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Patient: A 60 years old lady.

First consultation: 20th June, 2016.

Present symptoms of the case:

  • She was so weak that she could enter my chamber supported by her daughter-in-law.
  • Her voice was very low and her face was cachetic.
  • Dryness in the mouth with sticky feeling in the mouth.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Thirstlessness.
  • The condition of the throat was such that she was unable to swallow solid food.
  • Persistent burning sensation in the epigastrium region.
  • Stools were loose like those of diarrhea.
  • Burning in urethra when passing urine.

The past history of the case:

She had bleeding from the 1st of April, 2016 like that of menstrual flow. She was taken to Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust where after examination of Cervico-vaginal pap smear on 6th of April, 2016 Squamous carcinoma was detected.

Copy of the Cytopathology is given below:

Copy of the Cytopathology

On 8th of April, 2016 Punch biopsy was done, the report revealed Moderately Differential Squampous Carcinoma.

Copy of the Hystopathology

On 19th of April, 2016 she was taken to a Super Speciality Hospital where Cystoscopy was performed. Findings were: Urethra normal; Bladder normal.

Photo copy of the Discharge Summary is given below:

Copy of the Discharge Summary

On the diagnosis of Squamous carcinoma the patient was given Radiotherapy 25 times and Chemotherapy thrice till 19th June, 2016; even then the condition of the patient was as described above.

On 20th of June the patient was prescribed one dose of Pulsatilla 1 M and 5 doses of Rhus Venenata 200 with some placebo for fifteen days.

Rhus Venenata has the property to remove the bad effects of Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. I have achieved quite favorable results from this medicine in a number of such cases.

When the patient visited again after fifteen days i. e. on the 6th of July, 2016 she was a changed person. There was improvement in all the symptoms beyond expectation. This time she walked in the Chamber without any body’s help with firm steps. Her face was bright and smiling

Cheerfulness, brightness and smile on the face is the sign of good health.

The patient and her relatives were fully satisfied and very happy by the improvement in her health.

Photo of the patient taken on 16th of August, 2016 depicts clearly the happiness of health.


Please watch the Documentary video of the case:


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