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GMO's cause defects in living organisms, sterility in plants, and can be considered a form of bio-terrorism. Take time to listen to this discussion.


Plant mutations result as a result of GMO seed crops that are not being evaluated

before being put in the market, to your grocery and your dinner plate.


A list of health effects include asthma, allergies and other respiratory illness


Note the connections between organizations, governments, industry and persons

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Unfortunately, Obama policy has not changed from Bush policy







Chaos at French nanotech debates

22 January 2010
Nanotechnology in France
France's public debates on nanotechnology have been disrupted by protesters

BREAKING NEWS: Is Genetically Modified Corn Toxic?

Protestors have caused the public to be banned from four debates on nanotechnology taking place across France. After Grenoble in December, and Rennes and Lyon in January, Marseilles saw the local debate organised by the Special Commission for Public Debate (CPDP) shut down by protestors on Tuesday. They clapped, whistled, shouted, threw paper balls, and raised banners with slogans such as 'Nano, it's not green, it's totalitarian'. 

Although earlier debates had seen these protests questioning the legitimacy of the debates, organisers attempted discussion for more than thirty minutes before retreating to a private room to webcast the debate and interact with the public through the page's forum.

In addition to discussing nanotechnology with an audience of the general public, panellists from scientific, health, and environmental organisations planned to debate topics related to nanotechnologies. Nine other debates have successfully been held in other cities since October of last year. 

If the Parts and Labour organisation of Grenoble is not directly organising the protests, it certainly appears to be encouraging them through its website and a second nanotech-focused site. The organisation declined to comment when contacted by Chemistry World. 

Both websites host articles which attempt to discredit the debates on grounds of funding, from the French Government, and the credibility of the independent panellists. The criticism was enough for the CPDP to post a letter on the debates' website in November, defending debate participants against accusations that they were government-controlled, through money or affiliation, rather than independent voices.

Marc Sentis, director of theLasers, Plasmas and Photonic Processes laboratory in Marseilles and one of Tuesday's panellists, says he decided to get involved with the debates in part because nuclear facilities were never the subject of such public discourse. 'I am 52, so I remember very well as a student, there was no possibility to debate about this important question,' he recalls. 'I didn't go to try to convince people. I still have to have some input [from the public] to know what is good or not.' 

Sentis says that he understands to an extent the protesters' belief that 'everything is decided,' but says that in a democracy if you don't go and try to debate the issues, there is little chance of change. 

The decision by one of the environmental groups due to take part in the debate to pull out on 13 January added a sense of legitimacy to the protesters' claim that the debates are 'phony' and 'antidemocratic'. According to Marie-Christine Gamberini of Friends of the Earth, the important questions on nanotechnology aren't being posed. The organisation lists nanoparticle toxicity, identification nanotechnologies that encroach on private life, and nanotechnologies for war as issues that need to be addressed.

Highly recommend watching.

Tuesday's debate, however, included three panellists from defence backgrounds and one from toxicology, suggesting that these topics are being considered.

In the web forum for Tuesday's webcast one contributor, Paul Cuivre of Paris, wrote that although many decisions had doubtless been made already, a public debate is still worthwhile. 'When I see the attitude of some immature individuals [.] who succeeded at perturbing the debate this evening, I ask myself   questions about the future of participative democracy in France.' 
Kate McAlpine 

This article sent in by Lionel Milgrom with the following comments below:

Mustn't confuse nanotechnology - engineering at the molecular level - with the miniscule doses involved in homeopathic remedies (Indeed,  low potency prescribing at the 4-6X level involves actual solution concentrations of the active substrate at the femto/sub-femto level - for your information, in terms of scale, 'nano' = 10 to the power MINUS 9: 'femto' = 10 to the power MINUS 15).
Nanotechnology involves the use of tiny particles to do all sorts of things, e.g., beauty treatments, drug delivery, etc. Because these particles can be smaller than cells, there is no idea yet how the body might react to them. Also, the properties of substances on a nano-scale can be completely different to their properties on a usual macro-scale (e.g., gold metal is yellow and heavy and insoluble in practically everything except aqua regia, but gold nano-particles can create solutions in water that have a most fantastic range of purple colours).
It is this LACK of knowledge about the possible harmful health effects of nanotechnology - engineering on the molecular scale and the introduction of nano-particles into the body - that like GM crops is causing all the concern, especially as this is something that has been industrialised and commercialised pretty quickly. Much more research needs to be done to determine safety levels and possible environmental impacts of nano-technology. And it is this lack of certainty and knowledge about the safety surrounding nanotech that is driving the demonstrations in France. So, just as big pharma and powerful interest groups are driving the attacks on homeopathy, so they are also trying to ride rough shod over people's concerns about GM crops and nanotechnology....and the French, God bless them, know only too well how to deal with being ridden rough-shod over....public disorder and Madam Guillotine....
ATB ~ Lionel



For those new to the topic you may want to read 
Do Nanoparticles in Food Pose a Health Risk?


A new study reveals that nanoparticles are being used in everything from beer to baby drinks despite a lack of safety information

By David Biello   

Plastic imbued with clay nanoparticles helps make Miller Brewing Co. beer bottles less likely to break as well as improves how long the brew lasts in storage. Simply H's Toddler Health nutritional drink mix includes 300-nanometer (300 billionths of a meter) iron particles. And a wide range of cooking and cleaning items now employ nanosize silver particles to kill microbes.

Yet, the Washington, D.C.–based environmental group Friends of the Earth (FoE) reports that none of the more than 100 food or food-related products it identified that contain 
nanoparticles—puny particles between 100 and one nanometers—bears a warning label or has undergone safety testing by government agencies.

"Products created using 
nanotechnology have entered the food chain," says report author Ian Illuminato, FoE's health and environment lobbyist. "Preliminary studies indicate there is a serious risk…. We should know that it's safe before we put it in our food." . . . .



(NaturalNews) A report published in the International Journal of Microbiology has verified once again that Monsanto's genetically modified (GM) crops are causing severe health problems. A legal challenge issued against Monsanto forced the multi-national agriculture giant to release raw data revealing that animals fed its patented GM corn suffered liver and kidney damage within just three months.

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