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Can We change calcarea phos 6x in homoeopathic medicine 30c [dilution]? If Yes, than write the whole process.

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Very intresting & a perfect practical question . These question revises our skill (learning during our college life) & always need upgradation.]
I know the answer but let us wait for others....
Dr Ravindra,
The whole procedure is written in pharmacy books.
Respected sajjadakram sir,
Some practical things, which we left in our college, is now todays need in our daily practice/dispensing medicines. We used to talk on "what a person said in books or what a person is doing wrong" & less discussing the very small & more interesting " how to practice easily & how to solve difficulties.
Time has changed, nature changed, susceptibilities changed, so now we have to concentrate on smallest ever things to upgrade ourselves to face these changes... & pharmacy is a very important subject ,which people generally avoid ....
We are more interested in practicals under guidelines of our teachers rather then blindly follow the lines of a books...
We blindly follow the principled proven task of our teachers only....
Regards & expecting some of your valuable experiences .....
Your presentation is very valuable on the part of pharmacy & we can learn how medicine prepare in your country. Thanks a lot sir..
Now, the interesting part of this discussion starts ( as i already mention that we used to avoid pharmacy) & here you also miss one very important thing & i can only give you a clue " (that after knowing the answer you will jump)......
Thanks, to all homoeopaths. A special regard to Dr.Sajjad, who always teaches a new thing with his expert comments.
No reply from a long time.
Hello HWC members...What is the basic answer of this post. Dr.Dasgupta have already provided a clue....
Dear Homoeopaths,
My clue is " (that after knowing the answer you will jump....)
Find out & give the answer.
We are Mexican Jumping Beans here and waiting for an esteemed member to tell us the secret and taking a 6X potency and transmuting it into a 30C potency.

We are starting with a substance proportionally diluted 1 part to 9 parts or some say 1 part to 10 parts.

This is Succussed Ten Times and serially diluted Six Times.

The math has always eluded me.

1 X 10 = 10
2 X 10 = 20
3 X 10 = 30
4 X 10 = 40
5 X 10 = 50
6 X 10 - 60

Where do we go from here? How to change to a "C" Hundredths potency?
Do we dilute one/half times ten? My tiny pea brain does not get any of the numbers.
Dear Friends,
Put one grain of 6 decimal [6x] of cal. Phos.& put it in a highly cleaned glass phial. Pour 50 minims of distilled water[50 parts by weight] & shake the phial gently & dissolve, then add 50 minims[50 parts by weight] of alcohol to it. Give ten uniform downward strokes. This produces the 8 potency in liquid form under decimal scale.[or 8x liquid potency] Here 7x potency of cal. Phos. Not prepared due to JUMPING potency.
8x equal to 4c or we can say 6x equal to 3c
Now we take 1 minim from 4c potency & add 99 minims of alcohol with ten downward strokes, & makes 5c potency, By repeating this process we can make the 30c liquid potency from 6x decimal [Trituration] to 30c [liquid] potency of cal. Phos.
Thanks Dr. Sarswat to remind this which we all may have forgotten.
the decimal process is a method for obtaining intermediary potencies, i e ,potencies between centesimal level(5x is between 2c and 3c in dilution).they are prepared just like centesimal potencies,but in a 1:9 ratio.while 6x and 3c are equiv...alent in dilution,IT IS NOT KNOWN AT TIME HOW THEY DIFFER QUALITATIVELY,AS THE 6X HAS RECEIVED MORE SUCCUSSION THAN THE 3C.without some sort of exacting methodogical research it can ON BE ASSUMED that 6x and 3c,or 30x and 15c,are equivalent potencies producing equivalent healing' ---DR YASGUR
pls comment on this statement dear doc.
peace wasalam


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