    4. Sweet Talkers
    5. Self Praisers
    6.  Secondary Extroverts (Sycosis Less) - one’s who need to warm up, know you a little before opening up.
    7. Abnormal Extroverts (syphilitic).

Introverted…subdivided into Introverted –timid, Introverted-Morose, Introverted-Haughty, Introverted-Sober and graceful, Introverted-contented, Introverted-indifferent, Introverted-Sad.

Under General Disposition:

  • Bleeding Disposition
  • Thirsty and Thirstless
  • Chilly and Hot

Under Physical Dispositon:

  • Tendency to affect skin, nerves, susceptibility of organs, sides affections, changes like decay, caries, induration, discolorations etc.

He goes not to quote Aphorism 210 to 215 and footnote 121 and 122 to bring out the importance of disposition.


Another  excerpt:

In chronic cases like Arteriosclerosis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Tumours, Fibroids, Relaxation of tissues causing Hernia, Prolapses, Distortion of bones, Leukaemias and other grave diseases like Auto-immune Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, Rheumatoid arthritis, to arrive  at a right similimum:

  • Mental disposition is to be considered
  • General disposition is to be considered
  • Physical disposition (side affection etc) is to considered.

Dear Members

Homoeopaths select their medicines according the simile law = the disease-symptom-picture forms the basis for the selection of the remedy according symptom similitude so that their prescriptions become homoeopathic.

Allopaths decide on medicines on other grounds, such as constitutions, test results etc.

So asked the question, if constitutional hallmarks can be used as eliminating factors can be answered with YES, if I am a allopath and NO, if I am an homoeopath.

So-- the choice is yours.


however, one choice is excluded: claiming to be a homeopath and selecting remedies on allopathic grounds.

By your deeds you will reveal your true colours.


CONSTITUTION is not disease and therefore constitutional hallmarks are not disease symptoms.

CONSTITUTION cannot be equated with DISPOSITION. They are two different things, even though certain constitutions seem to predispose certain diseases, the disposition to attract a certain disease can exist independently.

See for example acute childhood diseases, --

Obesity  if it occurs alongside other disease symptoms can form part of the disease-symptom-picture, if it is not due to an over eating habit.


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