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Where can I post this most beautiful story of two people cleaning up a tiny square hector of coastal beach? We have a Protect The Earth group where many of our environmental articles, videos and news items rest peacefully. We have news categories in the forum, but no "environmental" category. I'm not sure whether it's needed. 


The story of this couple gathering plastic pollution, their message, and the time spent gathering, collecting, sorting, categorizing, designing, composing, building and melding colorful plastic debris inspires us to rethink how we behave. 


Richard Lang and Judith Selby Lang propose a philosophy of life that adds meaning to everyday objects and how these plastics affect the planet. For over ten years, they walk hand-in-hand, walking along the sandy Northern California beach, scanning the horizon and the shoreline. As children, we played near the surf and hunted seashells. Today, we must clean up our natural landscape to make it habitable again for all living organisms. 


They turn discarded waste into collages, sculptures, prints, jewelry and installations for everyone to admire and gaze upon in wonder. Humans have dumped enough recyclable non-degradable plastic trash for many people to pick up, find a use. Turning neglect into a beautiful artistic message to care for the earth. Color our world. Use glass. 



One Plastic Beach from High Beam Media on Vimeo.

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Thank you for your remarks. Every comment counts.

How true. The inventive creative stories from each person can be a teaching tool for students. They can learn about what they like, what they purchase, what they save and keep, what creates meaning in their lives and the impact of materialism on the planet. 

Students can learn about career options, such as archeology, environmental science, landscape management, toy manufacturer, architecture, fashion and design, food manufacturer, bottling design, museum designer, investigative researcher, graphic designer, detective, and what about puzzle maker? 

We see how two people have come together to work passionately about cleaning up the beach landscape, finding lost objects as they wash up on shore, repurposing these items, making artwork statements and finding meaning in their day's work of picking up litter. 


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