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Children: Homeopathic Materia Medica with Repertorial Symptoms Roberto Petrucci.

This book contains information on 543 remedies and how they are expressed in children. Many small and new remedies are covered. some information is more theoretical and some from cured cases. Many of the drug pictures of new or smaller remedies would also help understanding your adult patients too.

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Review of Homeopathic Treatment of Children Seminar with Farouk Masters and Roberto Petrucci
23rd & 24th May 2009 Regents College London by Mike Andrews

I came across Roberto’s immensely useful new book Children: Homeopathic Materia medica with reportorial symptoms some months ago and was delighted to have the opportunity to meet him and to hear what he and Farouk had to share about treating children.
A wide range of cases were presented at the seminar including two Lac leoninum asthma cases. Some different prescribing strategies were presented; all backed up with impressive PowerPoint slides (available as downloads from Roberto’s website: ). Both Roberto and Farouk demonstrated excellent use of repertory skills and backed up their materia medica and case analysis with reference to the Radar Synthesis repertory.
It was good to go to a seminar where cases were presented that responded well to polycrests such as Tuberculinun, Rhus tox and Carcinosin (Autism case), as well as a few smaller or newer remedies.
Hyperactive remedies such as Gallicum acidum and Ictodes foetida were presented, along with Arsenicum iodatum, Saccharum officnale.
Ictodes foetida
In addition to being a remedy “for asthmatic complaints, worsened by inhaling any dust and disappearing in the open air the child is also impetuous, contrary, quarrelsome and inclined to contradict, also intolerant of contradiction. Absence of mind and inattention.”
Gallicum acidum
“This remedy has fear of ghosts, fear of dark, and fear of being alone. It is mentioned in the rubrics destructiveness, biting, kicking and striking. This remedy lies between Belladonna, Stramonium and Tuberculinum.” For me one of the key differentiations from Stramonium is that the Stramonium fears tend to come on more at night, where as Gallicum is the rubric ‘MIND - COMPANY - desire for - watched constantly; wants to be’. Roberto also mentioned ‘MOUTH - TASTE - bad – night’ as a physical confirmatory symptom.

Farouk Masters shared his wealth of experience and knowledge from a busy and long practice. He talked in depth about the importance of taking into account the mother’s state during pregnancy, this may now be a common idea but he was one of the first modern homeopaths to develop this idea. It was particularly useful to see video cases of children with severe acute asthma. He directly turned his observations into rubrics to find quick acting remedies.
Sambucus niger case
Very useful paediatric remedy. Case of an only child aged three: very protected, fully vaccinated, allergic: dust, bread, feathers, paper, carpets, sea, “which planet should my child live on”.
Observation: turned directly into rubrics
MIND - WEEPING - respiration - complaints of; with
RESPIRATION - DIFFICULT - sitting - amel.
RESPIRATION - WHEEZING - night - midnight – after
Sambucus nigra 50M five glass method, quick response to remedy. Farouk does have the advantage of working in a hospital and being able to keep the child under observation.
I was a little disappointed by Farouk’s presentation on Cancer. He showed a case with a liver abscess which responded well to treatment, but he seemed dismissive of the Ramakrishnan method.
It was definitely worth attending the seminar with both practitioners depth of practical experience and knowledge gained from their busy paediatric practices. If you missed the seminar do check out their books.
I was slightly concerned by their frequent repetition of high potencies which might not be such a good idea for a less experienced practitioner. The majority of my chronic cases respond well to one dose and wait, but there are times when the strategy discussed could be useful in some of my previously unresponsive cases.
Petrucci R. (2007) Children: Homeopathic Materia medica with reportorial symptoms B.Jain Archibel Belgium
Masters F. (2006) Clinical Observations of Children’s Remedies 3rd edition Lutra Netherlands
Schroyens F. (2007) Synthesis Treasure Edition Archibel Belgium
To my knowledge it is very expensive.


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