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Dear New Friends,
I am not sure if this is an appropriate post here, as it only indirectly relates to homeopathy, per se. However, you are like-minded about wellness and can make a huge difference in the world by spreading this note, if you'd like. All of this note is in my own words, reflecting my passion and conviction. I originally posted it on facebook, so you may have already seen it...

There's a buzz in the world around rethinking nutrition, especially the nutrition of our children. For the first time ever, children are being diagnosed with such atrocities as ADULT-onset diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc. in staggering numbers. Kids are fat and malnourished everywhere we look in our society.

What has happened? Where have we, the parents, the mothers, gone wrong? Did we forget to listen to our instincts? Have we given over our power, our embodiment as nurturer, to mass marketing, media, TV dinners, and pharmacology to make all the bad stuff go away? Why are we afraid to go against the mainstream to fill our children's lunchboxes with something other than bologna, oreos, and juice boxes?

I tell you as a woman who's life's passion is researching nutrition and empowering mothers (and fathers too!) to take the reigns of this wild runaway wagon with "got milk?" stamped on the side. Times are changing. You are not alone in your desire to think outside the box for your child's well-being, to follow that deep knowing within you that is questioning some of what we are being fed as "right".

The Raw Mom Summit is for all of us, regardless of where we are at in our journey toward optimal wellness. I say it again, regardless of where we are at.

Click on this link for 9 days of free information, networking, support, and education from some of the most inspirational health leaders in the world. It starts Monday June 22nd!
Click or type address to register now:

It takes a village to raise good parents. Join me.

With Blessings and Gratitude for the Abundance in Our Lives,

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Dear Shawna ~ We definitely welcome your thoughts on nutrition and raw food here. In fact, there is a FORUM area where you can post RECIPES and NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS. As you know, homeopathy is 'holistic' approach to healing. This means to prepare the soil - our bodies - as the place where the vital force or soul survives. When we prepare and maintain this shell vessel as wholesome it assists the vital force in its work on earth.

Please give us more direction if this is your passion and interest. You can even post the event in the calendar. Supply us with some of your special recipes. Teach us more.

I just decided to start a blog about my raw food journey and parenting. Please feel free to visit and share it with others. I'm hoping that my journey is a source of support and inspiration for others. If you have clients who are embarking on an alternative food lifestyle with their family, then please refer them there.

I tweeted your blog on twitter. Hope more people read it. Great start to the raw foods.

Is humus considered raw since the peas are cooked in order to blend them?

I just got my first juicing machine. Haven't even taken out of the box.

Looking forward to your recipes.
Great question about the hummus. Actually the chick peas are sprouted, so I didn't cook them at all. What I did was soak them for about 30 hours, I think. It was definitely a whole day. I soaked them on my counter and added water (we have excellent well water) as they bulged and took up more space. Once they're sprouted (you won't see a little sprout come out of garbanzos at this stage, but they're still considered sprouted, or maybe it's germinated. Anyway, they're ready to use), I blend them up with the other ingredients to taste. I promise I will post some recipes on my blog and in the forum at our website. I will take time to do this probably over the weekend. I'm working on a book of recipes. There are already a ton of excellent recipe books out there.
Thanks for your support. I'm so happy you're into this. Enjoy your juicer.
P.S. There are already some great recipes in our forum at Go to the forum and sign in. It's relatively new, but there are some good posts in there. :)
Dear shawna
Welcome to the HWC community. Thanks for joining us. I do believe many practicioners of homeopathy have NO clue as to their patients food intake and what should be avoided. I have read many posts by practicioners saying"what does it matter what my patients eat or drink,with the correct remedy there needs to be no restrictions". I disagree 100%.
Homeopaths call this the MAINTAINING CAUSEFACTOR. I believe that each patient needs a dietary overhaul not ONLY the correct homeopathic remedy.
First of all I address the facts about Alkaline/Acid PH levels in foods/drinks.
An acid PH will cause many symptoms. "Disease' cannot manifest itself in an environment of Alkaline.
Raw foods is best due to the fact its still alive,nothing has been 'cooked' away. Veggan dietary programs also good for the ailing body-as Meats/Dairy cause nothing but harmfull effects (including an Acid PH).
Ellimination of Glutens,sugars,salts,alcohols,soda,sweetners (aspartame) another factor to consider.
Yes this makes for a verry lenthy casetaking,but in my oppinion should NOT be forgotten.


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