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In regards to the swine-flue scare, the homoeopathic fraternity has not addressed something significant and pregnant with meaning, possibly because it has been inadvertedly overlooked. While much has been said about the artificial nature of this particular strain, nobody has made the correlation with vaccinosis in general, except Gina Tyler - great minds think alike.
Prophylaxis with vaccines is also an illusion – ask any of the people with vaccinosis if they ever worked. Prophylaxis is the concept of pre-emptive war, which the politicians in the US have finally discovered too, but which medicine has followed since Jenner.
Although equally much has been said about the vaccines produced and implemented – without adequate testing – none of the esteemed colleagues has addressed vaccinosis as the vector for the flue.Vaccinosis is a phenomenon that produces, among other phenomena, susceptibility to respiratory diseases. Hahnemann already pointed out that vaccinosis – a form of sycosis in Hahnemann’s terms – is the ‘great catarrh-producer’, which was later reiterated by Kent and Burnett. Therefore the amount of victims of swine-flue is due to this phenomenon, regardless whether the flue virus was artificially produced in the labs of Big Pharma or is a naturally occurring one.
Moreover, viruses cannot be the cause of disease; therefore even their artificial nature has no bearing at all on its development.

Pasteur made a great mistake asserting the viral nature of diseases. We only have to consider the fact that causes are always different from results to see the fallacy in his unreliable proposition. In the flue, one in every two cells shows the presence of the virus – this is always so in full-blown cases. Since a full-blown case is an end result – an ultimate in Kent’s terminology – we cannot assume that it is simultaneously the cause. Thus the scare of germs, regardless whether they are genetically altered viruses, is as much a scare as the propaganda surrounding this particular strain – like Santa Claus to little children.

‘Of all the germ distributors, the most notorious is from before our time. Dr Arthur W. Waite of Philadelphia – not to be confounded with his British contemporary, Ar-thur E. Waite of the Golden Dawn – wanted in 1916 to kill his father-in-law. He turned out to be an embarrassment to medical science and by proxy to Big Pharma and/or the bio-warfare industry.
‘In his lab, he had billions of germs; microbes, bacilli, bacteria and viruses.
‘He fed the old man diphtheria and got no results.
‘Then he induced his father-in-law to use a nasal spray, in which he planted whole colonies of tuberculosis. Not a single cough was heard.
‘Next he fed him calomel, to weaken his resistance. He tried typhoid; he tried the flue. He tried pneumonia and dysentery.
‘He even sent the plague and when all these germs failed to do the intended, he went common and used Arsenic.
That worked!
‘If anything, one gets the impression that diets and inhalations of germs such as bacilli and microbes, bacteria and viruses, are good for your health.’
(Fort C. The Book of the Damned)

Pasteur´s Germ Theory Exposed

Let us look at the virus or germ theory a little closer. It is but an assumption that germs cause disease. They say their evidence is presented in the fact that when they kill the bacteria or viruses, the disease is soon gone as well. They simply forget or just conveniently overlook that the disease is simply suppressed and will return at the first opportunity. The viruses become active from some outside trigger – generally an inva-sion by and of those same germs. They attack the living cells and destroy them, in the process using the cell-DNA to multiply. A virus is really nothing more than a string of mRNA cells, which need another cell’s DNA to complete them and divide. If this is allowed to continue unabated, the body will succumb under the onslaught and the victim will die.

That sounds like the correct view, is it not? After all, Pasteur already proved this more than 150 years ago, is the argument.
This story is about as real as the moon being made of cheese.
Pasteur put medicine on the wrong foot and it has not made a single step forward since.
His Quasimodo of a theory is now about to meet its maker, since we will sufficiently show that it better join Pasteur in his grave. They then can both start turning, as we expose both their flaws – Pasteur in his faulty reasoning and his theory in its consequent Quasimodo Gestalt.
Pasteur made a few assumptions, which we shall scrutinise further to discover whether they stroke with the facts or not. The first is the assumption that germs cause disease.
When a disease is full-blown, what is the picture of the blood and/or the tissues?
A so-called ‘viral or bacterial disease’ is characterised by a high level of viruses or other germs in the blood and tissues of victims of full-blown cases, known as the viral or bacterial load. This is – and we should note this well – invariably the case with all viral or other diseases supposedly caused by a virus, bacterium, a bacillus or a microbe. In-variably this is noted only in full-blown cases. Before the case is full-blown we see but an amount corresponding to the severity of the progression.
If we examine the blood of any healthy person, we may find the virus or germ in some cases, but never in disproportionate amounts. In the sick, everyone has a very high count. When normally it may be one per million, in disease it is one or two per three cells. This is the picture and this is the reality of the facts with all diseases that have an associated germ, of whichever class.

