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One subject that gets asked about a lot is constitutional types. I find that there is a great assumption in modern homeopathy to classify certain types of individuals into “constitutional types”. Several authors have written extensively about this and painted many pictures about what Sulphur or Lycopodium or Natrum Muriaticaum “constitutional types” look like. I find this very dangerous in homepathy.

Every case before us stands on it’s own unique set of symptoms. No two cases are the same even if the same remedy is given. To create a box or group to file certain attributes of a remedy together and then fit a person to the box is not homeopathy. Learning any system that does this is very dangerous and leads to poor homeopathic prescribing.

I was studying from Kent’s Lesser Writings and he said it best;

“Why should we attempt to classify constitutions as an aid in prescribing? Every individual is a constitution, and no two sick persons can be classified as of the same class to the satisfaction of any clear, observing, and thinking homeopath. It is a fatal error to classify constitutions, as no two are sufficiently similar, when observed by a genuine homeopath to form even a common class. Human beings are a thousand times more complex than the chess-board in the hands of most skilfull players.

Every change in combination in mental and physical signs and symptoms brings a new view of the entire patient as observed collectively. Normal mental methods come to all thinkers in such diverse appearances as to justify the well-known statement that no two minds are alike. In similar manner, all abnormal minds appear to the alert physician as sick individuals. Mental abnormalities may be classified by their common manifestation by the alienist, but the classification is never useful to the homeopath when searching for the remedy. The classification is made up from common symptoms of the mental-disease symptoms for the purpose of medical diagnosis, but the peculiar symptoms in each and every morbid mental case must guide to the prescription, and these prevent classification.

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Thanks Dr.Sarswat for starting this discussion as it is very important, many homoeopaths say that Kent used this constitutional prescribing. Which is not true as you have mentioned above. 
Thanks Dr. Nilanjana. I am agree with your opinion.
You are welcome.
Dr.Anand, please read Kent's Lesser writing, your doubts will be clear. And Dr.Sarawat also uploaded some of it as above.
an individual’s constitution is the sum-total of that individual’s being which is manifested at a particular moment in time. It comprises the form patterns which their life, inheritance & experience upto that point have produced, by implication, includes the influence of past diseases, and the malaises of the present, as well as the susceptibility to future imbalances from the perspective of the present. It is a dynamic continuum subject to constant change while being similar in essence from the moment of conception to the moment of death. It includes the susceptibility to disease patterns (and hence remedy patterns), but is greater than these. The constitutional remedy is that which resonates most closely with the sum of the presently manifest imbalances within the individual’s constitution.
Very good point of discussion. Regards Dr. Sarswat.
In my opinion, every human being has two constitutions. One is genetic and the other is acquired. Genetic constitution is more or less of a permanent nature whereas the acquired constitution keeps changing. It is affected by everything that we have in the universe be it food, heat, water, air, light, movement of stars, colors or anything. Even the subtle energies around the people we meet in our life also affect us directly or indirectly, emotionally or mentally, less or more. How all these and other factors affect the human being is a lengthy subject by itself, which I shall leave alone for now.
We all know that love and hate have a bearing on our emotional and mental states. Something serious happening at the other corner of the world also stirs our emotional and mental states and generates a thought process. So the things that affect us may be physical, non-physical, measurable, immeasurable, visible, invisible, perceptible or imperceptible. There are innumerable things in the universe that we are not yet aware of even with so much of advancement in science but they affect us one way or the other, directly or indirectly. Such effects may be temporary or permanent in nature. The sum-total of all those effects makes a constitution, which includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual spheres. As long as a human being is alive, these four layers cannot be detached from each other and cannot be considered in isolation.
With this concept of everything affecting us, if we try to make a list of all such factors, elements and energies, the list may never be complete because we do not know about all of them. In such case it does not seem possible to conclusively attach more importance to one factor and less to another and finally say that such and such thing is the basis of the constitution. Since the factors making up the constitution keep changing and affect the person according to his/her life style, dietary habits, physical, emotional and mental states, there ought to be a change in the resultant constitution and since all the influencing factors are not exactly the same for everyone, every individual has a different constitution. It is the net individual constitution at one point of time that matters and should be considered.
You are absolutely correct in your view Dr Saraswat.Every human being is a different constitution,no two sepia ,nat mur and patients of other drugs are same.And moreover this is a common fault made in homoeopathic prescriptions.We should never try to match the drugs of our materia medica with the totality of symptoms of our patients but should do the opposite ie,to match the totality of the case with the most suitable drug of our materia medica.AUDE SAPERE
Thanks Dr Paul For comment.


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