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Occasional a few among our patients go to allopathic practitioners for quick relief of presenting complaints, and within a few days, a good number of them come back with deeper troubles! I have noticed marked changes in the behavior of kids when they from back after allopathic treatment. Even pulsatilla babies behave like cina or chamomilla! Last week, a mother told me that her baby is more irritable after giving allopathic treatment for diarrhea. He was very friendly with all, but now always snappish and irritable. We often come across such cases wherein the disease has been shifted to the mental and emotional level by taking suppressive form of medicines. Unfortunately, the parents are not worried about all these consequences!  

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Allopaths continue to make our job difficult.
 The sole reason being their different understanding ,about the disease and diseased conditions itself. 

Basing itself on crude pathology,Conventional school fails to comprehend, dynamis and dynamic activity. Their idea of disease is material constituent of the body, beginning from cells to body fluid to tissues and organs and the changes caused by some living or non-living external poison, infecting the body.

And each set of material changes is given a disease name .The advocates of orthodox school strive to keep their mind shut against any prior cause of those material changes and try to explain away the cause, which makes the offending organism, which had been ineffectively lurking inside or outside the body of the host, turn active and infect the latter. Various inflammations or degenerations or ulcerations, excess or deficit growth etc are taken as actual diseases.

Dear members

We should note the medications and note the effects they take on babies.

We should thank those mothers to let their children be guinea-pigs. Some good proving symptoms have been found in this way, --

I have also noticed the change of behavior in almost every patient particularly the children. The fear and irritability is common.
Yes, you are right Dr Rafeeque, Allopathic medicine always suppressed & produce hindrance in free flow of energy[dynamis] or V.F. while the Homoeopathic remedy work on mental, emotional & physical level on the basis of similar symptoms & support in free flow of energy on all levels. Allopathic medicine work only physical plane,so we see the irritability & other change in behavior.
Thank u all for the comments!

Parents do not realize the reason that their children become overly sensitive, extremely fuzzy, need over abundance of support, run around in circles, whine, cry, have allergic sensitivities and insomnia is due to drug side-effects. Thus, they know no better. We must teach them to read the information written as "side-effects" and explain that homeopathic treatments work differently, with results that behavior will improve. 


Instead of ADHD hyperactive disorder and asthma from suppressive treatments, children will become more cooperative and independent, thus freeing the parents to a calmer, happier family life. 

Yes, we should educate the patient and his parents before prescribing.

A young student on inhalers of different kinds for along time....and then identified with ADHD was treated by me for a period of 6 months and now he does not need these supportive anymore.

The new academic session is seeing a new student...apparently the effect of the long allopathic treatment has worn off.

Long-term-side-effects of short-term-benefits!
Dear Dr. Rafeeque, you have started a wonderful discussion. It is very important to take complete mental history before and after allopathic treatment. The second picture is temporary while the original one constitutional... For second picture, we can use superficial or short acting remedies while for original picture, the deepest acting ones..


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