The Church of Medical ‘Science’

We know from the state of affairs in the fin-de-siècle twentieth century sciences as well as today – medicine in particular – that nothing has changed since Pasteur or if so, it is only becoming progressively worse. Thus, hypothesis and fantasy, speculation and imagination prove to be the foundation of what is presented as science by such staid publications as Nature, Scientific American, New Scientist, The Lancet, Nature, Time Magazine and the New York Times. These publications form the Bible of the Church of Medical Science and their editors are the Bishops.
It is noteworthy that whenever the Credo is challenged the Church becomes repres-sive, autocratic and sets up an inquisition to search and destroy the heretics with the help of the Jesuits of Science; paid bloggers, education and the mainstream media. The Church’s High Priests, dressed in white coats, decked with ritual stethoscope and blood pressure meter, while babbling their liturgical Greek/Latin gobbledegook mixed with monotonous mantras of abbreviated abracadabra, will not tolerate any other belief to enlighten the public. They claim to have the monopoly on the realisation of health.
In the past, warnings have been given against such attitudes:

“Science commits suicide when it adopts a creed.”
(Thomas Huxley 1825-95, biologist)

Absurdities of the Materialistic Stamp

As Hahnemann noted:

“Therefore disease, considered as a thing separate from the living whole, from the organism and its animating vital force and hidden in the interior, be it of ever so subtle a character, is an absurdity that could only be imagined by minds of the materialistic stamp.”
(Hahnemann S. Organon §13)

Indeed, how could one think that a disease is an external influence? We typify it as aberrational, whereas Hahnemann characterises it in the starker term ‘absurdity’.
So their notions must go by way of slaughter or laughter. Hilarity will be the fitter exit. These notions must be murdered or we will have to laugh them away. There is much that can be said in favour of murder, but in their case that will be wilful waste of the stuff for laughter.

“The natural disease is never to be considered as a noxious material situated somewhere in the exterior or interior.”
(Hahnemann S. Organon §148)

‘The irregular processes which we call disease are as a power invisible in itself and only knowable and cognisable by its visible effects on and sensations in the organism, exposed to the patient and the physician. It manifests as morbid symptoms and in no other way can it make itself known.’
(Hahnemann S. Organon §11)

Kent, a contemporary of Pasteur, expressed man’s preoccupation with conjecture as follows:

‘There is a state of insanity in the sciences of the present day. They put all laws aside, in order to accept for instance the germ-theory (or for that matter any theory), because they want something that in its aggregate is large enough to be felt with the fingers.’
(Kent J.T. Lesser Writings)

'Anything that looks away from exactitude is unscientific. The physician must be classical; everything must be methodical. Science ceases to be scientific, when disorderly application of the law is made,’
(Kent J.T. Lectures on the Philosophy)

Idle Allopathic Dreams

Here is another quote, by the same Dr Kent. He explains clearly what all these germs truly are. Such insights are generally ignored. When something is ignored, the ignorer is simply ignorant. Kent was a contemporary of Pasteur and one of the few who saw through the scam. He refused to be counted among the ignorant and his first dictum was that ‘everything must be scientific’. Here is what he had to say about Pasteur’s ideas and its followers:

'Most doctors have gone crazy over the ‘vicious microbe’ as being the cause of disease and think the little fellows exceedingly dangerous. As a matter of fact, the microbes are scavengers. I wonder if scientists reflect when they make statements about bacteria. Naturally they would say that the more bacteria the more danger, but this is not so. It is well known that shortly after death a prick from the scalpel is a serious matter. This is due to the ptomaines (sewer gasses) of the corpse; but when the cadaver has become green and filled with bacteria, it is comparatively harmless. The microbe is not the cause of disease. We should not be carried away by these idle allopathic dreams and vain imaginations, but should correct the vital force. The bacterium is an innocent fellow and if he carries disease he carries the simple substance which causes disease, just as an elephant would.'
(Kent J.T. The Lesser Writings)

Should we now go out and shoot all the elephants?

They confront us by scare-mongering tactics rather than truth, when the doctors claim the bugs have become resistant super-bugs. We are always confronted with the idea that the bugs simply have become stronger, but in such a scenario, the weakening of the body’s resistance is not sufficiently stressed. Constant and/or regular attacks on the defence system with powerful drugs in massive doses do not make the bugs any stronger, but exhaust the patient’s defence system, since these drugs are strong immune-suppressants.
Now that is really truly scary!
Well, if that is their goal, then misery accomplished!

