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Dear Forum Members,
There are some questions in my mind regarding Homoeopathy. As you are well aware each drug has its nature, some likings and dislikings. E.g. Nux Vomica and Staphysagria like drugs has anger and Ars. Alb like drugs has disciplin with them. Now suppose one has anger we take this characteristic as a guideline for selection of drug and we may select either Nux Vom. or Staphy. for certain disease looking to the other symptoms. But suppose one is always in angry mood or strongheaded, can these drugs change their nature and cool down their hot temperament permenantly by giving high powers say 10M or CM's repeated doses?

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Hello Dr. Ashwin
Good subject for discussion.
In my personal oppinion I say It is possible to "Balance" a Strong minded Hot tempermented constitutional type.
Long term care under surpervision of a practicioner given doses only when needed in gradual increases of potency (if and when they need it) Does show good results,I have seen it often.
It does not change the constitutional type
It does Balance to extremes,makes use of this 'energy' instead of using it for negative purposes its used for positive modalities.
Each constitutional remedy has its two sides (the polar opposites)
When one side gets OFF balance-the correct dosing/potency may aid to rebalance.
It is a long term goal for a practicioner to help each patient that is willing to do this journey,certainly not a short acute fix it.
Within each patient there are mental/emotional/spiritual/physical trauma's that make up layers within their vital force.These make imprints on the outcome of how they interact with the outside world.
If all of this gets surpressed in a lifespan then the vital force stays stagnant,no progress towards wellbeing. This is how most people exist on this planet. The opposite happens when homeopathics are used,opens up all the layers of trauma so these people can disolve the epigenetics of predisposed latent miasms causing pain /sorry/anger/fear/anxiety/ego..............etc.
Change is nature of a person could be made with Homeopathic remedies, if you are prescribing for the cause behind that nature.

The homeopathic remedies when proved had caused these specific mental states ( the likes of Nux.vom, ars.alb, that you have mentioned ) in seemingly healthy people. And if such a state is encountered in any person, the corresponding similar remedy should remove it .

Else, the law of similars would be invalid.

Dear Dr Ashwin ~ Can you please refine your question to help me understand if there is one or more points of information.

1. Is the question whether High Potency Remedies - i.e. 10M or CM will cause a change in temperament?

2. Is the question whether we know that each drug has a nature of personality type with likes and dislikes?

3. Is the question whether once we determine a particular emotional aspect i.e. anger or discipline how we differentiate which similar remedy is the correct choice, since more than one remedy can have the same emotional attached to it?

4. Is the question whether the selected remedy may actually temper and/or change a personality, not withstanding the potency given?
Hello Dr. Ashwin
I would say that yes if a correct similimum is given to a patient , It can milder the personality from strongheaded to a moderate person ,
As far as Part B of your question is concerned about potency , I have seen that even low potency of a well selected medicine can bring out the desireable change ,
And moving to part C of your question about the permanancy of temprament correction , I will say that Temprament depends on many things as
1. Life style
2. Stress ( mental , physical , social , economical )
3. Family atmosphere
4. Social conditions
5. Climatic conditions
6. Health status and lot many factors .
If a person along with the constitutional homoeopathic treatment focuses on the above said factors , I believe he can be cured permanently .


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