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Concussion Epidemic In American High Schools and Sports Injuries Lead to Disease

February 15, 2014 Making NFL Sports Safer for players by changing the rules of the game, providing better equipment, having impartial medical examinations after games, etc. 

September 29, 2013 News Update

Children as young as 8 years old may suffer from head injuries on the school playground. They can have repeated hits to the head when on the playground where their are no rules and regulations about helmets or supervision to prevent injury. Studies show these children can sustain concussion and brain trauma just as great as professional ball players. More investigation into these conditions must be done to protect the young developing minds.

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We might consider that 1) a child's brain is extremely plastic and flexible during the developmental phases and that the brain will compensate for these small injuries or 2) constant trauma will reduce the proper mental function of the child reducing their ability to concentrate and learn, while increasing headache, numbness to limbs and many other physical functions.

February 27, 2013 News Update

Head injury and concussion highlight the sports news because athlete won't report injury for fear of being dismissed or put on the bench.

They want to perform and carry on to lead and support their team members.

They do not realize the short and long term damage to their health.

They do not realize constant bashing of their brain tissue will result in an inability to function or in later years many functional losses. 

Please change the system so that these contact sports will not promote further injury to players. There must be a better way


  • Concussions continue to plague the league, despite its increased emphasis on reducing them. For the second season, the N.H.L. is playing under its broadened version of Rule 48, which penalizes hits that target an opponent’s head or make the head the principal point of contact. But many of the recent injuries, including Malkin’s, were not caused by hits deemed worthy of fines or suspensions.

Live Show June 11, 2012
at 11:00AM Eastern Time USA
Migraines in Men

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HomeopathyWorldCommunity Important Blog
About Healing Epidemic Head Injuries

Besides automobile accidents, climbing ladder falls,
construction injuries, boating, biking and other recreational

vehicle accidents, major head injuries leading to
concussions occur on school ball fields and major league

fields every day.  


This links to a poll.
Will Arnica Help Concussion Even if Injury Occurred Years Ago?


Please post your hospital and clinical experience dealing with concussions and recovery in the comment section.



Students are NOT telling their parents or coaches

about the disasterous effects of head injury


More specifically there is a report and an interview

on The New York Times which you can view via the link.

 View Here Listen to the description by the

father. Would you have a recommendation?

Can anything be done after major surgery?

Pupils dilated and non-responsive.

Today this boy lives at home and
has short-term memory loss and weakness.


* * *

Helmet Safety Investigation

Misleading Safety Claims and Deceptive Practices




New York Times
Produces Concussion Poster

The National Football League is producing a poster that bluntly alerts its players to the long-term effects of concussions, using words like “depression” and “early onset of dementia” that those close to the issue described as both staggering and overdue.  


I attended the International Homeopathic Congress of Medical Physicians 2010 in California

Dr Srinivasulu Gadugu gave a case presentation about concussions. 

  • Most Road traffic accidents cause Severe traumatic brain injury.
  • And 25% of all trauma deaths result from motor vehicle accidents.
  • 1.4 million sustain Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] each each year TBI in India affects 35,000 persons who die and 125,000 persons are disabled each year.
  • TBI 700,000 Indians are living with disabilities related to TBI. Most young adults affected are within 15-25 years of age.
  • This accounts for $70 million per year in financial loss.

The doctor presented a case of a 21 year old male in a motorcycle accident. He was not wearing a helmet and not drinking alcohol. All his senses were altered and had vomiting and concussion. The entire progression of this young man's healing through video presentation inspires us to learn more about homeopathy. He could have remained a vegetable, but instead after a number of months he walked out and went back to attending university. 


  • It is important for Athletes and Sports Managers to learn about Emergency Care Using Homeopathy

1. Arnica Montana for bruising and shock in high potency

2. Hypericum for injury to nerves, concussion and contusions

3. Natrum sulph for head injury and depression

4. Hyoscyamus for restlessness and violence with desire to be uncovered

5. Veratrum album for head sweating with dictatorial behavior of screaming

There are many more homeopathic remedies that must be selected based upon the principles of "similars." Please contact a professional care-taker. This is for educational information only. 


What About Whiplash?

* * *

Our very delicate brain.


 U.S. emergency rooms reported more than 4 million basketball-related pediatric injuries between 1997 and 2007 (375,350 annually).

In "Basketball Related Injuries in School-Age Children, 1997-2007," published in the October 2010 print issue of Pediatrics (published online Sept. 13), researchers reviewed National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) data at more than 100 hospital emergency rooms.

The most common reported injuries were a strain or sprain to the lower extremities (30.3 percent), and particularly to the ankle (23.8 percent).

While injuries declined during the 11-year time period, the number of basketball-related traumatic brain injuries jumped 70 percent.

Boys were more likely to sustain lacerations, fractures or dislocations; girls were more likely to sustain traumatic brain injuries and injuries to the knee.

Older children, ages 15 to 19 years, were more likely to sustain injuries to the lower extremities; younger children, ages 5 to 10, were more likely to sustain injuries to the upper extremities, traumatic brain injuries, fractures or dislocations.