Such narrow-minded tunnel-vision by the ‘democratic majority’ – they unanimously voted for swine-flue in a no-bid contract – is incapable to see past the finger that points at the moon. When someone points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger, while the wise look at the moon. It behoves us to be wise.
Such type of ‘democracy’ is suffering from democratosis, a deadly disease that forces people to believe and to follow a so-called majority and where the opposition has no say. Science is however not democratic, but is supposed to be scientific. Then again, the pharmaceutical industries and their stooges – the doctors – are not known as fanatic members of the factinistas.

“In these times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
(George Orwell ‘1984’)

The Dynamics of Disease

We should not perpetuate the faulty notion that diseases are caused by germs of whichever kind – it serves no purpose and distracts from the adequate assessment of the disease and its treatment. Instead we should make sure that the disposition, which is caused by vaccinosis, is adequately treated after we have removed the acute symptoms of the present disease. Only then will we be able to reduce the amount of victims. In order to understand that I am not just saying something, it serves to read up on autopsy reports of the victims, which all show they died of pre-existing conditions.
These pre-existing conditions are nearly always symptoms of vaccinosis, as is evident from these same autopsy reports. Wanting to burst the bubble of empty speculations by the sharp thorns of reality about supposed causes, it is necessary to assess the facts rather than engaging in these empty speculations.

Disease is a dynamic, conscious process and has therefore conscious dynamic causes that have their foundation in the self. We cannot expect to remain healthy when our mode of living is exploitative of both resources and people. It makes us moreover unhappy. This explains also why, when a 'viral, microbial, bacterial or bacillus disease’ is around, not everyone will get the disease, as we note. Two people working next to each other will not be both sick, when one of them is a happy person. His colleague will not be able to infect him. Why else does not everyone get sick during the flue season? Some people have better immunity, which protects them better, the doctors will say.
Happiness and contentment – being dynamic in their nature – form the best immunity. Each person who gets the flue or another disease has a mental or emotional problem, is discontent or is unhappy or makes himself so. These are also dynamic processes, of course.
The dynamics of the healthy differ from that of the sick and these dynamics are the clues to disease and must therefore be studied. All examples here show dynamic, rather than physical causes. For one person stands up better to poisoning than another, simply because of the dynamics of his mental state and the consequent reactions of his body. They mirror each other perfectly.
Modern medicine does not consider the dynamics of either disease or medicinal ac-tion. It seeks to find the supposed material cause, which it hammers in, screws down, wedges in-between, shoves under or otherwise foists upon the germs. It sees the virus and other germs as exceedingly dangerous. They think that if they do not kill them, the patient is in danger.
The germs and viruses always keep on multiplying as long as the disease lasts, till death follows, says the theory and shows the practice.
In addition, since death is the final end-result as they say, we must therefore conclude that an abundance of viruses or other germs is also an end-result.
Then how can they be the cause?

Circular Reasoning by Bungling Bishops

We are in a hole in time, which is the cavern of modern medicine. Walls that are dogmas, from which drips ancient wisdom in a patter of slimy opinions, while outside a storm of data has gathered.
They start with the logic of Euclid. The shortest connection between two points is a straight line. What is a straight line? The shortest connection between two points. Regardless the straightness of the lines, it is circular reasoning.
Then they continue with the wisdom of Newton. If there is no change in the direction of a moving body, the direction of a moving body is not changed. But if something is changed, it is changed as much as it is changed.
They are like geologists, determining the age of the rocks by the fossils. How is the age of fossils determined? By the age of the rocks.

Now from medicine’s point of view:
What is the shortest possible connection between health and disease? The shortest possible time between giving a medicine and killing the germs to “cure” is a straight poison. What is the shortest possible connection between disease and health? A straight poison is the best possible means to kill germs in the shortest possible time. Notwithstanding the straightness of the poison, it will also kill the patient by circumvention.
If a medicine does not change the numbers of the machine, the numbers on the ma-chine are not changed. If a medicine does change the numbers on the machine, it changes them as much as they are changed. In other words, their statement is that the medicine is either useless and the patient does not get better. Or the medicine is supposed to work and the patient gets better. Such wisdom we must defile. If you ask the patients, they tell you they are not getting better.
Similarly, how is the virus determinable of disease? By the amount of viruses in a dis-ease. How is the disease determinable by the viruses? By the severity of the disease compared to the amount of viruses. Their statement is that when more viruses can be seen, more viruses will be seen. Such wisdom we shall not defile.

