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"For patient in a Coma or pre - coma for whom oral administration would be impossible or  even dangerous:

ARNICA 3H 1ampoule 1cc

AURUM MET 5H 1ampoule  1cc

BETULA CORTEX 3X 1ampoule  1cc

These are given alternately by subcutaneous injection every hour and  gradually cut down depending on improvement of the patient. I have had occasion to use this  therapy and can honestly say that the results have been excellent except in the certain cases of cerebral haemorrhage which were extremely serious and which no therapy could cure.

When the patient is out of coma, classical homeopathic remedies can be prescribed orally and among them, OPIUM is certainly the most suitable, the most effective and the most reliable."

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Hahnemann advises palliative therapy for patients in extreme emergency state. This seems to be a little better one.
Dr Dushyant. I have heard of injecting homeopathic remedies, but not in case of coma. I'm not sure how and why it is done in the other cases. This information is quite enlightening. Thank you for letting us know what to do in these extreme situations. Did you come upon this treatment method from your old journal readings or did you think of trying it yourself?
This method has been experimented by Dr O.A. Julian. It seemed interesting so shared it. i have not tried it.

Dr Dhari, It is really interesting to find your method of treatment to the patient, who are comatose.It is quite courageous for a physician to undertake the treatment of Coma, in his clinical practice.Also it is quite fascinating to find that the results of treatment were encouraging. You deserve compliments for the same.

Coma may result from a variety of conditions, including intoxication, metabolic abnormalities, central nervous system diseases, acute neurological injuries such as stroke, and hypoxia. A coma may also result from head trauma caused by mechanisms such as falls or car accidents.The underlying cause of coma is bilateral damage to the reticular formation of the hind brain, which is important in regulating sleep.

Do you think that causation has any role in selection of medicine, in cases of coma.

yes causation definitely has a main role in coma.
Homoeopathic medicines work miraculously even in comma patients if administerd orally, as usual. I use to touch a drop of dilution on lips or tongue and it works wonderfully. Then why we should search for such a cruel and painful procedure?
Cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health...... not cruel.....

Dr. Rajneesh!

I agree 100% with you. I do not believe encouragement to O. A. Julian's writings in the presence of advises from reputed masters - including Hahnemann and Kent. 

Hahnemann has at many places recommended olfaction and massage of the indicated remedies on skin.

Coma is a lame excuse for those people/homoeopaths who can not go far in the causative factor/s for coma.

I remember a case of coma cured through olfation and external massage of the indicated remedy, it was shown in the workshop of Dr. Praful Vijayar at Mahabaleshwar by Dr. Narendra Mehta.

In coma, what is the need of injecting some 'formula' when we can reach a better remedy by probing the case through observation and signs?

Dear Dr. Rana,

I do agree with you that there should not be any specifics but in such cases of coma and other critical conditions, at times it is really difficult to get to the constitutional approach and then our aim should be to get a patient revive back to his senses be it by any palliative treatment.

In a patient with coma following road traffic head injury won't you suggest Arnica? Or you still take into consideration what was the patient's state of mind before or during accident, whether he fell on right side or left side........... etc etc.

With due regards to you and homoeopathy, I can only suggest that one should be very much practical in his approach. So far I have treated 7- 8 patients who were comatose, on ventilators for more than a week with medicines like Arnica, Opium, Aconite, Belladonna etc. without considering any constitutional medicine at that time but once they get out of coma, I do finish up the case with the help of constitutional medicine.

Olfaction or rubbing it in the skin have been my preferred methods of application.

Remedies which have worked in my hands:


2) ars, acon, bry, cham, hell, n.vom, phos, verat

Differentiation is done by concomitting symptoms. Previous state of mind is not relevant.

BTW.: I have no information of Aurum met, having brought out coma in its proving, -- can anyone enlighten me?

Indicated remedy or partially indicated remedies does give a direction to the vegetative state of Comatose patients. Once In a case of coma, after giving a homoeopathic indicated remedy, to 42 days duration coma where patient was declared totally hopeless by the doctors of a known institution of northern india,and they were requesting and suggesting attendants to take patient home as they were feeling that they already did what can be done in the case, within 3 hours after giving remedy , patient start suffering from tremors all over the body . Doctors declare it due to hydrocephalous developed suddenly and decided to go for craniotomy to withdraw fluid. Recovery ensues in next three days, patient opened her eyes, started following commands in next 7-10 days and discharged from the hospital in 26-28 days, conscious, oriented but with rt sided paralysis, on oral fluid diet, verbal incompetence etc  

Patient remained with homoeopathy for next 7-8 months alongside allopathic treatment. Lachesis, nat-mur and thuja were the remedies which were used.

Patient suffered Brain stroke after a quarrel with her daughter-in-law who insulted her husband ( Patient's ) in-front of her.

As patient is in coma, one can give constitutional only after consulting with near and dear ones of patient, So one cannot declare it a constitutional  but as comatose cases are one sided cases and one needs to apply the most indicated remedy ( group of remedies ) in hand and proceed as the situation proceeds .

any experience of treating comatose patients with homoeopathy Using Hair Transmission? may be Dr. Ravi Singh will be able to comment


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