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Dear Friends and colleagues,

Roger van Zandvoort and I have made the well known Complete Repertory available for free to the entire professional homeopathic community.
You can read and study the entire repertory, and use powerful search functions, by using the free Complete Dynamics software.
This software is available for Mac, Windows, and even Linux!

You can download Complete Dynamics for free from
You can find all documentation there.
If you have any questions, just ask them on this forum, or contact me directly.
Edwin van Grinsven
Debby Bruck, CompleteDynamics USA representative

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Dear Edvin, I have downloded the complete repertory softwear from the site but it is only a browser edition, it need to activat a licence key, please tell me how can I get my licence key.
Dear Dr. Khan, you do not need a license key for the free Complete Repertory.
Like Habib, I, too am confused. Is the browser edition the "complete repertory" that was to be downloaded, or was the complete software package being offered. Either way, it shows a great generosity of spirit to present us with either package, but it would help if you could let us know specifically what we have downloaded--if only so that we can make up our minds about downloading the rest if indeed all we have are the browser copies.

Having made the download, I can testify that only the browser was in the package on my Mac when I opened it.

--Vinton McCabe
Hi Vinton,

What you download is both the software and the repertory, in 1 file.
The Browser Edition is the free software and repertory mentioned by me. All you need is the 1 file to download and install, and then just start!
Maybe there was some confusion because the software also comes in a Practitioner Edition with more functions. I did not find it appropriate to promote a commercial version in this forum, so just mentioned the free repertory and software.


Thanks so much for clearing this up and for the gift of the software. From what I have seen so far, it is most impressive.


I could not install it yet. i have download it, but it is not running


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