Hence, circular reasoning is employed in medical science today. They find themselves in an august assembly as we noted from our examples, yet the popularity of a faulty piece of reasoning does not make it right. This is however what one expects from faulty religious belief – it must use circular reasoning to remain standing. The Church of Medical Science also presents its catechism in circular terms, invoking mythological beings to sustain it. Here are the mythological entities that the Church has designated as their worshipful deities.

The Worshipful Deities

The quasi-devil Virus and his consort Bacterium are the deities worshiped by the atheistic-materialistic Church of Medical Science. Bacterium and Virus are always invoked, especially because nobody seems to have the faintest idea how to explain them. Generally, they explain them away as the Cause of all causes; a position, which religion reserves for the supreme deity. When these devils don’t suffice, Bacillus and Microbe can be invoked whenever Virus and Bacterium don’t answer their prayers.
The Altar of Medical Science is deemed worth any sacrifice – even that of human life – which is offered in a Black Mass to the prevailing Devil perceived in the disease, which may go by any fancy Greek/Latin name as long as he fits in one of the accepted Classes: Bacterium, Bacillus, Microbe, Virus or Fungus, and is present in large enough numbers to cause panic and subsequent ritual placation.
All this happens notwithstanding the prohibition of human sacrifice.

Whether they jump to or arrive at a more leisurely pace at the conclusion, they stubbornly believe disease to be caused by germs. We expect the pantheon of devils to expand much further once there are enough iatrogenic diseases demanding their appearance. It is a polytheistic belief as we discover, while they like to present themselves differently. Instead, they profile themselves as a purely money-theistic religion.

The Isopanisad says:

‘The wise have explained that one result is obtained from the culture of knowledge and a different result is obtained from the culture of nescience.’
(Veda-Vyasa K.D. Iso. 10)

Then again, as the Garuda Purana says:

“Reading to a man devoid of wisdom, is like a mirror to the blind.”
(Veda-Vyasa K.D. GP 5/3/48)

They rather stare themselves blind on numbers from machine readings and the numbers of creatures in slick microscopic slides, in which they have caught the viruses and microbes, bacteria and bacilli or other germs, associated with disease. These numbers may satisfy the bookkeepers or medieval monks mentality, but they do not numb the discerning intellect into blind acceptance or uncritical slavish following.
Although a fool’s set of scales may tilt to the heavier side, one must carefully watch what has been put into it. All progress is from the outrageous to the commonplace. Diseases don’t come from drugs and if they do, they’re only minor side effects.
We know how hypnosis works; if you insist long enough, you begin to think you are right. You imagine you may have higher perceptions what is right. The prohibitionists had this worked out very skilfully.

BacZilla & Virus; Medicine´s Terrorists

The medical world has imagined its own al-Qaeda – the invisible army of viruses, ba-cilli, bacteria and microbes and other germs. With exactly the same attributes: unknown, except for the ‘leaders’; being everywhere and nowhere. And like their terrorist counter-part, seemingly invincible.
They consider BacZilla and Virus the main terrorists of medicine and have a host of these creatures ready to scare us with. They credit them with unbelievable powers over life and death and declare that all must be eliminated from every surface – hence the cleaning agents that sell best are those that advertise ‘it kills 99% of all germs and bacteria!’
So great is their fear that laboratories where these things are bred for commercial purposes such as vaccine production, have more stringent security measures than a high-security prison and as much as or more than the headquarters of the CIA in Langley or the Pentagon and the White House. In fact, their fear is entirely unhealthy and unwarranted, but that has not yet penetrated their understanding.
Simultaneously, they try to scare the general public into believing they are correct about this fear – after all, when medical ‘science’ says it is so, Joe Average has no means to prove them wrong.
Science is the attempt to awaken to realness and reality. Germs and disease and chemical messes – they are only quasi-real. Of them, there is nothing real to know, besides the reality of the suffering of the patient. Their systemisation of pseudo-data read from a machine is their closest approximation to reality and real things.
There could be real science if there were anything to be scientific about. They are in-imical to all data discordant with their non-system that does not include them. Science is supposed to be inclusive, but they have turned it into an exclusive club; not to add knowledge, but to systematise. They are merely keeping themselves busy with bookkeeping exercises.
Theirs is the attempt to assimilate all ‘verified’ phenomena under the materialist ex-planation. They want to formulate the rules for a final, all-inclusive system based on what they can hold between their fingers and can see with the eye. If they could, they would have a real science.

