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Name: Mr R.

Age: 47yrs

Sex: Male

Occupation: Web designer

Presenting complaints: Chronic indigestion suffering for several years

Details of the Presenting complaints:

I have poor digestion, or in other words my stomach lacks proper digestion. Have to eat limited quantity. Cannot eat cheese, nuts, eggs, meat as they are hard to digest foods. Causes stomach cramps (pressive or squeezing in the center of abdomen) and constipation for a few days. Worse during day time.

Chilly, feet wet cold and they turn blue.

Very structured in eating, maintain same time intervals and same type of food.

Need control – when I make my mind then I strictly follow it..

Cleanliness- not that much worried, but I definitely try to clean the mess.

I feel sensitive when people who are close to you are not feeling good...then you feel uncomfortable, anxious..

I like to Stay in contact always- e.g phone texting etc then I feel good, not anxious...something to fill all the time.

I enjoy routine of my home, like to be busy.

Angry with my wife as she constantly disagrees with me.

Thirst – drinks lot of water, in sips

Aversion or dislikes – potatoes

Like to have sweet as dessert at night

Don’t like cats – allergic to them...sneezing, breathing problems.

Spring allergies with redness and puffy eyes and dullness of mind

Anxiety about his health, with fear of death due to major sickness

I don't trust people nor like those people who just talk to give a good feeling but that doesn't make any sense

Lips and palms dry

Past history: No major sickness except Bronchitis.

Family history: Mother has heart disease and also has chronic indigestion problem.

Father has diabetes

Vital signs: Normal (e.g Pulse, Temp, RR, BP)

Local examination: NAD

Physical & Mental generals:

Chilly...feet wet cold...they turn blue.

Thirsty: Sips of water

Aversion: potatoes

Gets easily full after eating

Worse cheese, nuts, eggs, meat & over eating

Anxiety and Dullness of mind


Pressive, or squeezing Pain (inside) in the center of abdomen (epigastrium)

Dreams: of dead mother

Lips & palms are always dry

Likes to be busy

Complaints worse in day time

Lab investigations and Disease diagnosis: No proper diagnosis was made

Symptom analysis, Repertorial analysis, etc.


Stomach, pressing pain after eating

FULLNESS, sensation of, eating, ever so little, after

Aversion to potatoes

Stomach, disordered, fat food after

Stomach, disordered, cheese,mouldy

Thirst, small quantities, for, often

Perspiration, foot, cold

Extremities, toes blue

Repertorial (Kent) Analysis


          Fear, alone, of being.

          Fear, people, of.

           Fear, death, of.

           Frightened, trifles, at.


           Violent, friends, to his (single symptom).

           Anxiety, health, about his.          

Eye: eyelids: swelling.

Face: redness,.


Stomach: heaviness: eating, after.

Dreams: dead: people, of.

The digestion is poor and the stomach is easily disordered

Food and drinks: fats and rich food: agg.

 Food and drinks: sweets: desires.

Pain: cramping, griping.

Food and drinks: cold: drinks, water: agg.

Food and drinks: cold: drinks, water: agg.: heated, when.

Food and drinks: cold: food: agg.

Food and drinks: food in general: aversion to.

Food and drinks: ice-cream: agg.

Food and drinks: meat: aversion.

Food and drinks: milk: agg.

Food and drinks: sour, acids: desires.

Food and drinks: sweets: desires.

Food and drinks: warm: drinks: desires.

As per sensation method of Dr Sankaran the client is classified into Mineral Kingdom as there is issue of lack of something. Below are supporting indications for mineral kingdom:

I have poor digestion, or my stomach lacks proper digestion


Control: food, like to have control in sleep pattern

Like routine of house, likes to be busy.



He needs a salt remedy from Row 4.

Kali is from Row 4 and column 1

Security in terms of relationships, money, house, job & health. There is immense need of family and whole support system. There is marked anxiety when there is threat to their family members.

Commonest expression is anxiety about family.

The other expression is discontented, dissatisfied with the family members or the ones on whom you are dependent.

Arsenic is situated between Row 4 and column 15

Things going out of control. Feeling is totally helpless.

Defenses are weak and people are taking away things. They have to be extremely cautious and see how much and how long he can preserve.

Kali Arsenicum: Feeling is they can’t trust people on whom they are dependent. Anxiety about family, health, business. Fear of starving.

His extreme anxiety makes him organized, cautious, fastidious, careful. He becomes quarrel some with his family.

Very chilly. Can’t have his legs and feet uncovered.


 Mucous irritation of the stomach.


Agg: cold: a part of body becoming: feet becoming.

WORSE cold feet. 1-3 AM

    BETTER rainy days.

  Chilly and sensitive to cold.

Most complaints are aggravated after eating and after exertion.

While it has morning and evening aggravation, the nights are full of sufferings; midnight especially, and from 1 to three AM, there are many sufferings. The chilliness is very marked. Extreme sensitiveness to cold, and complaints are aggravated from cold, from cold air from becoming cold, from entering a cold place. Aversion to open air. Takes cold from a draft, and from being heated.

He sees dead people in his nightly delirium

Remedy selection:

Since Kali Arsenicum matched very closely to the state of client mentally, physically and emotionally he was given Kali Arsenicum 200 single dose. And told to repeat only when there is relapse of symptoms. He repeated once in 2 or 3 wks.



Follow up after 2 months

Definitely change…70-80% improvement.

Didn’t have problem…no cramps any more.

Cut back on remedy.

Before helpless…now feeling more confident.

Follow up after 6months

Doing good. Improvement more than 80%. Taking less frequently.

Follow up after one year

There is relapse of same symptoms. Given higher potency 1M as the remedy is still pointing to    Kali Ars but needs higher strength.

Until now for past 1 1/2 year he is doing good.

Differential diagnosis of remedies:

Other remedies that came up matching to some extent for this case are as below.

Arsenicum Album, Nuxvomica, Lycopodium, Pulsatilla.


Lycopodium: Good remedy for Indigestion, distended stomach, flatulence but it didn't cover the mental generals of the client.


Pulsatilla: Worse after eating, morning, eating fats or rich foods. slow to digest. Hours after eating there is a sense of fullness in the stomach, a lump in the stomach, ameliorated by slow walking in the open air.


Pains particularly of the abdomen; pains cutting, causing the patient to bend double, with nausea from overeating; bearing down; spasmodic pains in the abdomen, often extend into the limbs, but more often towards the rectum; colicky pains which urge to stool and urination; renal colic, especially when each pain shoots to the rectum and urges to stool.

Arsenicum Album

Gastric derangements; after cold fruits; ice cream; ice water; sour beer; bad sausage; alcoholic drinks; strong cheese.

Diarrhoea, AFTER EATING OR DRINKING; stool scanty, dark-colored, offensive, and whether small or large, FOLLOWED BY GREAT PROSTRATION

Skin: dry and scaly; cold, blue and wrinkled; with cold, clammy perspiration

Mentally restless, BUT PHYSICALLY TOO WEAK TO MOVE; cannot rest in any place. Rapid sinking of vital forces.



The client is improving and more focussed in natural and healthy diet, doing yoga and excercise to maintain his health in balance along with using homeopathy.





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Expert case taking. Thanks for sharing.


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