According to the study authors, the continued high number of basketball-related injuries and the rise in traumatic brain injuries remain a cause for concern, and more research is needed to fully understand the factors behind the increase. [source]


Dr Oz gave a report on Concussions and talked about using Tai Chi Workouts as a cure to confusion

Hockey Player, 28, Had Brain Disease Linked to Hits to the Head
NYT | December 5, 2011

"Derek Boogaard, a former National Hockey League player, had a degenerative brain disease linked to repeated head trauma when he died in May at age 28, according to researchers.

The disease, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, widely known as C.T.E., is a close relative of Alzheimer’s disease and has been diagnosed in the brains of more than 20 former football players. It can be diagnosed only posthumously.

The degenerative disease has been found in the brains of all four former N.H.L. players examined by the Boston University researchers. The others were Bob Probert,, who died at age 45; Reggie Fleming, 73; and Rick Martin, 59."

Homeopaths have documented the connections between physical injuries and disease for centuries. One common example we see is breast cancer after injury, like a blow to the chest and breast tissue.

We also connect brain trauma to Alzheimer's, tremors, memory loss, inability to concentrate, swelling of the brain and many behavioral disorders. Numerous homeopathic remedies have been listed in response to these ailments.


Please see the links for concussions on the pages of HWC


Arnica resource links Arnica montana


July 11, 2012 Concussion Study of Canadian athletes who were injured up to 30 years previous had retained only small differences to brain function and clinical examination compared to those who did not sustain concussion. 

  • The differences, subtle as they were, were reminiscent, the authors concluded, of “abnormal aging.” In effect, the concussed brains seemed to be biologically older than the uninjured brains. The 50-year-olds who’d been hit in the head had brains that were structurally and metabolically similar to those of uninjured 60-year-olds.

    And this premature brain aging is a potential consequence of past concussions that bears watching, says Steven P. Broglio, a professor of kinesiology with the Michigan Neurosport program at the University of Michigan.

Just imagine if these people had received arnica or another homeopathic remedy at the time of the injury. Wouldn't it be interesting to have compared a third group of athletes who had used homeopathy? What might we expect to see in terms of the size of hypocamthus, aging and challenging function exams?

CNN| Fabulous story of healing head injury and coma with mega doses of Fish Oil and Oxygen Therapy in very serious case. 

CNN | The effect of these injuries can be felt at the college level as children get pushed forward in schools without adequate support for healing, guidance, understanding and literacy

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The latest theorizing theories |Brain Changes in College Football Players Raise New Concerns | Measuring the brains of football players scientists theorize about the effects of bashing soft tissue and changes seen in the hippocampus.

Autopsies of professional football and hockey players who experienced repeated hits to the head showed signs of severe and progressive brain damage. Duh!

Recent studies with living animals suggest that the brain may respond to even mild concussive blows with inflammatory and other reactions that could also contribute to tissue damage. Duh!

The researches observed that the football players had less volume in the hippocampus, a part of the brain involved in memory and emotional processing, than did the nonplayers. Duh!

Among the players who had no history of concussions (Editors comment: please prove they had no concussion, since most incidents are never reported or even go unnoticed), hippocampal volume was as much as 16 percent smaller than the control group’s. And the difference in size was even more striking among the players who had experienced a confirmed concussion, whose hippocampal volume was about 25 percent smaller than in young men who’d never played.

What does all this prove? 

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Debby this concussion can be dealt with Arnica in low potencies, usually in 3X repeatedly. Head injury even if received years ago ---- Arnica
Thank you. Just confirming with others.
I think Dr. Nilanjana is right.

For Concussion Injuries following medicines are listed in various repertories:

Arnica, Anacardium, acid sulph, Aur, Badiaga, calc, bell, cic, cocc, glon, hell, hyos, Hyper, iod, kali phos, lach, ledum, maganum, nux, nat mur, Natrum sulph, puls, rhus tox, silicea, sepia, spigelia, verat alb.

Natrum sulph helped me on several occasions!
Some Imp. Remedies For Injuries.

Aconitum napellus

This remedy can be helpful when a person feels extremely fearful or agitated after being injured. It may help to soothe anxiety and panic and reduce the chance of shock.

Arnica montana

This is the major remedy for new traumatic injuries-especially bruises, sprains, and concussions. Symptoms are worse from touch and motion. Arnica can be helpful for painful bruising and tissue-damage caused by surgery and dental work-given preventively before an anticipated injury, and used to treat the soreness afterward. It is also helpful in preventing shock.

Bellis perennis

This remedy is useful for injuries to the trunk and deeper tissues-as from falls, car accidents, surgery, etc. -especially if a feeling of stiffness or coldness develops in the injured area. If Arnica has been given for an injury-especially a strain or bruise-but has not had much effect, Bellis perennis may be helpful.

Calcarea phosphorica

This remedy is useful for bone bruises, old or slow-healing fractures, or any injury that leads to soreness in the bones, especially if the area feels cold or numb and improves with warmth. The muscles near the injury may ache or stiffen.