The Misleading Immune-System

Moreover, if viral or other microbial entities could cause disease we would be sick all the time, since they are in the air we breathe and our bodies are infested with billions of them in a large variety. The ‘immune system’ would never get a break from the constant assault of a great variety of disease 'causes.'
Factually, the term ‘immune system’ is highly misleading, since the system is not im-mune at all, but merely defensive. This defence system is also already not discriminatory – letting in everything before it reacts – and thus it would be incessantly assaulted with countless diseases. In other words, you would never leave your bed healthy from the day you were born.
This is an unrealistic scenario and an obvious indication that these so-called patho-gens do not deserve that name. As a theory it is certainly not borne out by the facts and therefore unscientific. Moreover, I do not engage in flattery here, although it is one of the most promising of businesses; always brisk.

As soon as the ease of life is gone; that is dis-ease. Where does that show itself, other than as dynamic changes in your mind, your emotions and in your body? Not anywhere else is it found. Therefore, how can they say that disease comes from germs? Or alternatively, as they now like to fancy that disease is coming from the genes? That amounts to the fabrication of a couple of modern myths. Their religion is therefore purely based on mythology.
A false sense of security is transferred from the essence to the superficial; the external covering. The periphery – the ‘dangerous environment’ with all its ‘scary germs’ – is considered the be-all and end-all of our existence, while the centre, the person, is neglected. It is for this reason alone modern medicine can never fulfil man’s needs for health. They never pay any serious attention to the patients and their experiences.
These have been either treated with an undeserved contempt or subjected to super-cilious denial by astigmatic and myopic parrots, who rest on higher and gilded perches and who shed their ill-conceived droppings on the heads of their own sycophants. You might ask yourselves therefore, whether such birds are not a greater hazard to health than Galileo’s pizzas, which he once dropped from the Leaning Tower in Pisa on the head of a local notable.
Intelligence is generally supposed to be creditable. It may be, in the sense that it is mental activity trying to find out, but it is really a confession of ignorance. The rest of us are plebeians, not yet graduated to their Nirvana. This they call instinctive and suave, as opposed to the intelligent and crude.

Medicine’s al-Qaeda is exactly like its counterpart – it learns from the tactics employed to destroy them. Being part of the defence system, it cannot act otherwise, al-though it first has to accept the ‘occupation’ by powerful drugs. Persisting in this faulty notion is what we call Operation “Enduring Ignorance”.
The resistance then developing is not only natural, but moreover necessary for our survival. If one suppresses something, resistance is always the inevitable outcome. As in Iraq, the greater the suppression and oppression, the worse the outcome, even if it seems that the insurgency is subdued by a surge. Like in Iraq, they bide their time to renew the insurgency at the first lull in attention, troop withdrawal or other event, such as the arming of one group while not doing the same for another. Thus, the disease will be back with a vengeance as soon as the opportunity presents itself – people are getting the flue often on a yearly basis or sometimes at every change of the weather.

Disease Ultimates

Therefore, we discover that the disease is neither more nor less than an ultimate result. We go to visit the doctor when we feel sick and not at any other time. We do not go there for a social chat, but to complain about something that bothers us, gives us pain or is otherwise uncomfortable. There is no other reason why would go there. In fact, we try to avoid going there at all costs and postpone the visit till it is inevitable – the result has become too apparent and causes too much distress.
Doctors are not on our wish lists of frequent visits or visitors. We do not like them very much, for the things they have to say to us are those things we do not even want at all, let alone hear about them. Therefore, we stay away from them as much as possible. Viruses and germs are not on our wish lists either and we want to avoid them also as much as we can. We do not seem to realise their importance, other than as the sup-posed destroyers of our health.
Hospitals we like to visit only to see other victims of disease and to feel secure that such will not happen to us. We dread having to go there as a patient, because we instinctively know that too many come out feet-first. If you ask anyone on the street, at your work, the pub or among your friends and relatives what they think the hospital is for, at least 75% will answer that it is a place to go and die.
When such opinions are prevalent about doctors and hospitals, we wonder why people still willingly go to the slaughter. Some may not know about alternatives and others may have complete trust in ‘science’, but the results should make them think. We suspect they simply believe the doctors whose ritual stethoscope and Latin/Geek abracadabra make them appear as if being in the know and eminently capable to deal with any complications.

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers."

