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Psora due to suppression of skin erruption caused by Itch mite.... Sycosis and Syphilis caused by suppression of gonorhoea and chancre which are due to sexual transmission of Gonococcus and tryponema respectively.

It says each miasm has a infection theory behind them. In Homoeopathy we say microorganism are the result of the disease not the primary cause....

But the miasm has a infection before , so which is the primary cause Micro organism or Miasm?

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Fascinating propositional theory to discuss, Charu. Is it the "chicken or the egg?" Which came first? Cause and effect? Was there first the bite of the mite? [poetry!] Or was the vital force asking for the bite due to susceptibility? Was it the environment in which we live, a sign of the times?

Can anything be totally accidental? I don't believe in coincidence. Does the higher-self need some force to fight or resistance in order to move to the next higher level? Oh no, I have heard this word "karma" about the circumstances in which we live. Then, I begin to wonder about the soul's journey through many lifetimes. I do not like to say, "we asked for it and we got it." Did we really ask, want and need all this suffering, disease, accidents, pain, depression? I'm mired in the questions why and wherefore? I have no answers only contemplation and theory.
Of course debby egg or chicken... what ever may be it must have an evolution i hope.
Because the treatment plan depends on this miasmatic theory...

I remember a say of Hippocrates ,
"Diseases are crises of purification, of toxic elimination. Symptoms are the natural defences of the body. We call them diseases, but in fact they are the cure of diseases."

Diseases are as u said karma, its true according to Hindu mythology. Diseases come to purify the soul, Symptoms are the Natural defence as like miasms. A question should must have an answer definitely... let us wait

This is my opinion, I m searching for the truth in this.. let us see


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