This is a very helpful remedy for cuts and scrapes or other injuries with broken skin. Potentized Calendula can be taken internally, to prevent or combat infection if a cut or scrape becomes inflamed. Herbal calendula can be applied directly to wounds as an ointment, lotion, or diluted tincture.


This remedy is indicated for injuries to body areas with many nerves, such as fingertips and toes, the genitals, the spine and tailbone, and the eyeballs. Shooting pains, a feeling of "jangled nerves," and pains mixed with tingling and numbness are strong indications. People with concussions, nerve pain after surgeries and root-canals, or bites and puncture wounds may benefit from Hypericum.


This remedy can be helpful as first aid if heavy bleeding occurs after an injury, with a feeling of nausea and weakness. (Emergency care is crucial when serious bleeding occurs; pressure should be applied to a severely bleeding wound, and medical help should be found immediately.)

Ledum palustre

This remedy is indicated for injuries that lead to puffy swelling, especially when ice-packs or cold applications bring relief. Sprained ankles or knees, bashed noses, black eyes, or any kind of bruising injury that is painful and very swollen may respond to Ledum.


Contusions or sprains that involve small broken blood-vessels and lead to bruiselike bleeding beneath the skin suggest the use of this remedy. It is often also useful for nosebleeds after injury, and for bleeding in other parts of the body (for instance, after childbirth or surgery).


When small wounds bleed easily, or a person has a tendency to bruise from minor injuries, this remedy can be helpful. It is also useful for nosebleeds.

Ruta graveolens

This remedy is helpful for injuries to tendons, joints, and muscles, and has a special affinity to the coverings of the bones (the periosteum). Bone-bruises, barked shins, or any injury that leads to stiffness and aching may respond. Ruta is often useful after Arnica for sprains, pulled muscles, and connective tissue injuries.


This remedy is best known for its healing effect on broken bones, and is also good for bone-bruises. It is valuable if blunt injury occurs to the eyeball (from a rock, a stick, a flying object, etc.) Any injury to the eye or eyeball should be examined by a doctor.

I had an injury in my teens where I fell down a steep incline, a fall of about 150 feet, I was knocked out at the first roll at the top, I had a fractured skull, many stitches all over my body in places as this "hill" was  fossilized with shell. I was hospitalized for 6 weeks, suffere severe migraines for years ( in those days there was no physio etc), when I was learning homeopathy 25 years later I learnt that Arnica could be useful in old injuries, in talking with a tutor at the time I was advised to take Arnica 10m, that evening I took it and I felt an incredible physical sensation that "something" had lifted from my head. Never suffered headaches since, and emotionally felt a lot lighter. Hope this is of value.
Hope this is of value.
Yes,it is of great value and is a clear proof that Arnica is useful to overcome the bad effects of even an old injury.

Person suffering from Carbuncle latter 20 years after injury, his physical development arrested soon after injury, is cured by single dose of Arnica 10 M.

HEAD - INJURIES of the head; after

am-pic. anac. apis ARN. bell. Calc. calen. carc. cedr. chin. Cic. Cocc. con. fic-m. Fil. glon. Hell. hep. Hyos. hyper. Kali-p. lach. Led. Lob. mang. meli. meny. merc. Nat-m. NAT-S. Op. petr. ph-ac. puls. Rhus-t. Sil. stram. sul-ac. sulph. symph. Teucr. vanil. verat. zinc.


Acon. ARN. bell. bry. carc. CIC. con. cyt-l. fil. glon. ham. Hell. hep. Hyos. HYPER. kali-i. kali-p. led. mang. merc. nat-s. op. ph-ac. rhus-t. sep. sil. sul-ac. sulph. zinc.

HEAD - CONCUSSION of brain - accompanied by - hiccough hyos. lyss.

HEAD - CONCUSSION of brain - accompanied by - nausea Arn.

HEAD - CONCUSSION of brain - accompanied by - spasms cic.

HEAD - CONCUSSION of brain - accompanied by - Tongue; biting of Cic.

HEAD - CONCUSSION of brain - ailments after glon.

HEAD - CONCUSSION of brain - knocking against anything; when foot was bar-c.

HEAD - CONCUSSION of brain - sensation of - misstep; from led.

HEAD - INJURIES of the head; after - children; in - delivery; from carc. nat-s.

HEAD - INJURIES of the head; after - Scalp calen.

HEAD - CEPHALHEMATOMA Calc-f. Merc. Rhus-t. Sil.

Hi Debby

If Arnica doesn't help consider Nat sulph especially if there are changes in personality.

Here is a great summary of other possibles  A Little Bump or A Major Injury?

Be well


Thanks for adding more information, Mary. Yes. Natrum sulph was listed in the top five remedies after head injury in the article which is available as a PDF Download for people to print out and keep handy.

3. Natrum sulph for head injury and depression

In Dr Vikas's list above under Concussion Injuries and

In Dr Rajneesh's repertory rubric in RED LETTERS from Head, injuries after

It is a helpful remedy to have in your emergency kit. 


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