(Thomas Pynchon)

That meanwhile the entire endeavour is entirely experimental possibly escapes both their and the doctor’s attention when the latter says at the moment treatment must be chosen: “First we shall try this. If that does not work, we have a few other things we can try.” And so they are caught in a web of deceit and bluff, callous experiment and perilous danger. When the treatment has killed the patients off, the doctors conveniently blame the disease.

Disease as a Process

But we have already seen that such cannot be the case.
The disease is but a process of elimination, which in itself is a healthy occurrence. It occurs because we have a wrong attitude and mentality, suffer from grief, anger, worry or fear and this reflects on the body, which becomes sick as a consequence. Hence it is a dynamic process, dependent on the development from subtle to gross. It is dependent on the reflection of the mental state in the physical appearance and its functions and structure. Both mentally and physically, these things must be eliminated to become healthy. Unless the physical elimination process goes faster than the replenishment, there is little to worry about. Only when the elimination has gone beyond the critical balance that maintains life can we consider the disease to carry real danger and the degree and speed with which the process diminishes the life force determines the severity of the disease.
The germ is the agent of elimination and in disease there is a need of great quantities of them. Hence the appearance of ever more germs of the appropriate kind as the disease progresses and more disease-products have to be eliminated, is nothing to be afraid of – on the contrary; it has to be lauded. This explains perfectly why there are more germs as the disease progresses towards the ultimate state, which is when it begins to bother us too much and we finally go see a doctor. When we see the doctor, we arrive with a disease ultimate – the final product, from which we seek relief.
The disease-product of elimination is slime, pus, serum, growths or other waste products as generated for instance in diarrhoea or catarrh and cancer. A by-product of elimination may carry toxins, which are the substances that can make us feel sicker and may be dangerous to life, such as in cholera and Ebola or the parasites in malaria and yellow fever.
All these components of the disease-process take place simultaneously and are inter-dependent. None of them are in any way to be considered causes or even maintainers of disease, but simply results of the disease process of elimination. In an epidemic only those people with a similar mental state will develop the disease. Therefore, an epidemic will never hit more than 8-15% of the population, because at any one time this is a percentage that has a similar mental state.
They form the totality of symptoms as experienced by the patient, but not necessarily in the exact above terms. His experience is different only in terminology and expression and that only to a limited degree too. He also experiences the mental and emotional state, the pus, slime, serum or diarrhoea but gives the doctor further details about these phenomena that are not covered by the above general descriptions.
These personal descriptions represent the individual aspect of the experience as opposed to the general ones. Each of the above general processes is experienced somehow by the patient but in a unique manner, exclusive to that patient only. The pattern is similar but never identical, because it is ruled by individuality. Pattern recognition is therefore the grand secret and skill of the physician, for it enables him to quickly diagnose and prescribe. He learns it by repetition and study of his own patient records, looking for similarities in behaviour, habits, tastes and manners. In the flue that pattern is recognised as vaccinosis. Therefore, vaccines like Tamiflu will only exacerbate the existing problem.

These same types of patterns occur with any and all of the germs and they require equal attention of the careful investigator. They do not deserve the same importance though, but are solely meant to scrutinise the orthodox notions on scientific correctness. They may leave out relevant evidence, which is the patient’s experience, but we cannot leave out their faulty notions.
In this day of everybody’s suspicions against circumstantial evidence, just what is not generally realised is that orthodox medicine is founded upon nothing but circum-stantial evidence – the germs. For he who studies but half of the subject must be considered ignorant. We homoeopaths shall not allow to be classed among those igno-ramuses, if we have anything to say in the matter. Therefore, we must study vaccinosis and its relation to respiratory diseases, if we are to treat the victims of the flue adequately.

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Kaviraj posted:
"disease is but a process of elimination, which in itself is a healthy occurrence. It occurs because we have a wrong attitude and mentality, suffer from grief, anger, worry or fear and this reflects on the body, which becomes sick as a consequence. Hence it is a dynamic process, dependent on the development from subtle to gross. It is dependent on the reflection of the mental state in the physical appearance and its functions and structure. Both mentally and physically, these things must be eliminated to become healthy..............................................................."

My reply:
Great Article Kaviraj!
Within the community of homeopaths more often than not we see a 'slip and slide belief towards allopathic/disease thinking'.
Easily done due to the overpopulation of medical hoagwash I call- Mother Goose childrens stories-
(you know how children believe every story your read them)
The paragraph I posted from your article sums it all up.
"Where the mind goes the body will follow......................................."



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